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The Capability Academy: Where Corporate Training Is Going

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Corporate training and development has been through quite a journey. Twenty years ago companies built physical universities ( GE’s Crotonville, Accenture St. Charles ), hired faculty and college professors, and sent their employees to courses. During my time at IBM in the 1980s, I flew to education centers all over the country, sitting in front. Read more» The post The Capability Academy: Where Corporate Training Is Going appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

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Using Podcasts As Inspiration

eLearning Industry

While podcasts are great for your daily commute, they can also be used as inspiration for great Instructional Design. This article will dissect a successful podcast as we look for those elements that keep listeners (learners) coming back for more. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development Game-Based Learning Instructional Design Best Practices Learner Engagement Podcasts In eLearning

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6 reasons why it’s time to overhaul cybersecurity training

Sponge UK

We examine the scale of the insider threat and consider whether cybersecurity training is up to the challenge

How Digital Learning Can Help Deliver Better Results In Universities

eLearning Industry

With changing times, technological advancements have revolutionized how we consume information on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll discuss how digital learning can help universities educate their students better and make life easier for them. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Educational Technology Accessible eLearning Digital Learning eLearning Benefits Higher Education

How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

Sales Training Supply And Demand: 6 Tools That Sales Staff Expect To See In The Corporate LMS

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Willing buyer, willing seller is the basic law of supply and demand. How can you utilize this concept, and your office LMS, to build a better sales team? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems Employee Training Free eLearning eBooks LMS Features Sales Team

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