100 Conversation Topics

Tony Karrer

Almost every time I have a conversation, I learn something new. But I don't have nearly enough time to have conversations, learn and write blog posts. So now that some people called me influential , I'm hoping that I can leverage my influence to inspire people to have a conversation with me and help me with my lack of time. So, here are my suggested 100 conversation topics that I wish I had time to speak to you ( yes YOU ) about.

Is Social Learning Fun?

Tony Karrer

Robert Kennedy recently posted 100 Conversations and Hot Wheels where he addressed one of my 100 Conversation Topics that you can find aggregated on eLearning Learning as 100 Conversations. Isn't it already a kind of fun – interaction and conversation? He chose to write about how he works differently from 10 years ago … one of my favorite topics. Some good stuff in his post, but something that caught my eye was: Have my work skills changed?


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Personal Learning Books

Tony Karrer

Brett Miller has taken me up on my 100 Conversation Topics which you can see what's happening at eLearning Learning - 100 Conversations. His post were some book recommendations for learning professionals. I must say that his list of books was quite interesting and come from a bit outside where I normally think.

Audience Member

Tony Karrer

On ICT in Early Learning someone (not sure their name) has responded to my Conversation Topics post (see them via eLearning Learning - 100 Conversations ). This may be quite interesting as one of the first comments was: I have set up a draft post behind the scenes of the 25 of the 100 conversations that I feel inspired to participate in. I look forward to further conversation.

5 Amazingly Effective Strategies to Convert Your ILT Program to High-impact Virtual Training

EI Design

Here are 5 approaches to consider on the journey to transitioning from ILT to fully self-paced online learning : Move ILT to VILT: You can transition from a 100% face-to-face session to Virtual Training where the session is delivered by the instructor virtually. What Is Virtual Training?

ILT 80

2009 Top Posts and Topics

Tony Karrer

It’s interesting at the end of the year to go back through blog posts to see what my Best of 2009 is. I’ll also do a post similar to my post last year 2008 2009 that will look at my 12 eLearning Predictions for 2009. But for now, let me just focus on my Best of 2009. To create this list, I’m using eLearning Learning as described in Using Special Parameters to Create Year End Post for details on how I’ve come up with this list. I’m including posts from December 2008.

Related Terms

Tony Karrer

Here are some terms that are getting more attention the first couple weeks this month (December 2008) include Social Media , eLearning Activity , Mobile Learning , Yugma , Slideshare , SharePoint , Twitter , 100 Conversations , Mzinga , and GeoLearning. The recent addition of related terms (relationship factors) in eLearning Learning that show what how related terms are to a given result set provides some interesting insights.

New Blog

Tony Karrer

Ingrid O'Sullivan has a new blog and is the first person to take me up on my post 100 Conversation Topics which asks people to start a conversation with me and get aggregated into 100 conversations. I'm hoping as I gain more experience, have more "conversations" and learn from the likes of Tony, this will no longer be my hardest ongoing task - but for now dear readers please read with patience. Your goal should be to have interesting conversations.

No Trust

Tony Karrer

This is why I talk about the importance of new skills for Leveraging Networks , Network Feedback , F inding Expertise , Using Social Media to Find Answers to Questions , Learning through Conversation. I've been reading various mentions of the new report by Forrester , that provides the following information on the sources that people trust. Or basically they show that there's no trust for blogs. I held back on posting about this because I thought I was just being defensive.

Trust 101

Training Standards

Tony Karrer

Bill Sawyer posted in response to my Conversation Topics post. You can find posts aggregated via eLearning Learning - 100 Conversations. I've not met Bill before, and this was a great way to start. He is definitely challenged and thinking a lot about training standards. Bill has quite a few questions in his post: eLearning is suffering from the Beta/VHS or Blu-ray/HD-DVD challenge. In fact, it is probably even more systemic. For example, it is elearning? eLearning?

How to Effectively Sell Your Online Courses Using Email Marketing


6 Increase Your Course Sales/Conversions (With CTAs). Engage in conversation to build a community. It helps to increase conversions through the creation of emails that are more targeted and personalized, corresponding to the needs of the respondents. Conversion rate.