When Is Audio Narration Helpful?

Experiencing eLearning

In a discussion on eLearning Heroes , Judith Reymond asked about the research on when or whether audio narration is helpful to adult learners.

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Build the bridge to self-learning: Help individuals help themselves

Jane Hart

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Help Your Help Desk: 4 Tips for Improving Your Moodle Help Desk Experience

eThink Education

Whether you’re looking to improve LMS accessibility or integrate your learning and data systems , sometimes you just need HELP! Hopefully, contacting your Moodle help desk or Certified Moodle Partner is the easy part. Help Yourself.

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Updated: Help Documentation


Take a look at our new help documentation! Help documentation. You can also access it by clicking the Help Link in your LMS account. Firmwater General New Releases help help documentation support

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The Definitive Guide to Customer Education Metrics

Javascript help!

Adobe Captivate

I am very new to using Javascript with Captivate, but need some help. Any help is greatly appreciated! The post Javascript help! I am trying to create script that will check the lesson status and based on that status go to a certain slide. For example, if the course is not completed, I want them to go to slide 2, but if they have completed the course, I want it to go to slide 1 (from my understanding, the first slide in Captivate is actually slide 0).

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LMS Help

Adobe Captivate

The post LMS Help appeared first on eLearning. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I thought I would start here. If there is a different forum or platform that I need to go to, please let me know. I am an Instructional Designer, and I just got a new job where I am quickly learning that I need to know a little more of the LMS administration side of things than I have ever needed to know before.

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Helping Leaders Create Leaders

CLO Magazine

A strong development team can indeed help to frame a philosophy of leadership for the organization, but the company’s leaders must help breathe essential life into it. But you can help them develop in this role. Help senior executives distinguish between feedback and criticism.

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TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES: Interactive Polls Help End Sucky Training

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  One of the easiest ways to engage online students is by displaying quizzes and polls. When I start my classes, displaying a poll is a great way to break the ice and get my class started on the right foot.

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Tech Tools That Help eLearning Designers Collaborate

eLearning Brothers

This helps with visibility for the project—including posting current files for review—and ensures team members are aligned and moving in the same direction. For help with collaboration on visuals, Red Pen offers an interface that allows anyone with access to point, click and provide feedback.

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

10 Helpful Resources for Online Course Designers


The following resources (including my own book) will not only help you get started in the field of instructional design, but will also help you create high-impact courses and training solutions for your target audience.

How Do Competitions help in Exposing Talent

Origin Learning

E-Learning Do Competitions help in Exposing Talent Exposing Talent hidden talents How Do Competitions help in Exposing Talent organization culture Unearthing hidden talents visible learning visible learning lessons

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5 Ways Performance Support Can Help You Amplify Productivity


Performance support incorporates both of these trends, but also helps ‘flip’ L&D approaches from focusing on learning how to work, to focusing on learning while we work. The post 5 Ways Performance Support Can Help You Amplify Productivity appeared first on Docebo.

Helping Associates Find Their Sound

dVinci Interactive

Helping Associates Find Their Sound With more than 260 stores across the U.S., Guitar Center is one of the world’s largest retailer of musical instruments and equipment.

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Monetizing Customer Education: Free, Fee, and Everything In Between

Keeping Your Members Involved: A Helpful How-To Guide

Blue Sky eLearn

Host a fun event to help your members expand their networks. Automated emails can help your members stay up-to-date on their dues payments, remember when to register for conferences and other events, and stay in the know about your association’s most recent news.

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How to Help Struggling Adult Learners


Young students may be open to receiving helpful guidance or critiques from their teachers, but adult learners tend to have a much different perception of their own abilities. (If When in doubt, acting sooner rather than later will help avert detrimental behaviors faster.).

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8.2 VTA Online Help Gets Visual


is getting more visual, we thought we'd make the VTA Online Help system more visual too. VTA Online Help Gets Visual appeared first on RISC INC. Backoffice HelpSince Learner 8.2 A "Visual Topics" chapter and a "Video Library" chapter were added to the Table of Contents.

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Helping Leaders Enjoy Leadership

Training Industry

The post Helping Leaders Enjoy Leadership appeared first on Training Industry. Uncategorized happiness leadership motivation

Your Guide to Creating a Customer Onboarding Program

If not, this guide can help help Even if you don’t have a formal program in place, customer onboarding is already happening at your organization. The question is, are you dictating it and guaranteeing a great experience?

Help Bring Innovation to the Classroom

Kapp Notes

Recently, I’ve undertaken a venture to help bring educational innovation to the classroom. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. But, again, we can’t do it without your help.

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Learning with e's

This is number 15 in my series on learning theories. I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education.

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Help Your Employees Build Up Their Personal Brands

Your Training Edge

Failure to highlight the talents and brands of your employees is a missed opportunity in helping to foster a more positive relationship with your customers. Most business owners fear that helping their employees in this area will hurt the company in some way.

A SCORM-Certified LMS Helps Companies Score


It also helps LMSs meet the professional needs of employees in measurable ways. A SCORM-certified eLearning system will help your company score big.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

this ebook to help you cut through the. commentary goes on to explore strategies to help. There’s even evidence that this helps learners. to associate that content with the pre-existing schema in their brains, helping them to. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

How Can Training Help in Increasing Employee Productivity?

Your Training Edge

Ways training helps in increasing employee productivity: Employees get new skills: A new sense of purpose is given to the employees when they acquire new skills through training. Having full knowledge and new skills help in increasing job satisfaction and make them more confident.

How To Help Your Employees to be the Best They Can Be

Your Training Edge

In addition, the challenge for managers is to help employees find a way to increase motivation at work. Having identified these issues, help your employees find the best way to solve them. This helps to integrate good practices that reduce rework and reduce construction time.

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What is Smart Help in Raptivity?


Keeping in this mind, Team Raptivity has introduced smart help [.]. rapid learning raptivity Videos e-learning software rapid interactivity builder smart helpSelection of the right interaction model is a herculean task when you have an extensive list of more than 180 interaction models in Raptivity. So, how do we tackle this?

How Corporate Videos Can Help Prepare & Train New Recruits?

Your Training Edge

At this moment there is simply no denial as to why we shouldn’t use corporate videos to help train new recruits.

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Found - The Best Sales Learning Methodologies

Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff, Baker Communcations, Inc

In this webinar you will discover these secrets to help you build effective learning for your teams: How to develop smart learning paths. Finding the right learning approach for each topic you have to deliver to your learners can seem like a “problem of endless choices.”

How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


Ratings are aggregated to help learners find the right content at the right time. The prime focus of Learning Analytics is on developing structures that help adjusting content, learning support levels and other customized services by capturing, processing, reporting and acting on data.

Modern Learning Methods Help Sales Leaders Control the Controllables


When combined with reinforcement drills and assessments to ensure that reps are watching the videos and rehearsing their presentations, these peer-to-peer collaborations are far more effective in helping salespeople up their game. Just-in-time learning.

Can Micro-Learning Help Stressed, Unmotivated Learners?

Bottom-Line Performance

Really great instructional designers can help with motivation, but only to a point. I’d love to hear your thoughts: can micro-learning truly help an employee who is stressed and lacks motivation learn? I’ve published two posts on micro-learning in recent months.

Still helping Humentum help others twelve years later

Rustici Software

Humentum does great work for charitable organizations like Save the Children , Habitat for Humanity and Catholic Relief Services (CRS), helping them deliver invaluable training to some of the toughest to reach places in the world. Delivering training together since 2006.

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State of the Front-Line Manager

helping this group improve, providing. to help your organization be more. to your team; Help your employees with career. help advise the team. hard for so many organizations to help their front-line. organizations help front-line. help you?

Social Performance Support: help your people help themselves

Jane Hart

The recent trend in Performance Support has focused on L&D creating job aids and performance support resources for their people – frequently as a by-product of some online course or programme. But what do people do when they encounter a performance problem in the workplace?