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Could e-learning content be the key to solving your corporate learning challenges?


They give us the opportunity to break into new markets, generate more sales, and target new customers. Relaying this back to business partnerships, if customers and partners begin to feel their learning programs are lacking synergy, structure, tailored experiences, and ease of use, they will not feel confident in the business they are doing with you. It can decay trust, ROI, and reduce the value that customers feel they’re getting out of the partnership. Product

Why Online Employee Orientation is important?


introducing new hires to their new environment and giving them the basic information the need to start being productive ? senior employees) and suffer productivity losses for orientation work. It can be used in sales, in human resources, for compliance training, and of course for general employee training and re-training. Products. Whether your new hires will work in product development or not, your products (and/or services) are what your company is all about.

The Proof of Gamification

Growth Engineering

If you want to send a torrent of dopamine coursing through your learners’ brains then astound them with unbelievably exciting training. T-Mobile introduced gamified elements into their community platform for their customer care team. This meant that when customers asked tough questions the team could collaborate and find a solution much faster. They needed to teach 500 sales staff about a medicine due for release in the near future.