Design Thinking Culture Change in IBM

The Performance Improvement Blog

So I was intrigued to hear that IBM, a 100 year old, world-wide company of over 370,000 employees, is embarking on a culture change that is heavily dependent on learning. Lohr writes: …the IBM initiative stands out.

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eFrontPro For IBM Connections


Epignosis, the makers of eFrontPro, have recently developed an integration to the world’s leading Enterprise Social Network (ESN), called eFrontPro For IBM Connections, that now delivers truly connected social learning. Don’t Have IBM Connections? News ibm social learning

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IBM Watson And The Future Of Learning

Upside Learning

The news that IBM’s Watson had beaten the humans on Jeopardy didn’t really come as a really big surprise for me. Advances like the one IBM’s Watson demonstrates and increasingly miniaturized wearable interfaces, and ubiquitous computing will change learning, sooner than we imagine.

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The IBM 5 in 5: Innovation in the next 5 years

Jane Hart

IBM’s view on innovations that will change our lives in the next 5 years. future

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

request, such as IBM or Microsoft. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. from a modern authoring tool? saturated market, we’ve designed. this ebook to help you cut through the.

IBM Uses Training to Make the World Smarter

dVinci Interactive

Video interview with IBM Senior Program Manager, Global Skills Initiative. At IBM, you see in practice what many organizations describe as the future. Meg connects this initiative with IBM’s business strategy. The VARs provide the training along with the IBM solutions.

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IBM and PNC to Train, Certify More Veterans for ‘New Collar’ Work

CLO Magazine

This month IBM announced a new initiative with U.S. IBM and CASY are spearheading the program, which certifies veterans in the use of software commonly used by law enforcement, cybersecurity and national security agencies. veterans.

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AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson – Case Study

eLearning Company

… Continue reading "AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson – Case Study". The post AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson – Case Study appeared first on eLearning Company Blog.

IBM: Driving Innovation

CLO Magazine

To stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, IBM leverages learning to continually hone global workforce skills. ” Persico said because customers largely perceive the IBM brand based on their interactions with employees, it’s even more important the company equip employees with the right skills and mentality to be successful. IBM is already using predictive analytics in areas related to retention and sales productivity.

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What Instructional Designers can learn from IBM’s Watson

Kapp Notes

By now you have heard about IBM’s super computer, Watson is a modern day wizard answering questions that seemed impossible for a computer to answer only a short while ago. The IBM scientists followed a similar pattern to “teach&# Watson clues as they are used on the game show.

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IBM Looks at Global Innovation

Kapp Notes

Recently, I got my hands on IBM's Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 In fact, you may want to check out a number of reports and ideas flowing at the IBM Innovation Web site. 329,000+ is the number of people who work at IBM.

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Big IBM/Second Life Announcement this Week!

Kapp Notes

He let everyone know on his blog posting The i-web Singularity Redux that at Virtual Worlds III this week the announcement was made that Second Life has worked out a deal with IBM to move Second Life behind the IBM corporate firewall. IBM announced today that it was changing that.

IBM Launches New Skills Programs

CLO Magazine

The new resources will aim to help reduce a critical technology skills gap outlined in IBM's 2012 Tech Trends Report released Wednesday. 5 IBM has announced an array of programs and resources to help students and IT professionals develop new technology skills and prepare for jobs of the future. The new resources will aim to help reduce a critical technology skills gap outlined in IBM's 2012 Tech Trends Report released Wednesday. Source: IBM

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Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions


Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions. Lectora e-Learning and IBM Software recognize this void and have partnered to provide social business solutions that better fit companies’ needs. Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink.

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Stratbeans & IBM Mumbai Event – HR Leaders are you ready of AI / ML


The post Stratbeans & IBM Mumbai Event – HR Leaders are you ready of AI / ML appeared first on Automated Learning and LMS Blogs Introduction to Event on 31st Aug 2018, in Mumbai. The rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has revolution ized the future of eLearning. Predictions, algorithms, and analytics are coming together to create more personalized eLearning experiences.

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Introduction to WAI-ARIA with Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM CTO Accessibility

The Learning Dispatch

Recently, Hiram had a conversation with Rich Schwerdtfeger , CTO Accessibility, IBM Software on the WAI-ARIA (ARIA) software development standard for web based applications. As many of you know MicroAssist is passionate about creating accessible web sites and accessible E-learning.

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Save Planet Helios from ecological devastation!-3D Game by IBM

Kapp Notes

IBM has released a 3D game to teach engineering concepts to kids. Read more about IBM and TryScience here. It comes complete with lesson plans for teachers including one called windturbine design and build challenge. They are working through a group they helped form called TryScience.

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The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


Here are five things/phenomenon that did not exist five years back (at least not in the way we know them today): IBM’s Watson, the AI driven robot that interacts with humans on human terms (in natural language). I am not the kind to crystal gaze.

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IBM Taps Employees for Innovation Using Blog Like Tools

Tony Karrer

On ComputerWorld, ran into an article IBM: Tapping Employee Brain Power you may find the print version easier to read (and on one page). To help with that, IT rolled out in October 2004 a so-called jam ­â€" a worldwide brainstorming session that Truskowski describes as "a blog on steroids.” It drew ideas from 33,000 employees, and IBM later implemented the top 35 suggestions as determined by an employee vote.

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Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: IBM Opens Business Unit in Second Life

Kapp Notes

Well for one thing, IBM has just announced that it will open an Emerging Business Unit in Second Life. Here is Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM's vice president of technical strategy and innovation talking to C/NET News about the opening of an IBM business unit focusing on Second Life.

A Network of Experts: From Content Curation to Insight Curation

CLO Magazine

IBM built this idea into its model as early as 2005. Similar to the embedded learning practices from the IBM model, insight curation technology allows employees to work directly with the needle instead of searching through haystacks.

IBM Bloggers - A Lengthy List - But No Worries

Tony Karrer

I've been reading Luis Suarez's blog for a while, and he just had an interesting post that pointed me to IBM's BlogRoll. While lots of the blogs listed there have interesting technical topics, I don't have the time to examine them each. but I'm not worried. I've found that if they are blogging about topics that I'm interested in, the natural network effect of blogs will eventually get me there. (Or Or maybe I'm deluding myself

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IBM/Apple deal set to reshape office device use


IBM/Apple deal set to reshape office device use. IBM and Apple unite. Per recent announcements, Apple is entering such a phase, backed by industry titan IBM. Apple hardware, both smartphones and tablets, will now be the official home of the IBM MobileFirst Platform.

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IBM Bloggers - A Lengthy List - But No Worries

Tony Karrer

I've been reading Luis Suarez's blog for a while, and he just had an interesting post that pointed me to IBM's BlogRoll. While lots of the blogs listed there have interesting technical topics, I don't have the time to examine them each. but I'm not worried. I've found that if they are blogging about topics that I'm interested in, the natural network effect of blogs will eventually get me there. (Or Or maybe I'm deluding myself.)

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Skillsoft and IBM Research: Harnessing Big Data in Enterprise Learning by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Skillsoft and IBM are collaborating to develop new methods of creating and. Big data will drive next-generation learning and integrated development for improved user engagement. and learning outcomes. assessing optimal learning experiences at an individual level.

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IBM's Watson (Jeopardy Winner). Will Our Folks Be Replaced?

Work Learning

IBM's Watson beat two Jeopardy champs in answering questions this week. . Does this mean that soon computers will be able to replace people in answering questions? For us as workplace learning-and-performance professionals, does this mean we'll be doing less training of people, and more training of machines? Probably depends on lots of things as to how soon this happens.

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70:20:10 Blended Learning E-Learning 70:20:10 Framework 70:20:10 Model Arun Pradhan Contextual Learning DeakenPrime Deakin University e-learning eLearning Experience API IBM Watson Learnnovators Online Education Online Learning Ravi Pratap Singh Tin Can API xAPI

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eLearning Modules will Die… and 70:20:10 will hold the Smoking Gun


When talking about technology and learning it’s hard not to think about elearning modules. They’ve been the bread and butter of digital learning solutions for decades and the industry behind them has helped many, including myself, feed our families.

Module 178

Supercomputer's Win on Jeopardy: Little Comfort to Those.

Dashe & Thomson

Matt Blum at GeekDad wrote an article this week called Why Watson’s Jeopardy Win is Mostly Meaningless saying: IBM’s supercomputer software Watson’s win on the game show Jeopardy!

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Bern, baby, Bern

E-Learning Provocateur

IBM 601 electromechanical punch card tabulator, circa 1940. While I was in Europe for Didacta last month, I took the opportunity to visit Bern in Switzerland. The Swiss capital is both beautiful and odd. (I I mean that in a good way.)

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Lotus Connections - IBM's Social Collaboration

Vignettes Learning

The two videos provide you an overview of Lotus Connections. This is helpful for those who wish to have an inside look on how social networking is applied in Enterprise 2.0 applications. To see the full view of the presentation, click the top right corner and expand to show the full screen. To return to original screen size, repeat the process.

"New Technology Paves Way for Visually Impaired Internet Users to Improve Website Accessibility" (IBM)

Mark Oehlert

Whenever visually impaired users face such difficulties, they can report that incident by using the collaboration tool developed by IBM Research and ask for adding an improved alternative text to describe the image (from CNN Money ) "The new collaboration software enables users with low or no vision to report Web content accessibility issues they faced on specific Web pages.

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"IBM Crafts Web 3.0 Collaboration Tools" (PC World)

Mark Oehlert

So IBM is releasing something called OpusUna (which means something like "work as one"); "OpusUna enables participants to collaborate and communicate from within the same browser space, incorporating widgets, audio, and video cameras to display themselves on the screen. IBM envisions, for example, collaboration on patient care via sharing of medical images. ( story link ) **As an aside, I love the new editing UI in Typepad.good job guys!

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The College Oversell Crisis

CLO Magazine

IBM has a “new collar” jobs slogan: “No Degree, No Problem.” Homepage Commentary & Opinion Homepage Top Story - Right Column Talent Management “new collar” jobs “No Degree Burning Glass Technologies college costs four-year degrees IBM No Problem.”

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Thousands of people at IBM are already doing it.

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Passively Multiplayer Online Game (PMOG) | Main | "New study examines how online games can teach business skills" (Red Herring) » June 28, 2007 Thousands of people at IBM are already doing it. Tom Werner points to some stats from a recent WSJ article that certainly provides some good corporate ammo: Everyone knows that IBM is a bellwether company in the use of technology for learning.

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"IBM invests in business partners' training" (CNET News)

Mark Oehlert

IBM, which expects to unveil better-than-expected quarterly figures, has announced it will spend some of its cash on incentives to encourage some of its largest partners to invest more in training and other areas. The scheme involves incentives for IBM partners to improve their knowledge in three specific areas: virtualization and consolidation; energy efficiency; and business resiliency.". Training as a competitive advantage.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Mark is very late to the virtual worlds big news about SL and IBM.

Mark Oehlert

Main | "A Vision of Students Today" from the Creators of "The Machine is Us/ing Us" » October 19, 2007 Mark is very late to the virtual worlds big news about SL and IBM.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "I.B.M. Plan Ties Training and Accounts" (NY Times)

Mark Oehlert

Main | "With Tools on Web, Amateurs Reshape Mapmaking" and in related news Andrew Keen Goes Apoplectic » July 27, 2007 "I.B.M. Plan Ties Training and Accounts" (NY Times) ( link ) "I.B.M., Under the I.B.M. When anemployee leaves I.B.M., " How smart is IBM looking right now? July 27, 2007 in Current Affairs | Permalink Technorati Tags : IBM TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference "I.B.M.

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Microsoft, IBM, Intel cutting jobs - Oh, the memories.

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

As Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and so many others not in the headlines, begin to reduce their labor force, I think about the employees now free to pursue other opportunities. It was just 2 years ago that while presenting at an eLearning Guild event I had a phone meeting with my managers about "re-deployment". My personal exit strategy wasn't supposed to kick-in for another 6 months, but why look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

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Social Business by the Numbers

Marcia Conner

IBM’s 2012 CEO Survey of 1700 CEOs across the globe [released May 2012] tells many interesting things. analytics business culture collaboration reference strategy data Facebook HR IBM marketing performanceSeeking the source of a specific statistic that I included in a talk ?