Franchise Custom Elearning Development


One of the biggest challenges for Training & Development and People Departments today is how to translate in-person training to online learning. Many industries still struggle with adopting a digital approach for their staff training. One place we most often see the missed opportunity to leverage elearning is in the world of franchising. Franchises, with their diverse populations and geographically spread locations, can greatly benefit from custom elearning solutions.

Adopting Microlearning for Custom eLearning Development of New-age Workforce


So, it is time to move away from the tick-box learning approach and choose microlearning- dividing content into short chunks to ensure custom eLearning development. The gist of adopting a bit-sized approach is to ensure custom content development , thereby dividing content as short nuggets that cater to personalized needs. As the majority of organizations adopt microlearning, employees learn more and effectively knowledge on the job.


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Leveraging Video-based Custom eLearning for Corporate Training

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Including videos is a growing custom eLearning option in the corporate training programs due to its ability to improve employee learning experiences while helping L&D professionals overcome some of their top skill training challenges. Being a cost-effective solution, video learning is being highly adopted by various businesses to include in their training curriculum as it eliminates the need of gathering all attendees at one place.

Custom 207

Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


With high stakes riding on the success of our training and development strategies, it’s time for us to unpack the importance of polished learning programs and, even more crucially, better understand how our training programs have failed in the past. By reflecting on Learning and Development (L&D) as a whole and the strategies we know don’t work, we can rewrite our approach to talent management. What is Learning and Development? Why Is Learning and Development Important?

Effective eLearning Design & Development Using Top Rapid Authoring Tools


When we talk in the context of training and development, a robust authoring tool helps to create innovative eLearning design. Top rapid authoring tools help to create effective online courses in a few clicks, thereby saving time and costs associated with workplace training. Organizations from Healthcare and Finance to Automobile, Retail, and other industries face significant challenges- widespread workforce, low adoption of technology, evolving learning needs.

Custom eLearning Vs. Off-the-Shelf eLearning: Which is Best?


Sure, custom eLearning is what we do at ELM Learning, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the merits of other strategies. Off-the-shelf modules definitely have a time and place, and custom eLearning programs might not be the right fit for every topic.

5 Reasons To Invest In Custom eLearning

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Skeptical about adopting a custom eLearning program? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development Corporate eLearning Best Practices Custom eLearning Employee Training Personalized LearningRead on to find out why you shouldn’t be.

4 Key Benefits of Custom eLearning Solutions

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So what does my laundry have to do with custom eLearning? From vision to design and execution, the story of my shirt is a metaphor for the ins and outs of custom eLearning production, and the dilemmas contemporary executives face when trying to decide whether to create custom eLearning or purchase off-the-shelf learning products. Why get a custom shirt? Custom eLearning solutions allow you to: 1.

Top 7 Custom eLearning Articles on our Blog in 2013

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Our goal is to educate and inform, and to that end we invest considerable time creating and researching content that the learning and development community will find useful. Agile learning design , Experience (Tin Can API) , social learning , and increasing the interactivity of eLearning were all hot topics at the major eLearning conferences this year. The article includes a graphic that shows what the agile learning design process looks like.

Choosing the Right eLearning Content Development Service Provider

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With digital footprint fast-growing in every walk of life, eLearning is taking center stage in enterprise training as well as academic learning. Naturally then, incorporating effective eLearning programs remains a key focus area for organizations across the board. Graphic Designer.

How to Develop a Sustainable Remote Onboarding Program for Your Virtual Teams

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Read on to learn how to rapidly convert or create a virtual onboarding program that ticks all the boxes. To create a truly sustainable virtual remote onboarding program, you must accommodate for the full onboarding experience, which includes the soft elements described above.

What is blocking VR adoption? – Reality strikes!


So why haven’t more eLearning companies jumped on the bandwagon? But most of the best eLearning companies still favor interactive learning modules and tutorials over VR integration when it comes to custom eLearning design. Let’s break down the pros and cons of using VR in eLearning and blended teaching. Benefits of Using VR in eLearning. Create an Immersive Learning Environment. Drawbacks of using VR in eLearning.

Why Should You Outsource Your Content Development

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With digital technology gaining rapid momentum, it becomes imperative for organizations and educational institutions to digitalize their learning and development content. This being said, digitalizing content requires the combined effort of instructional designers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and technology experts. Therefore, it may not be feasible to develop content in-house. A better option is to outsource your content development to an eLearning company.

Five Ways A Custom eLearning Solution Can Improve Your Corporate Training ROI

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While custom eLearning can have a higher initial cost, it can be well worth it given the advantages providing unique content can offer. Here, we will review some strategies to boost your corporate training ROI by employing custom eLearning solutions. Since every company invest largely in developing their own intellectual property, shouldn’t we also invest in teaching the professionals the specific way the company applies and develops generic concepts?

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning


The idea that it’s not just training, but real education, seems to have gained traction in the 1980s, when most corporations adopted the idea of employee training to help create a more consistent experience across branches. Setting the tone for leadership development. Supporting innovation and development. McDonalds Hamburger University: Developing talents for employee retention. Kaiser Permanente Med: Creating a diverse medical field.

eLearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

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The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges that have forced organizations to look for alternative forms of work such as work from home or remote working and bring virtual training to the fore. With highly sophisticated tools, the development of VR material is easier and cheaper.

Adopting A Customized eLearning Approach To Cater To Training Needs Of Intended Audiences

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With the increasing utilization of mobile devices supported by digitization, microlearning has gained immense popularity in the modern eLearning market. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Microlearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Learners Engagement Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning ExamplesMost of the organizations are embedding it to deliver microcontent, which is quick to digest and easy to retain.

A Step-By-Step Outsourcing Guide For eLearning Content Development

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In this article, I will share a step-by-step outsourcing guide based on my 14 year experience of providing offshore eLearning content development services to customers worldwide. eLearning Content Development: A Step-By-Step Outsourcing Guide. My company EI Design has been providing offshore custom eLearning content development services to our customers across the globe. Review updates and various builds.

How To Use Blended Training In 2021

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It offers the best of face-to-face/instructor-led training and eLearning/digital training. Methods To Create A Blended Training Program. There are various ways to create blended programs. Anyone would want to adopt a learning strategy that comes with great benefits!

October 2010 Monthly Roundup: 5 Most Popular Posts

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Moving To eLearning. Lists and explains some of the key change factors that lead organizations to adopt eLearning, stand-alone and as a part of the training blend. While some of these factors simply translate to ‘Business Needs’, others determine the ‘Readiness of the Organization’ to adapt to eLearning. Digital Instructional Media Design 101- Storyboarding. Digital Instructional Media Design 101- The Design Of Interaction.

How can Mobile Learning Boost Employee Morale during COVID-19 Pandemic?


Corporates are adopting preventive measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees, customers, and partners globally. They are shifting towards adopting mobile learning solutions to contribute to the efforts to cope with the pandemic. As work from home is the new normal, companies have adopted a mobile-driven approach to keep their employees engaged and connected, while maintaining social distancing. e-Learning custom elearning solutions Mobile Learnin

Using Rapid Authoring Tools to Design eLearning Courses for Multiple Devices

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Our eLearning Challenges blog series explores the common situations our clients face when deploying learning solutions. To get today’s content, I interviewed Alicia Ostermeier , a senior learning designer for this project. Let’s face it: the primary delivery tool for eLearning is still usually a desktop or laptop computer. We still expect to see wide mobile learning adoption soon. eLearning Design Considerations for iPad.

Microlearning – Bite-sized Custom Content Delivery to Transform Learning Experience


The effective delivery of short chunks of custom content drives overall levels of learner engagement and knowledge retention. The short bursts of custom e-learning content may include short infographics, mini-games, podcasts, video nuggets, animations, and more. No matter which form of custom eLearning is delivered , modern learners want to access information at their fingertips. e-Learning custom content custom elearning Microlearning

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Instructional Storytelling: How to Use the Hero’s Journey for Training


The good news is, you don’t need an Academy Award-winning director to create meaningful and successful trainings. Instead, you can adopt the key steps from the hero’s journey and blend them with well-known training models to create a story that is as engaging as it is effective.

4 Tips to Consider while Choosing eLearning Vendors


When it comes to collaborating with the best eLearning vendors in the market, there are few important tips to consider to optimize training quality, reduce costs, and adopt a learner-centric approach. When reviewing a list of the most promising eLearning vendors, it is important to select the one with enough industry experience. This clearly indicates how well your eLearning vendor can meet your unique business needs and can suggest the best solutions to fit them.

5 Pro-Tips to Build Cost-Effective Blended Learning Solutions

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5 tips to building a cost-effective blended learning solution. In this post, we explore how to use blended learning solutions in corporate training in order to create a more cost-efficient, immersive and engaging experience for the corporate learners. When it comes to designing a successful and cost-efficient blended learning framework, it should both work for individual learners and make complete business sense along with offering a solid ROI.

Why Virtual Learning Is More Than Just VILT: Myths And Truths

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It is synonymous with eLearning. Such unpredictable elements in our business environments challenge all aspects of leadership but present some unique challenges in the areas of employee learning and development. Let’s start by defining virtual learning to create a shared understanding.

How to Create Personalized Learning Paths for Higher Education Students

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Although personalization has become an integral aspect of education today, higher education still finds it challenging to adopt it. Related Read: 6 Pro Tips to Create Great Custom eLearning Paths. Why Should Educational Institutions Create Learning Paths for Students?

9 Ways to Create Highly Effective Learning Videos

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In fact, the method has full support of the learning and development industry. A study released by LinkedIn in 2017 says: “80% of L&D pros agree that developing employees is top-of-mind for the executive team. Creating learning videos or micro-learning videos is a blessing in disguise. Following this guide will help you in creating engaging, interactive videos. How to Create Employee Training Videos? What to Do After Creating Learning Videos?

What is Blended Learning? A Guide to Everything You Need to Know


Blended learning combines the best of two training environments—traditional face-to-face classroom training and high-tech eLearning. A blended eLearning approach cuts down on travel costs and can be used again and again, which reduces instructor time as well. . Share on facebook.

Demystifying Gamification vs Game based eLearning

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An Overview Of Gamification And Game-Based eLearning. Although both gamification and game-based eLearning seek to increase learner engagement and effectiveness of the training, there are key differences that need to be understood. Understanding them will ensure that you adopt the appropriate strategy for your training program. Basics Of Gamification And Game-Based eLearning. Arsenal Of Gamification Versus Game-Based eLearning.

5 Ways To Provide Digital Learning In The New Way Of Work

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The pandemic has forced the organizations worldwide towards adopting new ways of working. The modern business environment is bound to have rapid developments, changes, and innovations. It encompasses eLearning, continuous learning journeys, blended learning, and much more.

4 Reasons to Implement Microlearning Strategy


The mobile-enabled micro-content is developed for different mobile devices of different screen sizes- be the laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 2- Learner-Centric Design. So, adoption of the learner-centric design approach for micro-content delivery drives engagement boosts cognitive presence and leads employees to succeed in their jobs. e-Learning custom elearning Microlearning services

5 Tips For Finding (and working with) An eLearning Development Company


Time has rendered the question of whether a modern enterprise needs eLearning, irrelevant. As an effective, convenient, lower maintenance, and cheaper alternative to traditional classroom learning, eLearning is the perfect fit for the modern, knowledge-based economy, and the often thin margins in which competitive businesses must operate. Before you proceed to outsource your custom eLearning content creation you should ask yourself whether you really need to.

6 Best Practices for Learner-Centric Custom E-Learning

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Organizations resort to custom e-learning courses to train their employees because they want the training to be designed as per their needs. If the training has to meet specific learning goals, custom e-learning is the best option. Adopting a learner-centric approach is the first step toward learner engagement; it makes the course relevant to learners’ needs and challenges. When a course is designed with a learner-centric approach , it becomes user-friendly.

Apple Leads in Tech, But Microsoft Dominates in Diversity


When employees travel to a new country, they need to be aware of customs and traditions that could affect their business there. Microsoft may lag when it comes to tech development, but this dedication to diversity makes it a top-notch organization that truly puts its money where its mouth is in providing inclusive education and resources for its employees. Adopting Diversity. We’ll be honest: There are some ways in which Microsoft falls behind other tech giants.

4 Virtual Learning Needs To Consider In A Remote Working Environment

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A lot of new workplace realities are being set in motion, whether that means increased responsibilities due to workforce reduction or adopting new behaviors related to limiting viral spread upon (eventual) return to an in-person workplace.