Work Literacy of Social Learning Implementors

Vignettes Learning

The areas I am often asked is: "How do we use social learning and networking to improve performance at work?" What are the skill sets? I have been reviewing the blog discussions on Work Literacy Gap and Frameworks between Harold Jarche , Tony Karrer and Michelle Martin's. The discussions are very helpful in formulating my thoughts on the issues of social learning tools, technologies and impacts on performance. The exchange of ideas is very rich with practical stories and theories.

PIM 40

Kill the curriculum?

Clark Quinn

The emergent nature of knowledge out of a network argues against a fixed curriculum and instead for contextualized knowledge. Jim Levin argued 30 years ago that learning multiplication and long division was outdated in the age of the calculator and that estimation was the necessary skill to ensure you were in the right ball park. Not content, but skills. The point is, the world’s changing, and yet we’re not equipping our kids with the necessary skills.

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The 21st Century Curator

ID Reflections

As mentioned by Harold Jarche in theslide share presentation, NetWork , the internet changed everything—in volume, velocity, virtualization and variability. How we put our curation skills to use iswhat makes us unique. If Web 1.0 was aboutonline access and Web 2.0

PKM 232

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

It can save millions, reduce frustration, and boost the velocity of information in your organization. Curating these items — selecting, organizing, evaluating, and sharing them widely — multiplies an organization’s return on information many times over.

PKM 93

GE TV: An Coppens on Engaging the Brain with Gamification

Growth Engineering

The way our brain makes sense of information is that we need stimulus in our brain to make connections, and the connections are what make us remember information. The more you can build on old information and make new connections, the better it will stick.

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