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Scenarios for Boring Training Topics

Experiencing eLearning

Several people have asked me, “How do you come up with scenarios for boring training topics? ” That’s a concern with a lot of the training we create. Compliance training can have very detailed rules, regulatory training can be filled with dense language, and technical training can be overwhelmed with complex systems.

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Navigating Compliance: Ensuring Legal Compliance in Staffing Services

Hurix Digital

Working with a staffing solutions agency can help you streamline your recruitment process and provide training for legal compliance to ensure great employee retention. These regulations encompass various facets, including minimum wage and overtime pay requirements, anti-discrimination measures, and family and medical leave provisions.


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Your Complete Guide to the FLSA


The act requires employers to pay a federal minimum wage to employees, pay overtime for more than 40 hours worked per week and follow child labor regulations. Mealtime, break periods (except for nursing mothers), holidays off and vacation time are also not regulated by the FLSA. Minimum Wage. Who is Subject to the FLSA?

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What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?


Employer or employee, it''s important to know how the Wages and Fair Labor Standards Act applies to you. For employees, we cover minimum wage and hour expectations, as well as youth employment guidelines. Right eLearning Solutions'

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2021 Trends for Talent Technology and HR

Bluewater Learning

Introduction. Prior to the COVID lockdowns, companies were already in a difficult situation, what with the very high rates of employee turnover and everything else. In 2021, talent technology and HR are still tackling infinite uncertainty and we can see some promising trends to help restore productivity and hope. Upcoming Employee Turnover.

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Reinforce Learning Through Storytelling


Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin. Trainers bring a full tool box to reinforce content: small group work, role plays and a myriad of experiential learning techniques. It’s really hard to monitor a role play across the range of formats for delivering training today. Your Own Reality. It’s in the News.

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Independent Contractor Compliance: Everything You Need to Know


With the upheaval brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 saw independent contractor wages and participation grow by another 33%. With the upheaval brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 saw independent contractor wages and participation grow by another 33%. The way we work is rapidly changing. What is EduMe?