What does change(d) look like?

Clark Quinn

Employees would be tightly coupled to their work teams, and more loosely coupled to their communities of practice. Teams would be diverse and flexible, and group work would be the norm. Much curation would happen by individual in communities monitoring the larger network, individuals in teams bringing in relevant elements from their communities, and sharing back reflections and outcomes that inform the community while communities would share back to the larger network.

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Your Organization Needs Better Diversity and Inclusion Training Now


He’s not wrong— here are some recent statistics about diversity and inclusion in the workplace that back up such statements: Companies with diverse management teams have 19 percent higher revenue Inclusive companies are 1.7 Does your executive team reflect the diverse community you serve?


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Your Organization Needs Better Diversity and Inclusion Training Now


Your Organization Needs Better Diversity and Inclusion Training Best Practices Why Mentoring is Crucial to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Next Steps Conclusion. Inclusion is similar to diversity, except it focuses more on the work environment rather than the demographic makeup.

Role of L&D in the 21C Workplace

ID Reflections

The impact of technology, globalization, ubiquitous connectivity, remote work and distributed work teams, and economy of individuals to name a few drivers have changed the face of workplace learning and performance dramatically. Refer to Ross Dawson’s The Future of Work for a detailed overview. This is the world of work that L&D must support today. They must support an environment where continuous learning and innovation are the key differentiators.

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Staying Ahead of Critical Corporate Training Initiatives During a Pandemic


L&D Innovation in a Time of Crisis. The New Normal — Working Remotely. The most impactful prescription from health experts is to observe social distancing — reducing our contact with other people — and for many organizations that means recommending or requiring remote work.

Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

CLO Magazine

Work teams are the primary source of learning about norms, values and expectations. Leaders also can be valuable mentors and coaches. Once learning leaders have the right tools, to make the most out of the resources available they can combine, recombine and restructure resources in innovative ways. They need to know how profits are generated, how front-line employees interact with customers, how teams function in various parts of the organization and more.

Determinism, Best Practice, and the ‘Training Solution’

Charles Jennings

If we’re to learn from others we should be looking at good practice and novel practices that we can adopt and adapt and massage to work in our own specific context. The point I am making is that we certainly need to learn from others on a continual basis, but don’t assume that if we find something working well elsewhere all we need to do is to follow the same ‘recipe’ to get the same results. Best practice exists only in simple working environments.

Abhijit Bhaduri: An Unconventional Leader

CLO Magazine

After earning his MBA and law degree — which he said was a pursuit of knowledge, something “one does in one’s youth” — he worked for Tata Steel in management development. What are the dynamics at work? ” Bhaduri said his current role is perhaps the most challenging one he’s undertaken given the pace of work in the technology industry, and that pace adds to the complexity of leadership development. Is it coaching and mentoring?

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