Trend Towards Open Educational Resources and Publishing OER

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Colleges and universities all over the US are participating in programs that give their students access to open educational resources (OER) in the form of free or very low-cost course materials and tools. eLearning OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES online learning metadata courseware Publishing

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Open all OERs

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Dr Stella Anthony (Australian Universities Network for Quality Assurance) gave the opening presentation for the event, and spoke about the opportunities and challenges of OERs in higher education. The panel agreed that it did matter, but that many OERs are generally well presented anyway.

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Gutenberg Technology Adds a Courseware Creator

Gutenberg Technology

Education eLearning OER GUTENBERG NEWSGutenberg Technology (GT) is pleased to announce the expansion of their suite of technology solutions “Courseware Creator”. GT has a long history in helping educators to create and reuse content.

OER the seas and far away.

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I'm packing frantically to travel down to South Africa and onwards to Namibia tomorrow, volcanoes and strikes permitting.

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The future of MOOCs

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There’s no point rehashing the same lectures when the world’s best authorities have already recorded them and offered them to the world as OERs. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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The future of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

There’s no point rehashing the same lectures when the world’s best authorities have already recorded them and offered them to the world as OERs. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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Trend Towards Open Educational Resources and Publishing

Gutenberg Technology

Colleges and universities all over the US are participating in programs that give their students access to open educational resources (OER) in the form of free or very low-cost course materials and tools.

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Do it yourself education

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There is no mention for example of the New Zealand based OER University (or its founder Wayne McIntosh) and the ground breaking work they are doing to transform open educational practices in higher education. OER Edupunk Anya Kamenetz blogging Edupreneurs

Digital learning futures

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Four game changers

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To help achieve this vision, Mackintosh is setting up the OER University and is evangelistic in his elucidation of this concept. OER computer games social media OLPCIt was great to meet and talk with some very creative and inspirational people during my travels in 2011.

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Wayne's world

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education OER learning #eif2011 Portugal Efquel forum Wayne MackintoshWayne Mackintosh's world vision of free learning for all is one that is shared by countless educators around the world.

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Movements for change

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Opening spaces, open learning

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I'm enjoying the workshop on Open Educational Resources (OER) here in Windhoek, Namibia. Today, the workshop for Quality Assurance Agencies is addressing the concept of OERs and how they can be quality assured. Tags: Sir John Daniel OER Namibia

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The open case

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academic publishing OER open access open scholarshipToday, more than ever, academics and professionals need to question the value of publishing in closed journals. Forget for a moment the ludicrous prices many publishers charge for personal and institutional subscriptions.

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Giving it all away

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The ivory towers are crumbling

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Show and TEL

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What if they threw a party and none of us came?

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Open educational practices

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Experiencing E-Learning » Daily Bookmarks 11/26/2009

Experiencing eLearning

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A day with a knight

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Small, but perfectly formed

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Free your content with MyEcontentFactory | Elearning

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As content producers, it is critical to rethink your publishing strategies to be able to bring value to customers beyond non-curated OER, to marvel them with clever content and interactive products, and to find ways to scale up those new digital offers. Digital transformation is a reality in every market. The academic publishing industry is being disrupted by new digital methods of delivering non-fiction content to customers.

simpleshow foundation Sustainable Development Explainer Video Contest


simpleshow foundation, a non-profit organization that supports free knowledge in the form of open education resources (OER) is going strong!

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Spotlight: Elite Sport Performance Course


These are Open Educational Resources (OERs) and both the course and its accompanying textbook titled Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology are also licensed through Creative Commons as OERs. LearnDash is being used to power elearning programs of all shapes and sizes.

Open Content and the Workplace

There Is No Chalk

Tony Karrer gives a couple examples of open content stores for adult education, such as the OER Commons and the Open Courseware Consortium. This month's Learning Circuits Big Q is about open content and the workplace:How do we leverage Open Content in Workplace Learning? The Big Q is a search for answers as to why open content appears not to be on the uptake as much as the sheer access to the.

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Open Educational Resources

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OER often have a Creative Commons or GNU license that state specifically how the material may be used, reused, adapted, and shared. Open Educational Resources are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse, without charge. Include Interactive mini-lessons and simulations about a specific topic, such as math or physics. Check it out: [link

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Selling E-Learning as a Freelancer

Experiencing eLearning

OER Commons. I received another question from a reader today that I’m hoping someone out in the blogosphere can help answer. Usually I think of freelance e-learning developers developing content for a specific client with a specific audience in mind. However, this reader is looking for something else: Which sites, if any, accept e-learning courses from freelance courseware developers?

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#OEB13 Post Review

eLearning 24-7

As for the SPOCS (the newest entry to the whole OER (Open educational resources) world) – I saw no mention of it. But I did hear mention of OER via attendees and a couple of vendors. After nearly a month of traveling to four countries and spending only five days at home, I’m back. And with that, comes my post assessment of Online Educa Berlin 2013. That’s right, I was there for this amazing event (speaking at two sessions).

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Searching for the common ground

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But, schools are struggling with competition from Open Education Resources (OERs) and schools “offshore&# and the internet in general which is devaluing knowledge. Image via Wikipedia. K-12 Education. College/university. Workplace learning.

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11 Differences between a MOOC and an Online Course

ID Reflections

MOOCs on various topics can be set up using blended content – some custom designed and some re-purposed from OERs and other available content from the net as long as one takes care to note the various IPR-related policies. I love this definition of MOOCs by Ignatia Inge deWaard in her e-book, MOOC Yourself: “A MOOC is a non-defined pedagogical format to organize learning /teaching/training on a specific topic in an informal, online, and collaborative way.”

Instructional Design Experience Before Your First Job

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Sites like OER Commons and accept content, so you could create something and have it used by real people. One of the recurring questions I hear from those trying to start their instructional design careers is “How do you get experience in the field so you can get your first ID job?&#. It feels like a catch-22 for many people trying to get that first ID job: you can’t get any experience until you get a job, and you can’t get a job without experience.

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Online Educa Berlin 2014 Conference Review #OEB14

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One of the sessions I was in, was a blogger session which included Stephen Downes, a foremost expert on OER (Open Educational Resources). Stephen is really a sharp guy and in my opinion is one of the very few folks who has a finger on the pulse of OER, including MOOCs. Speaking.

Disruptive Educational Research Conference in India

Jay Cross

MOOCs, OER University, Stanford AI. Next month at this time, I’ll be boarding a plane for Delhi. In the sixties I dreamed of visiting India but never made it. Finally fulfilling the dream has me totally jazzed.

Open Content in Workplace Learning?

The Learning Circuits

One of my Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010 was around Open Content for Workplace Learning: I’m not sure why this already hasn’t had a bigger impact, but workplace learning is going to start to catch up on the value of OCW and OER. Just visit the OER Commons and Open Courseware Consortium.

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How can “Open Education Resources” deliver value?

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It’s hard to say that open/free is bad in most situations, but I’m going to distill this down to “how can OER deliver value&# ? . for success: Gotta be generic – most of the OER that I suggest are targeting fairly generic skills/knowledge – management is management, project planning, presentation skills, etc. Over on the learning circuits blog, this month’s Big Question is… How do we leverage Open Content in Workplace Learning?

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Why Open Content is Not Yet Adopted in the Workplace

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UNESCO helped to define OER as educational materials and resources "offered freely and openly for anyone to use and under some licenses to re-mix, improve and redistribute." OERs include learning content as well as tools to create and share the content. ASTD's Big Question for March is How do we leverage open content in workplace learning?

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10Q: Martin Weller - the battle for open

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blogs, social media, learning objects, OERs, MOOCs, etc in this period. I think the general move to openness - MOOCs, OERs, open access, digital scholarship, open data - all these things are part of a bigger picture.

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Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

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Curate from existing sources – Tap into MOOCs, and other existing OERs. Designing courses is passé!

EDGEX 2012: About Disruptive Education

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world Learning Analytics, Ubiquitous learning MOOCs, OER University, Stanford AI Role of teachers and coaching in an opendistributed learning environment New forms of assessments There are resources here for those keen to know moreabout connectivism, learnscapes, communities of practices, open design, social networkanalysis and more.