Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration


LMS Webex Integration – What it brings to the Table! Hence, the need for web meeting solutions… or so to say, LMS Webex integration ! Why we say this is because the LMS Webex union also lets you record live meetings to view it later. This feature helps you to automatically login to your LMS and Webex instance with a simple click without the need to enter two login details. The LMS stores the WebEx ID and password to ensure Single Sign on between the two platforms.

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Cisco Buys Webex

Tony Karrer

Just saw this : Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was finally adding voice capabilities to its Live Communication Server. And now Cisco is adding hosted collaboration to compete with Microsoft's hosted service known as Live Meeting. This makes me wonder what these systems will start to look like in a couple of years and whether folks like Elluminate will be able to compete

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Integrations and New Channels Announced

Mobile Coach

Integrations with Slack and Webex Teams. Mobile Coach is delighted to announce integrations with Slack and Webex Teams in addition to Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace announced earlier this year. Mobile Coach API channels integrations Messaging Channels slack webex teams

Synchronous Software Scavenger Hunts

Experiencing eLearning

Application training via a synchronous tool like WebEx, Adobe Connect, or Elluminate too often ends up with passive learners. In WebEx, you have two choices for sharing online content: Share Web Browser : lets the presenter control everything for demonstration purposes. For my small group of learners (6–8), I used the WebEx “Share Web Content&# tool. e-Learning Games, Sims, & VWs synchronous learning WebEx webinar

How to manage the LMS certificates feature in your Paradiso eLearning software?


Corporate Education eLearning Platform benefits of a lms certificate corporate lms elearning esignature Integration learning management system moodle webex integration Paradiso LMSLMS Certificates are a really useful tool in the education industry. For the eLearning environment, it needs to be a must-have. Both trainers and trainees expect to have their courses certificated and valid for the corporate world.

Thanks for Attending our Moodle Gamification Webinar!


Moodle Integration with Goto , Adobe Connect , Webex , Salesforce , Dynamics CRM , Shopify , WordPress , Joomla , SharePoint , Dropbox etc. Corporate Moodle Paradiso News elearning ell gamification LMS moodle Moodle + webex moodle gamificationThank you for attending our webinar on Moodle Gamification held on Wednesday, 14th June, 2016. It was a massive success! We were overwhelmed with the response we got… People poured in from all parts of the world.

Experiencing E-Learning » The Next Evolution in eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

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Experiencing E-Learning » Collaborative Learning Trends

Experiencing eLearning

Virtual Classroom Tool Tips: Chat, Breakout Rooms, and more!

InSync Training

What do platforms like Webex Training, Zoom, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Teams have in common? They all include a variety of virtual classroom tools ! When instructional designers incorporate their use into training programs and facilitators leverage them during delivery, tools can increase learner engagement. Learners feel more connected to their fellow participants, to the instructional team, and to the training content.

Now Hiring! Join Our Virtual Team

InSync Training

Do you have experience supporting WebEx Training Center, Adobe Connect, or any other virtual classroom platform? Are you a GREAT virtual classroom producer? InSync Training is interested in learning more about you! We are seeking qualified contractors to join our dynamic production team. Our producers ensure flawless virtual learning events by providing instructional and technical support to facilitators during live learning events, training sessions, and meetings

Virtual Learning 101: Set Your Virtual Classroom Up for Success

InSync Training

In fact, the CEO of Cisco announced that Webex hosted 5.5 More virtual classroom events than ever have happened in 2020. BILLION minutes of virtual meetings in the first eleven days of March. Combined with the spike in usage of other platforms like Zoom, virtual events have become a staple in today’s businesses and educational institutions.

Virtual Learning 101: Answers to Four Common Training Questions

InSync Training

When I reviewed them, I recognized that the answers speak to core best practices and the value platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and Adobe Connect contribute to enterprise training. More organizations than ever have transitioned from traditional face-to-face training to virtual classrooms. And since no training element stands alone, most blends include live online components of some kind.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning

Learning Visions

Thursday, June 28, 2007 Emerging Technologies in e-Learning I sat in on a lunchtime WebEx presentation with Gary Woodill -- Director, Research and Analysis, Brandon Hall Research. Some issues with WebEx. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. The topic: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning. You can buy each of the three reports in this series for a mere $495.) About Gary: Classroom teacher in the early 70s.

Virtual Classroom Technical Producers Needed - Virtual Team, Flexible Schedule

InSync Training

Experience with WebEx Training Center and Adobe Connect a plus. InSync Training is seeking Virtual Classroom Technical Producers that speak English, Chinese, Japanese, or Polish. Additional competencies are located at the end of this post. All contract positions are virtual, and candidates can expect up to 20 hours per week. Virtual Classroom-Production

Moving Quickly to the Virtual Classroom? Create a Show Flow!

InSync Training

From team meetings to global training programs, platforms like Zoom, Webex Training Center, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Teams, have enabled businesses to adapt to the unexpected and unfortunate current circumstances. Lately, the virtual classroom has become the most popular kid in school.

Join Our Team - Virtual Training Producers Needed

InSync Training

Bilingual applicants and those with WebEx and/or Adobe Connect experience are encouraged to apply. InSync Training is seeking qualified contractors to join their dynamic Production Team. Producers provide technical and instructional support to facilitators and participants during live online training sessions, events, and meetings. The position is virtual and applicants must be self-motivated with access to an appropriate work space.

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Virtual Classroom Technical Producers Needed - Virtual Team, Flexible Schedule

InSync Training

Experience with WebEx Training Center and Adobe Connect a plus. InSync Training is seeking Virtual Classroom Technical Producers that speak Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish. Additional competencies are located at the end of this post. All contract positions are virtual, and candidates can expect up to 20 hours per week. Virtual Classroom-Production

Let's Get on Zoom: Tips for an Uninterrupted Virtual Event

InSync Training

This virtual platform, like Webex, Adobe Connect, and others, bridges the distance felt by stay-at-home orders and closed offices and classrooms. Zoom has taken the whole world by storm. Thanks to its easy-to-use functionality, and an effort by company leadership to make it more accessible, people of all ages have started to use Zoom for work, learning, and socialization. Zoom-hosted game nights bring friends together across distance.

From E-Learning to We-Learning

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Enterprise Learning Informal Learning Learning Culture Learning In The Flow of Work Learning Programs LMS, LCMS cisco citrix e-learning facebook linkedin microsoft Plateau Saba sun taleo we-learning webexThe corporate training industry is undergoing some major changes. Over last few months we have been involved in many discussions with organizations about the tremendous needs to build, manage, and formalize their social and collaborative learning programs.

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What Makes a Remote Worker Successful? InSync Weighs In

InSync Training

Over the last 20 years, technology platforms like Skype, Dropbox, WebEx, and Outlook have enabled us to communicate, collaborate, and constructively deliver our value proposition to our clients and learners. Did you know? InSync has operated an entirely virtual team since 2000. In many ways, our organization implemented this employment model before it became commonplace. Today though, more companies include remote teams or allow for telework.

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Yes, You Really Can Cut Training Costs

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Enterprise Learning adobe adobeconnect altus articulate brainshark flypaper gotomeeting i-linc interwise suddenlysmart the training measurement book training budgets training costs training measurement webexThe Training Measurement Book is on Amazon’s Top 10 Business Books for 2008. This week we published the Corporate Learning Factbook® for 2008 and sure enough, corporate learning and development budgets are being cut everywhere.

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Lesson Learned: Virtual Facilitation is DIFFERENT Than Traditional Facilitation

InSync Training

So, with thousands of hours of Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, and MS Teams training on the horizon, it seems a good time to revisit the basics. In August, we celebrate virtual classroom facilitators. And this year, you all REALLY deserve applause.

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Accept and Decline Webinars Directly from Email


Administrators of Learn-WiseGo can host Zoom, WebEx, and Go To Training Webinars directly from the Learn-WiseGo Platform. Users will receive an email notification that they have been invited to an upcoming webinar hosted through the Learn-WiseGo platform.

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Getting "In Sync" - Tales of a Virtual Producer in Training

InSync Training

Before we sign off, does anybody have any questions regarding WebEx or anything else for that matter?” This is the experience of one of our newer team members, Jackob G. Hofmann. Join his exploration of a new job, a new language, and a new computer. And a good bottle of wine. Keeping Your Eye on the Ball. “OK, so we’re just about ready to wrap up tonight’s virtual training session on becoming an online producer.

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6 Great Project Management Tools for Custom eLearning Development

eLearning Brothers

WebExWebEx is great for screen shares and reviewing course content with clients and team members. We are often asked what project management tools we use for our Custom eLearning Development. To answer that, we made a list of six tools that we find most helpful: 1. DropBox – DropBox is where we collect and store project information, source files, development files, etc. BaseCamp – We use BaseCamp as a communication tool between our clients and our project team members.

Getting Ready to Learn [Reflections on my Blended Learning Journey]

InSync Training

It’s a blended program, with two four-day onsites, 16 virtual WebEx classes, collaborative group work, and online discussions. I am very excited! I was just accepted into a fabulous professional development program, as a learner. Sounds like a great blended learning experience! I am especially excited that the course content is not related to the training and development field, and the audience is composed of a different set of peers. Business owners.

Virtually There: 5 Best Practices for Designing Virtual and Blended Learning

InSync Training

Virtual learning is live learning delivered via a virtual classroom such as WebEx Training Center or Adobe Connect. This article first appeared in Training Magazine Online on October 24, 2014. Spending a day or two planning on paper, away from authoring tools and virtual classroom environments, will go a long way toward making sure your development initiative is on track.

Leverage Web Conferencing Integrations In Your LMS to Accelerate Learning


WebEx – Docebo now supports both listed and unlisted WebEx meetings, events, and trainings. An LMS with multiple web conferencing integrations will boost your learner’s engagement. A learning management system (LMS) with web conferencing features will benefit your company by adding a social aspect to your learning and development. Studies show synchronous elearning engages your employees and helps them retain the knowledge required for their position.

Are You A Virtual Trainer? How to Engage your Learners at an Advanced Level

InSync Training

Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, etc.) Competent virtual facilitators have quite a few enviable skills. They’ve been trained on the nuances of how to teach virtually and have mastered their virtual classroom platform. They consider the principles of adult learning throughout every delivery. They manage the entire experience. And so much more!

TEACHING ONLINE: Teachers are Going Online. Corporate Trainers Could Learn from Their Experience

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Businesses may already have Adobe Connect, Webex, Microsoft Teams, or even Skype for Business.   Webex Personal: If you are familiar with the corporate version of this software, with its rather high costs, you may be surprised to learn there is a free version! As teachers in many areas of the country struggle to take their classroom activities into the virtual training world, here’s what we’re finding.

A new generation of tools for meeting and networking online

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

They are more visual than Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams. There is a new generation of tools that enriches the toolset of online facilitators. In this blog I will list a number of them and hope to make you enthusiastic to start experimenting. The first one I discovered was Wonder Me.

Use Zoom for webinars with Learn-WiseGo!


We have a growing list of supported 3 rd party webinar tools: GoTo Training, WebEx, and now Zoom! Learn-WiseGo now offers Zoom integration! Learn-WiseGo gives you the ability to host webinars seamlessly through your customized Learn-WiseGo platform. By integrating with your own webinar tool, you can use Learn-WiseGo to invite, register, and track webinar attendees – AND you can give them certifications of completion, eLearning tests, reward points, and surveys.

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TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES: Interactive Polls Help End Sucky Training

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  Most virtual training platforms (GoToTraining, WebEx, Connect, etc) allow you to create polls within the tool.   One of the easiest ways to engage online students is by displaying quizzes and polls. When I start my classes, displaying a poll is a great way to break the ice and get my class started on the right foot. You can then display the poll to your virtual students on the fly. In the image below, I've created a poll within GoToTraining.

Poll 152

Join Our Team! Virtual Classroom Producers Needed

InSync Training

Do you have experience supporting WebEx Training Center, Adobe Connect, or any other virtual classroom platform? Are you interested in a work from home opportunity? Are you computer literate and a detail-oriented person? InSync Training wants to learn more about you! We are seeking contractors to join our dynamic Virtual Classroom Production Team.

Why & How to Create Virtual classroom Training for ERP End-users

CommLab India

Cisco WebEx. Recognized by Gartner as a leader in Unified Communications and Web Conferencing , Cisco’s WebEx serves 93% of Fortune 100 companies and 78% of Fortune 500 companies with its Cisco video collaboration solutions. According to its statistics, around 71 million people around the world attend a WebEx meeting per month, generating almost 3 billion minutes of video conferencing and screen-sharing. Unlike WebEx, you do not have to download any application.

Convert Training to Online

Experiencing eLearning

Virtual training is live, synchronous training with an instructor using an online tool like WebEx, Adobe Connect, or Zoom. One common request from clients and stakeholders is to convert an existing classroom training program to an online or blended format. Just taking your existing PowerPoint slides and putting them online won’t be very effective. The conversion process is more about transforming the content and activities to provide a better experience and improve skills.

Webinars: How to Reach your Employees Amid Social Distancing


Through Instructor led training on the Learn-WiseGo platform, users can be assigned to a Zoom, Webex, or Go To training. In this ever changing climate amid social distancing and COVID – 19 the use of Webinars are becoming of higher importance and popularity to be able to reach employees. Learn-WiseGo allows webinars to be seamlessly integrated and shared with users through your customized Learn-WiseGo.

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TEACHING LIVE, ONLINE CLASSES: What You Need to Know About ?Your Online Platform, Part 1

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Whether you use Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToTraining, or another online training app, you need to know the same basic features of your platform.  by Jennie Ruby, COTP.     First, you need to know everything your students will need to know to get into your classroom and participate in your class. And when I say you need to know, I mean really know. Like, “I can describe it in my sleep” know. Like, “I can describe it blindfolded” know.

12 Steps to Creating Awesome Live Classes in 2021


Software with a live video feed, such as WebEx, Zoom, and Skype, have been proven to be essential as they facilitate interactions between learners and teachers. But, there are two other ways you can run live classes in your course: 1) You can use WebEx.

Convert Training: Design Online or Blended Learning

Experiencing eLearning

That could be on ground (if that’s part of the blend), but also works well in virtual instructor-led training (vILT) using tools like Zoom, Adobe Connect, or WebEx. In my previous post on converting training to online , I provided questions to ask and tips for analysis. In this post, I’ll dig deeper in how to design an online or blended learning program based on an existing classroom training program. I mostly use a backward design approach, starting with the end in mind.