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Bridging The Widening Skill Gaps Of Knowledge Workers


Knowledge workers are an intangible asset of a business; however, without the right skill set, they fail to capitalize on lucrative opportunities. Most knowledge workers lack the necessary skills to address the changing market and customer demands. 87% of companies say they have skill gaps or expect to within a few years.

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Knowledge Workers Vs Wisdom Workers

Growth Engineering

There’s something that knowledge workers haven’t yet mastered, however: emotional intelligence. Enter the ‘Wisdom Worker!’. The post Knowledge Workers Vs Wisdom Workers appeared first on Growth Engineering. This is fast becoming a huge capital in business.


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5 characteristics of how Knowledge Workers like to learn at work

Jane Hart

From the results of the Learning in the Workplace survey and my analysis of how smart workers use social media to work and learn today, 5 key characteristics of how Knowledge Workers like to learn at work have emerged.â?¦ Collaboration Social learning'

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How To Create A Culture Of Learning For The Bank’s Knowledge Workers


The knowledge workers who are the backbone of the banks play a significant role here in mitigating these challenges. This will help the knowledge workers update and enhance their knowledge to keep pace with the evolving banking environment and customer expectations. has added to these challenges.

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Knowledge Workers Will Love these Instructional Strategies – Do You Offer Them?

CommLab India

Are you a training manager or an L&D professional wanting to know the best instructional strategies to engage your highly productive and creative knowledge workers? Look no further! This blog has all the magical elements you need for an effective online training experience.

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Evaluating Knowledge Workers

Tony Karrer

I’ve discussed before about how it’s Hard to Evaluate the Performance of Knowledge Workers and now some additional backup from Dilbert: Which goes along with: But let’s be careful here because: eLearning Technology. Subscribe to the Best of eLearning Learning for updates from this blog and other eLearning blogs.

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Who Is The New Knowledge Worker?


The Knowledge Worker has played an imperative role in the development of business over the decades. In fact, knowledge workers have driven an estimated 70 percent of U.S. click image to enlarge).