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Find the Right E-Learning Vendor with an Awesome RFP. If so, you might think about developing an eLearning RFP (Request for Proposal). It will be much easier to make sure that e-learning suppliers bidding to work on the project give you the information you need to make the best choice if your RFP is clear and comprehensive.

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LEP/LXP RFP Template

eLearning 24-7

Yeah it is a peeve of mine, which is why, I decided that LEPs needed their own RFP template. Anyway, after studying the market in-depth – the LEP market that is, I felt an RFP specifically for that market made sense. . LEP RFP Template. First off, here is the LEP RFP Template – everything you need in one document.

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Adapting to change: Going hybrid and supporting standards

Rustici Software

But the vast majority of our corporate and government customers relied solely on SCORM to make things just work together, with AICC frequently showing up. SCORM 2004 and AICC. Today, all of our products—from Engine to Content Controller and SCORM Cloud—support not only AICC and all versions of SCORM, but xAPI, cmi5, LTI and more.

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Did you know? Learning Systems Vol 3

eLearning 24-7

Plus, if they system accepts other SCORM types or AICC or xAPI, you will never see those mentioned or listed. And it should be part of the internal process of checks and balances, before that RFP goes out. This goes into the back-end too. I see way too many SCORM package- meaning to upload a course. The last part is huge.

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The Best eLearning Authoring Tools: Review and Features


2004), xAPI/TinCan API, HTML5, MOOC, AICC, cmi5, and LTI. Next steps—Request for Proposal (RFP). Upon finalizing your short-list of potential tools, next, you’ll create a formal document called a Request for Proposal (RFP). Typically, vendors respond to the RFP with a proposal outlining their solutions in greater detail.

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3 xAPI learnings from LSCon: start small, iterate, build an ecosystem

Experience API

This was a theme echoed by RISC , HT2 Labs , TorranceLearning , Watershed , xapiapps , Riptide Software and our very own Chris Tompkins in his session, “ xAPI in your RFP.” For xAPI practitioners, the recommendation is to “crawl, walk, run.”. All of them recommended that to get started it is wise to start small.

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The Enterprise Learning Ecosystem Demystified: Part I

ATD Learning Technologies

If I offer to assist with analysis, and the prospect has not already chosen a solution, they may suspect bias—and I risk disqualifying my product from the RFP. By leveraging new technology, you can connect information to multiple LMSs, HR systems, and talent management systems using SCORM/AICC and so forth.