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Boost Learners Efficiency With Blended Learning

Paradiso Solutions

Blended learning is increasingly being used as a term for an e-learning approach that combines traditional classrooms and independent learning methods, creating a new “hybrid” teaching methodology. It refers to an approach that combines e-learning with distance learning (lectures, workshops, training, etc.).

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Our Collection of Learning Management Tools

Ed App

This is because they allow flexible learning opportunities that traditional classrooms fall short of providing since they’re usually done in a linear approach. Distance Learning Tools. Distance Learning Tools. Distance Learning Tools. Blended Learning LMS. Certification Management Software.

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10 Must-Read Articles About Asynchronous Learning


Last month we published a list of top 10 articles about synchronous learning so it’s about time to take a look at the opposite approach – asynchronous learning. But we do realize that real-time e-learning experience is not always an option. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Where do we start?

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SMBs and Social Learning Technologies

Janet Clarey

Presence - Some ways to use presence tools to enhance education: Allow learners to reveal (or conceal) their presence both synchronously and asynchronously. Noted we don’t get much $$ without strategy. Strategies: As part of a blended learning strategy. To provide a community for learning professionals.