Best eLearning Resources of 2014

eLearning Brothers

The past year has been fantastic for eLearning Brothers, and we hope you have had a great year too! If you happened to meet with us personally at an eLearning Conferences this year, you know that we released tons of great eLearning products in 2014: eLearning Stock. eLearning Course Starters. Improvements/updates to our eLearning Templates. Another great part of 2014 was all the great eLearning resources, tips, and tutorials. Best eLearning Tips.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


An eLearning professional is only as good as their best eLearning tools. While a learning management system is one of the most important eLearning tools you need to have, there are many nifty online apps, programs and systems designed to make your eLearning experience simpler. Best eLearning tools for productivity. Why it’s a great eLearning tool: eLearning projects usually require input from a range of stakeholders.


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10 Elearning Mobile Apps

Ed App

But for employees who don’t typically have immediate access to laptops or desktops, eLearning is still inconvenient and inaccessible. By delivering eLearning materials on a mobile app, you’re able to adapt your training to make it engaging for any nature of work or employee schedule.

The free elearning templates that will save you hours


Why start from scratch, when there are elearning templates to do the heavy lifting? Here are the best ones that our learning consultants swear by. Whether you’re planning a project, storyboarding your content or building your course – elearning templates are a huge time saver.

How to Create Great eLearning Content for Your Online Courses


Whether you want to monetize your knowledge , educate your customers, or train your employees, going the eLearning way is always a smart move. Because eLearning is the most flexible way to deliver training resources to adult learners. What Are Some Elearning Examples?

The Importance of eLearning in Healthcare

Hurix Digital

eLearning in healthcare is a time-efficient, cost-effective and flexible way to provide training to healthcare practitioners and make learning more accessible. Patients are best helped when healthcare practitioners are up to date with the latest in healthcare information and technology and have easy access to all the information they require on the causes, symptoms and prognoses of the diseases they are treating. Here are some benefits of eLearning in the healthcare industry.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


It’s not much of a stretch to argue that an eLearning professional is only as good as their best tools. The team at LearnUpon organizes eLearning projects and helps customers with course content every day. So we asked members of our development, customer support and design teams to recommend the top eLearning tools they can’t work without. Best productivity tools for eLearning. Best eLearning content creation tools. eLearning research tools.

Thinkific Alternatives: Feature and Pricing Comparison


Thinkific is one of the popular and well-known names in the eLearning industry, but it’s not necessarily the best platform. Host videos on social platforms like YouTube and embed them on your website. . Share and embed Kaltura video to your own WordPress site. .

The Best E-Learning Software Tools


Finding the best software can be time consuming, especially if you have to test several tools before landing on the right one for you. When it comes to rating the best e-learning software we would like to present you two lists compiled by the experts who have tested different products and chose their favorites. The software company iSpring created a “White Paper” on the best e-learning authoring tools by asking experts in the field to share their experience working with each tool.

Paradiso vs Docebo- Who’s the winner?


The demand for the best learning management system increases as it offers cost-effective and flexible online training solutions. Paradiso Solutions: It is one of the top LMS software providers that offer a powerful eLearning platform. appeared first on Paradiso eLearning Blog.

20 Microlearning Examples

Ed App

But what are the best microlessons for them to engage with? Offering prizes to the best performers (or teams of learners) provides further motivation. At the end of the day, reinforcement helps to embed. Another great interactive eLearning example is the drag to reveal activity.

Paradiso vs Docebo- Who’s the winner?


The demand for the best learning management system increases as it offers cost-effective and flexible online training solutions. Paradiso Solutions: It is one of the top LMS software providers that offer a powerful eLearning platform. appeared first on Paradiso eLearning Blog.

3 Creative Ways to Empower Your Learners

Rapid eLearning

This is where the rapid elearning tools come in handy. Have your learners shoot quick videos that can easily be added to a web page or rapid elearning product. Build a rapid elearning module. So don’t expect the world’s best elearning, but don’t be surprised by what some people can produce. Many of the free sites like Screenr and the one above give you an embed code. Years ago, I was a finance specialist in the U.S.

Types of Assessment Techniques in KITABOO


The tool allows you to embed different types of assessments so as to test your learners’ knowledge and retention capacity. This is a common eLearning assessment technique used by many authoring tools where users are presented with different viable alternatives to choose from.

The ultimate authoring tool buyer’s guide


Choosing an elearning authoring tool isn’t easy and it takes more than a free trial. This detailed guide and six point scorecard is designed to help you find the best elearning software for your needs. Choosing an elearning authoring tool is not an easy decision and takes more than taking it for a test drive. Is easy to use – the elearning skill level varies and there’s hope subject experts can use the tool directly to create parts of content.

70:20:10 - Beyond the Blend

Charles Jennings

Speed reading machines in the late 1950s and 1960s (I remember my own speed reading courses – sitting in front of a large scrolling text machine in the early-1960s), interactive video (where some of the best eLearning programmes were developed in the 1980s), CD-based support and, of course, the Web have all contributed to our relative comfort in accepting blended learning as the norm. The acceptance that ‘best practice’ (i.e.

The best infographic tools for online training


Want to capitalize on eLearning infographics, but don’t know how to create them? Read on for our selection of some of the best. There’s much more to eLearning infographics than putting a collection of graphics on a page. 10 of the best eLearning infographic tools.