The World Bank Offers an Open API

Mark Oehlert

The World Bank's first API offers 114 indicators from key data sources and 12,000 development photos". We are releasing this API because we believe this information can be mapped, visualized and mashed up in an unlimited number of ways that will help develop a better understanding of trends and patterns around key development issues ( LINK ). Nice.and I wish everyone felt this way. "We

5 technologies to promote creative learning

Learning with 'e's

5) Video Mashups: Ask students to find 3 unrelated YouTube videos. Using the built in YouTube Editor, ask them to select sections and mash them up, mixing elements to create a totally new message. Who is the mash up video aimed at (audience and purpose)? [NB: I bet you can come up with some more! Photo by Niki Dugan 5 technologies to promote creative learning by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0


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Top eLearning Posts

Tony Karrer

Start-Up Guides 1,368 1 22 eLearning 1.0 Start-Up Guides 1,368 1 22 eLearning 1.0 Given the nomination , I'm not sure how much new traffic will come to check out this blog, but I know that it's always hard to come to a blog and get a sense of what the person talks about. This is the reason I created the First Time Visitor's Guide. However, it's been a while since I last updated this page. Based on my Aha Moment -

Activity Streams

Jay Cross

An activity stream is a mash-up of an individual’s or organization’s feeds. Tumblr operates similarly although it does a better job displaying photos and is a bit more spartan. As people use various different web sites to blog, update their status, post their location, or photos, sites and tools have emerged to aggregate these various actions into a continuous eclectic stream of activities. Wikipedia: nothing up yet

First Time Visitor Guide

Tony Karrer

Once we've interacted to some level, you might consider linking up with my via LinkedIn - I found this to be a good way to stay connected with people. Start-Up Guides Personal and Group Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools Authoring in eLearning 2.0 / Add-ins & Mash-ups Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0

Guide 101


Jay Cross

Innovation comes from mash-ups of ideas from parallel universes. You can see my photos here. If you like my photos , blame Kris. Larry Halff, backed up by Tara Hunt, gave a deep, meaningful presentation on the Open Internets and how Ma.gnolia is evolving. Also, there’s an active community site where people are hooking up with one another; it’s by Pathable. I’ve spent the last 15 hours in the company of geeks. Not just any geeks.

2008 in retrospect

Jay Cross

I’m closing the chapter on 2008 and gearing up for 2009 and beyond. Marc Rosenberg, Allison Rossett, Barbara Pellow, and I led Up to Speed, an event in NYC for Mimeo. Posted my first video mash-up to YouTube. Learned to piece together video clips into presentations, uploaded 2,000 photos to Flickr. Shot collection of conceptual photos of cobblestones in Australia, Brazil, the U.S.,

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