Tips for webinars or virtual training

Making Change

I do a lot of online workshops, such as the scenario design course that starts soon. This results in slides that tend to be activities instead of information presentations. You could also repurpose a self-paced elearning activity. “What works for webinars?”

Shoot Better Video

eLearning Brothers

Shoot retakes so that you have different versions. Additional video resources: Ten Myths about Video in eLearning. Tips for Using Video in eLearning. Using Video in eLearning. Instructional Design for Video. eLearning Instructional Design video

Video 140

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Jettison the genies and let learners think

Making Change

Elearning has genies, superheroes, and wizards. What does this have to do with instructional design? Let’s turn your bike problem into an elearning activity with a clickable bike. Let’s jettison the genie from our elearning version and see what happens.

The Colors of eLearning

eLearning Brothers

We at eLearning Brother really like orange.). Designing for Color-Blindness. Here is a great site that will let you input your URL and test it against various versions of color-blindness. Build eLearning Games and eLearning Activities.

Sparks Learning Design - Igniting Learners to Think; Washing Hands Vignettes

Vignettes Learning

I call this the Sparks Learning Method of Content Design. Please click to view enlarged and complete image Benefits to the instructional designers and learning professionals alike: • It saves time and effort since they do not have to spell out all the details.

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