DevLearn Thoughts: Is Game Based Learning Misunderstood?

Bottom-Line Performance

We had a great time at DevLearn 2012 in Las Vegas. Sharon Boller introducing Knowledge Guru at DevLearn. Here are a few areas of confusion we heard at DevLearn… and our attempts to clear the air.

#DevLearn retrospective: Start dreaming about the future of eLearning

Challenge to Learn

This year more than ever DevLearn addressed the future of eLearning. There was another keynote by Allisone Levine at DevLearn. I took this Photo at the TinCan panel session at DevLearn. The guy sitting on the left is Aron Silvers from ADL.

The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

eLearning Brothers

We have our very own Learning Stage at DevLearn this year! Michael’s team has been driving the efforts at the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative on the Experience API (xAPI); he researches, strategizes, designs, and makes xAPI solutions and products.

Reflections on DevLearn’s xAPI Hyperdrive


Still emanating from DevLearn two weeks ago, the buzz about the Experience API is resonating. Speaking of events, ADL has a PlugFest happening in December in Orlando. It was an incredibly exciting week to see the incredible gains and growth the xAPI community has had in the last year.

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xAPI Camp – DevLearn 2015 is ONE DAY AWAY


The first xAPI Camp at DevLearn, the first of four events we’re putting on hosted by The eLearning Guild , is nigh upon us. Last year was the first year there was an official xAPI Track at DevLearn and, together, we are upping that ante again (…in Vegas). They don’t have a booth at DevLearn, but Nick Washburn, the Director of Riptide’s Learning Division, will be with us on Tuesday and you should definitely give him a high-five.

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Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri "Analytics: What You Want to Know" #DevLearn

Learning Visions

These are my live blogged notes from the opening session at this year's DevLearn, hosted by the eLearning Guild and happening in Las Vegas. xAPI can be more powerful that GA, but it requires more coding and work Interesting fact: He's wearing a wearable LRS: using ADL's LRS and beacon software. Forgive any typos and incoherencies. Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri "Analytics: What You Want to Know" I got here late so my notes are partial.he

5 Ways Tin Can API Revolutionizes eLearning

Bottom-Line Performance

Tin Can API (or Experience API) is receiving a ton of buzz… and looks to make a big splash at DevLearn 2012 as the spec nears version 1.0. Tin Can API promises to have quite the presence at DevLearn 2012 , which is just a few days a way. Do these sound familiar?

Answers: How Do I Get Started With xAPI?


Assuming you’ve gone through the specification (or you have it open right in front of you), ADL has a fantastic Javascript library to include in your content and make sending activity statements to a Learning Record Store pretty easy. ADL Sample LRS. Getting Started.

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xAPI Shifting to 3rd Gear


We shifted out of 1st gear at DevLearn last year. Between November 2014’s xAPI Hyperdrive and the xAPI track at DevLearn 2014, we hit our stride. We had people well outside of the ADL bubble talking about real world things things they were using xAPI to accomplish.

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Moving and receiving xAPI data in an LRS rich environment

Experience API

He’s giving a talk on xAPI at DevLearn this Friday, “ xAPI 201: Move from Experimentation to Mastery.” Ensure your LRS will work with xAPI by checking to see if it appears on the ADL Conformance Test Suite.

#LSCON 2012: trends

Challenge to Learn

Were mobile was the buzzword at DevLearn, it was replaced by HTML5 at LSCON. And I was really surprised by the pace ADL is moving forward with this. LSCON 12: Trends.

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Adobe Summit Day 2 - Authorware and the future of e-Learning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

ADL and AICC will play a role moving forward. Adobe Learning Summit I finally have an opportunity to sit and live blog. yes Mark, I know living blogging is soooo 90's ;-)] I'm sitting in the Friday morning session of the Adobe eLearning Summit.

mLearning DevCon 2011

E-learning Uncovered

Last but definitely not least, Judy Brown’s keynote session introduced us to a wide range of ways mobile devices could be used for learning and also explored a case study on the ADL ’s forays into the field. The full report on the project will be available in December from ADL. Diane and I are gearing up for DevLearn 2011 in Las Vegas in a few weeks, so if you want to get in touch, please do at @dpelkins or @jkunrein.

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SCORM2.0 - Speak Now or Forever hold.

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

How many of you know that the SCORM standard is being moved from ADL to LETSI ? DevLearn 2008 Conference & Expo - November 11-14 - San Jose, CAHow many of you know that SCORM is being updated? You've all got busy day jobs and just trying to get the latest project out the door is enough. BUT, if you work with SCORM in ANY way, you should be dialed into the changes, and you probably are. Maybe I'm the last one to the table on this topic.


mLearning Feature Sets: Possibilities Wide & Deep

mLearning Trends

I thought it would be good to offer a series of new posts around some of the messaging we'll be sharing with the gathered mobile learning community at DevLearn 2010 in San Francisco, California which starts later this week.

HUGE Conferences List - Game Focus - Help Needed!

Mark Oehlert

2009 Orlando, PEO STRI & ADL sponsored. Joint ADL Co-Lab Implementation Fest 2008 Aug 25-28, 2008 Orlando, FL. DevLearn 2008 Conference & Expo Nov 11-14, 2008 San Jose, CA [link]. DevLearn 2009 Conference & Expo Nov 9-13, 2009 San Jose, CA [link] Additional Conferences: *INTERGEO Geodesy, geoinformation, and land management (Germany). is a HUGE list of conferences, primarily developed with a focus on games, simulations etc.

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Best of the Best: Content Authoring Tools

eLearning 24-7

The newest version adds an adaptive learning capability, which I saw first hand at DevLearn – it was extremely impressive and extremely rare in this space. To give you an example, the free version is ADL SCORM 2004 certified (many commercial paid ones are not). While traditionally best of the best are announced in December, I decided why wait. I mean it is not like something is going to change in just a few weeks for any such product.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): HUGE Conferences List - Game Focus - Help Needed!

Mark Oehlert

wonder if there is such as thing as too many conferences :-) Posted by: Ben Hamilton | May 31, 2008 at 10:56 PM Mate are you up for another "bourbon pitcher" at DevLearn '09? :) Posted by: Shai | May 28, 2008 at 03:32 AM The comments to this entry are closed. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « "Correcting the violent video game rhetoric" ( | Main | Innovations and Cooking and Hi Again!

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eLearning Cyclops: Signs of Being in e-Learning Hell #eLearningHell

eLearning Cyclops

It was the very same Sequencing and Navigation content examples that I had authored for ADL, and while they didn't work, they assured me that I was reading the instructions wrong that described the expected experience -- the same instructions that I, in fact, helped write when I developed the content. Heading to #DevLearn. DevLearn's DemoFest Webinar. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me.