Maslow, technology and learning

Learning with 'e's

I love a good mash-up. But a mash-up takes several ideas, formats or sources and places them together in a new form, to say something new. It's creative and it's often thought provoking. How much more could we say about the uses of technology when we place them up against a pre-digital age theory such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model? Abraham Maslow education hierarchy of needs learning mashup pedagogy teaching Technology

Good morning Barcelona!! Jim Groom at #EDEN15

Learning with 'e's

Groom's popular and anarchic blog Bavatuesdays is a regular port of call for all those seeking this kind of eclectic and irreverent mashup of concepts, thoughts and opinions. He has set up a number of alternative learning experiences, but most notably, his MOOC on digital storytelling, more commonly known as ds106, has had tremendous impact on what we now consider to be possible with global, networked learning. It was an open creative space for everyone within the community.

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