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Awesome and Fun Avenger/Muppet Mash Up

Kapp Notes

If you are a fan of superheros and of the muppets and Sesame Street then this video is for you. (if if not, move along, nothing to see). Also, it is a good video on the value of staying focused!

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Learning with 'e's: Mashing it up

Learning with e's

tools might be combined and mashed up to create dynamic new learning environments. tools are mashed up within the same space. Interest is growing about how social software tools can provide added value to the learning process, and this is reflected in the growing literature on the topic. In this paper, Web 2.0 Osborne, M.

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How Does a Learning Record Store Work in a Data Ecosystem?


Now, we’ll wrap things up as we mash together all the bits we’ve discussed during the past four blog posts and look at how the LRS can play a role in the larger data ecosystem.

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Sausages and mash(up)

Learning with e's

For their project, one of the groups of bright young things has come up with an idea they have called Wiki ++. it is an extended open architecture in which several versions of a wiki page exist simultaneously, so there is potential for endless mash-up, ? I ask politely what the "++" stands for, and they show me.

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If ELearning were a Thanksgiving Dinner…


I have thought about some of the more critical components of the elearning and matched them up to what I think their Thanksgiving food equivalent would be. Mashed potatoes are the quiz. The Gravy – Mashed potatoes without gravy? Which got me thinking… If elearning were a thanksgiving dinner, what food(s) would it be?

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Technotroubadours And Teacherpreneurs

Upside Learning

You are a mash-up of what you let into your life’. Perhaps it’s a bit late; but you should check out this great Prezi presentation put together by Amy Burvall; Technotroubadours and Teacherpreneurs. Technotroubadours and Teacherpreneurs on Prezi.

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Ounces matter: Mashing up business travel and minimalist camping

Janet Clarey

It rolls up into one of its own pockets and is about the size of a pack of cards. You’ll feel like a magician when pulling this out in public and packing it up. This packable rain jacket comes with a little carrying bag and can fit inside a shoe. Day Pack: I love this little backpack.

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