Creating PDF Forms

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by Sally Cox    PDFs are everywhere, and forms are still one of the most popular PDF types. Whether you are creating a form from scratch or updating an existing one, I bet I can show you a few things you didn't know about PDF forms. Creating a New PDF Form.

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7 PDF Tools for eLearning Professionals

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Sometimes your online course PDF files can get a bit out of hand. Instead of wasting your time and resources on unsuccessful PDF editing, check out these great PDF tools. These tools can help you easily modify, convert, or view any PDF file. What PDF tools do you use?

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How to Embed a PDF Viewer in Articluate Storyline

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Think about it, youare participating in your yearly compliance training, and you are asked to look at the PDF, you click the link. Well, I am happy to tell you that you can now allow your user to view PDF’s without forcing them to leave your training.

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Adobe RoboHelp 9: PDF Review

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The new RoboHelp 9 includes a handy Create PDF for Review option that will allow you to create a PDF that reviewers can open with the free Adobe Reader. The PDF stores those comments and you can import them directly into RoboHelp. Here is how the PDF Review process works.

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Best Practices: Working with Text-Based (PDF) Courses

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This blog discusses a few best practices on working with text-based ( PDF ) courses. Just like any course, PDF-based courses need to be created keeping the learner in mind. Before you begin uploading your PDF into your course authoring tool , it is always a great idea to analyze it. If your files lack consistency, create a standard course material template in a Word doc, add the text, make necessary adjustments, and then export it into a PDF format to be used in the course.

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How to Embed a PDF Viewer with Multiple PDFs in Articulate Storyline (Part 2)

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Now that we know how to embed a single PDF in Articulate Storyline from my first post , the next step is utilizing the same system in order to put multiple PDFs in the same course. Here are the exercise files which come from How to Embed a PDF View in Articulate Storyline Part 1.

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How to Develop Interactive Marketing Collateral (PDF) Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

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Most of the marketing collateral sales people use on-field is in the Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Here I would like to share how to create single select and multiple select interactivities in a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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How to use PowerPoint, Word or PDF files in Easygenerator


In Easygenerator it is possible to upload your PowerPoint as a starting point for your course, but it is also possible to embed any kind of other document; PowerPoints, Word, Excel, PDF. The post How to use PowerPoint, Word or PDF files in Easygenerator appeared first on Easygenerator

The End of the PDF Certificate

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Major medical organizations have used the activity report to zap certificate information directly from providers to certification boards or organizations, ending the need for practitioners to manage self-reporting of MOC using the insecure and error-prone PDF method.


Social Learning Handbook: PDF now available

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The PDF edition of the 2014 edition of the Social Learning Handbook is now available for personal use by registered users. Price: £15. Site licences can also be obtained by organisations for multiple readers. Social Learning Handbook 2014: The Next Generation of Workplace Learning Practices in the Age of Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Although social [.]. Social learning

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PDF Forms: Part 3

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Sally Cox    During the first article in this series, I covered the  process of creating a PDF. In the second article you learned how to add t ext fields to a postcard PDF. You can  download the PDF from that article  if you want to follow along.).


Time Saver Tuesday - Snagit Print Driver + PDF

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OK, how many of you have ever been sent a PDF that you're expected to print, fill out by hand and fax back? Then, I can save the document as a PDF and just email and share the document with anyone.

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How to Transform a PDF into an eLearning Course

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In this post, we will shed light on how to transform PDF content (training material) into an online course. PDF and PowerPoint are the two major formats that we use for training material and/or presentation. If you already have the training material in a PDF format, you are good to go.

PDF Forms Part 2: Text Fields

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Now that I have a PDF that I want to convert to a form, I am ready to add text fields.    As you'll recall, I created a postcard-sized PDF in Adobe Illustrator that I want to use for my form.   Here is my PDF opened in Adobe Acrobat. (If

Online courses must die!

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Frankly, there’s nothing most online courses do that a PDF can’t. Anyone (and I mean just about anyone ) can create and update a PDF. I claimed earlier that there’s nothing most online courses do that a PDF can’t. Shift the bulk of the content to PDF.

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Small is Big: Converting PDFs to E-Learning Modules

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What does a PDF bring to mind? Chunking content will be the basic task of converting any PDF to a course. Begin by dividing the entire PDF into large identifiable sections. Break paragraphs from the PDF into bullet points wherever possible. Pages and pages of words?

RISC Releases xAPI PDF Annotator for iOS and Browser by News Editor

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RISC, an early adopter of the Experience API standard, leverages xAPI for cloud-based annotations. incorporated into the VTA LMS with version 7.1. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Emerging Topics Learning Systems Measurement

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Acrobat 9: Scanning into a PDF Portfolio

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You have created a PDF Portfolio for "Client Z." This paper document needs to be added to the PDF Portfolio, and quickly! Click the Create Task button and then select PDF From Scanner (or choose File > Create PDF > From Scanner ). by David R.

Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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When converting to PDF – which CreateSpace requires – check the page size again in the printer settings. I used BullZip’s free PDF Printer ; if you do too, I recommend picking “Flate” for your image compression and “Prepress” for the output quality.

Brand new PDF Viewer for iSpring Cloud

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iSpring Cloud with an updated PDF viewer has been released. Let your viewers try this new experience of viewing PDF files in a book mode with convenient navigation and realistic flipping animation. Shared.

Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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When converting to PDF – which CreateSpace requires – check the page size again in the printer settings. I used BullZip’s free PDF Printer ; if you do too, I recommend picking “Flate” for your image compression and “Prepress” for the output quality. When the PDF is produced, check yet again the size of the pages. It’s important to appreciate that PDF is a WYSIWYG technology: What You See Is What You Get.

What would you do w/ PDF import and Ask3?

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Here’s what we peek behind the curtain: We also found out in the survey that their was a strong desire for the ability to import PDF’s. The post What would you do w/ PDF import and Ask3?

Death of a Salesman PDF

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ACT ONE A melody is heard, played upon a flute. It is small and fine, tell-ing of grass and trees and the horizon. The curtain rises. Before us is the Salesman’s house


Proper Heading For College Paper PDF

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Proper Heading For College Admission Essay proper heading for college admission essay Students’ life is hectic, but you can make your college days brighter with


How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to a PDF File

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If you want to make your PowerPoint presentation universal, printer-friendly and compact, then converting it to PDF may be a good idea. This article explains how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file and also how to share a presentation without sacrificing interactivity.

Export SSRS Report into PDF Format from Application

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Export SSRS Report into PDF Format from Application. Citation Machine™ helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard for free. Now a days, it is often required to execute SSRS Report from web application and export that

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Education Industry Experts build interactivity into eLearning - Their Experience


“My learners prefer using PDF - adding Raptivity interactions to PDF makes it an interactive PDF! Boosts learner engagement manifold,” says Dr. Karina Kasztelnik , Professor at Colorado State University.

Adobe RoboHelp: iFrames

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You can create a link to the PDF (which will open the PDF once the user clicks the link) or you can import the PDF into the project (which will create a topic out of the PDF). You can use iFrames (inline frames) to insert PDF files or HTML files within an HTML topic. 

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Adobe RoboHelp: Shared Review

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The only thing reviewers need is a PDF of your RoboHelp content, Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader. Working with shared reviews consists of three stages: Creating a PDF for review. Create a PDF for Review from Within RoboHelp. Choose Review > Create PDF for Review.

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This Week in MakingBetter: #xAPI Camp Sells Out; #LScon DemoFest


’s new PDF Annotator Visualization in full action. Art Werkenthin and I will be at DemoFest on Thursday, March 27, to talk about “ PDF Annotation in the Cloud: A Real-world Application of the xAPI ” The story behind it is simple.

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How To Convert Your PDFs into eLearning


No matter where you go, you will run into a pdf file! It’s a pdf again – electronic or hard copy. Go through the pdf to learn “step by step” how to and several other how-to’s – all in pdfs. Divide a large pdf into parts.

Adobe PDF Online

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Create Adobe PDF Online is a web-hosted service that lets you convert a wide variety of documents to Adobe PDF files. Select a file from your hard drive, and the online program creates an Adobe® PDF file for you. Enter the URL of a Web page, and the program will capture it as an Adobe PDF file. PDF Online" src="" width=88 border=0>.

Modern Workplace Learning: The book is now available

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My new book is now available for purchase as a paperback or PDF. Modern Workplace Learning: A Resource Book for L&D.

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Adobe FrameMaker and Captivate: Merging Multimedia With Print PDFs

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by Kevin Siegel      There's no trick to creating a PDF these days. Simply open a document and, if you've got Adobe Acrobat on your computer, choose  Adobe PDF  when you print. Creating a PDF that will engage your reader is another story.

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