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Games, Organizing, & Motivation: ID Links 10/25/22

Experiencing eLearning

This post includes links on games built in Twine, storytelling, organization, useful tools, motivation, and transitioning from teaching to ID. Games built in Twine. Top games made with Twine – All of the top games made with Twine on the hosting platform Storytelling and CYOA books.

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AI Tools, Games, Freelancing: ID Links 2/14/23

Experiencing eLearning

This post includes links on AI tools, games, freelancing, top learning influencers, copyright, and more. Games and branching scenarios Play GO VIRAL! Stop Covid-19 misinformation spreading Great example of a quick game to educate people. PDF) Video game meets literature: language learning with Interactive Fiction. |

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Game Design, ChatGPT Prompts: ID Links 6/6/23

Experiencing eLearning

This post includes links on game design, branching scenario tools and templates, ChatGPT prompts for ID, AI tools, learning science, engagement, and the “magic email” for freelancers and consultants. When designing eLearning games using interactive stories, ask yourself the following six questions: What’s the point?

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[UPDATED] Games and Gamification in Moodle™

Lambda Solutions

Gamification in Moodle is one of the most effective ways to engage and motivate learners by using game mechanics and games. Game mechanics are common gaming tactics used to ignite competition and the desire for learners to ‘win’. Games, on the other hand, are tangible games themselves, such as hangman or crosswords.

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Stop Thinking Like an Instructional Designer, Start Thinking Like a Game Designer

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University

Game designers tend to think action first. As a result, most games are engaging, intriguing, and immersive, while instructional content tends to be boring and perfunctory. Simply changing your mindset from instructional designer to game designer will help you to create engaging and effective instruction.

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Insights for L&D, Twine, Games: ID Links 3/8/22

Experiencing eLearning

This post includes links on insights for L&D, Twine, game design, graphic design, and quality assurance for elearning. Games and branching scenarios. How to Craft Branched Scenario Choices Like a Game Designer – E-Learning Heroes. Plus, Bianca includes recommendations for games to try for more ideas.

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Games for Learning, Video Captions: ID Links 12/14/21

Experiencing eLearning

This post includes links on games for learning, video captions, and how to handle “pick your brain” requests. Games for learning. “Game Making for Dummies” | HiEv Heavy Industries on Patreon. 6 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Writing Engaging Scenarios – E-Learning Heroes.

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Everyone Wins! How Games Can Improve Learning Outcomes Across Multiple Generations

Speaker: Stephen Baer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency

Nearly 70% of American adults play video games. Because games provide a fun, motivational, and risk-free medium to compete, collaborate, and conquer. More and more instructional designers are asking what games they should use to increase the effectiveness of their training and to engage their target audience.

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Virtual Sales Coaching 2.0: How Time-Shifted Video and AI are Changing the Game

Speaker: Jonathan Carlson, Senior Director of Marketing, and Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego

How enhancements in artificial intelligence are changing the coaching game. During this webinar you will learn: What the latest research says about virtual coaching. 5 ways to use asynchronous video to improve your virtual coaching. Practical recommendations for adapting coaching to a virtual environment. And much more!

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How to Fix the 10 Biggest Mistakes in Gamification

Speaker: Stephen Baer - Chief Creative Officer, The Game Agency (a division of ELB Learning)

According to instructional designers interviewed by The Game Agency, some errors are very common when implementing gamified learning. Don't miss how to make your training stick!

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The Four “Levels” of Gamification Implementation in Learning Experiences

Speaker: Jonathan Peters, PhD, Chief Motivation Officer, Sententia Gamification

Unfortunately, many people think that gamification means adding a simple activity, creating a computer or a video game, or just adding points, badges, and a leaderboard to their learning program.

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B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. Get started today.

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Partnering Well on a Rapid Timeline

Speaker: Becci Zweirs, Learning Projects Leader, Inno-Versity, Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity, and Pam Whetstone, Training Development Manager, Williams-Sonoma

Learn how they co-created a luxury brand look that employed a simple game approach to a technical AS400 system. Incorporate creative animation and game elements into highly brand-focused eLearning modules. Our speakers will share valuable lessons learned, including how to partner well with a vendor and support a large roll-out.

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Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place! Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today. These include: Overcoming the high cost of scaling.

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How Video Learning Is Transforming Skill Mastery in Sales

Speaker: Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO, About-Face Development

Join us as we delve into how technology advancements in learning are changing the game and why it’s critical to sales success. Video learning is not new, but the marriage of video learning and today’s technology is transforming our ability to achieve skill mastery in sales.