Snagit Update: Dropbox, OneNote sharing, Object Rotation and More

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Dropbox and OneNote sharing. Now that OneNote 2013 is part of the Microsoft Office suite, you can share your Snagit capture to OneNote with a single click. The post Snagit Update: Dropbox, OneNote sharing, Object Rotation and More appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

New OneNote and Education Blog

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

In response to my last blog Mike Tholfsen of the OneNote team sent me the link to their new OneNote and Education Blog. Here is a brief description from Mike: "Because there are so many things happening right now with OneNote and education, we wanted to start this blog to have a dialog with the education community, as well as share ideas, resources, and gather feedback from teachers, students and faculty. I must say that I am very hopeful about OneNote.

Onenote v. Noteshare for eLearning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I was really excited about OneNote 's focus on the eLearning market. My guess is that currently there is no compatibility between OneNote and NoteShare Its most definitely the first Microsoft app to turn my head in a long time. But of course my next thought was.hhhmmm, I wonder if Apple has anything like this. I looked and couldn't find anything.until now. I stumbled across NoteShare from Aquaminds.

Have you tried ONENOTE for eLearning?

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

we are", but I think truly think the ONENOTE team might be onto something. I had a long conversation with Mike Tholfsen of the OneNote team. Okay, so I'm NOT a big fan of Microsoft.

MS Office Classes Available through March!

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AXIOM Updates News access classes excel Instructor MS Office OneNote outlook powerpoint sharepoint virtual wordHappy New Year! We hope you said a fond goodbye to 2017 and are looking forward to 2018 with health, happiness and optimism! We’re looking. Read More.

Take Charge of your Personal Development this Fall!

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AXIOM Updates News access classes Development excel instructor-led learning MS Office OneNote powerpoint sharepoint training virtual wordFall is in full swing! Or, maybe not, upper 70s doesn’t feel like fall! The seasons are changing whether the temperature agrees or not, so maybe.

Learning Opportunities for Fall!

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AXIOM Updates News access calendar classes excel MS Office OneNote outlook powerpoint sharepoint virtual wordIt may not be fall quite yet, but I think we’re pretty close! I think many of us are hovering between one last beach day. Read More. The post Learning Opportunities for Fall!

Classes Available this Summer!

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If you need some advanced Excel tips, an intro to OneNote, or advanced PowerPoint tricks for a new presentation, these classes can deliver. AXIOM Updates News access beach calendar classes excel MS Office OneNote outlook powerpoint private sharepoint Summer word

Virtual MS Office Classes this Spring! Open Seats!

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If you need some advanced Excel tips, an intro to OneNote, or advanced PowerPoint tricks for a new presentation, these classes can deliver. Blogs MSO Training access classes excel Instructor live MS Office OneNote open seats outlook power point virtual wordSpring is here!

Virtual MS Office Classes, Now through May!

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If you need some advanced Excel tips, an intro to OneNote, or advanced PowerPoint tricks for a new presentation, we can help. Blogs MSO Training classes excel learning MS Office OneNote outlook powerpoint remote sharepoint VILTAs I write this I’m listening to the news of a storm coming that could dump over a foot of snow on us! So much for March being the month where spring peeks it’s way through!

Summer School… for Adults!

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AXIOM Updates News access classes excel MS Office OneNote outlook power point Summer training virtual wordHappy unofficial start to summer! We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and had a chance to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Now that we’re in June, I’m sure your thoughts are turning toward warmer nights, longer weekends, and summer vacations. Things can slow down in the summer which gives you a perfect opportunity to take some. Read More.

Open Classes! Get Ahead before Fall Arrives!

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We’re right in the thick of summer now and I’m sure you’re all having a great time and not yet thinking about fall!

Common Cartridge


For example, the course content could be created with CourseArc, quizzes with Quizlet, and a collaborative class notebook with OneNote Class Notebook. Common Cartridge is a standard created by the by the IMS Global Learning Consortium that allows digital content and assessments to be bundled together in a package and then imported into a Learning Management System. This is especially useful when using multiple LTI tools to assemble a course.

IM 116

Microsoft One Note Training: What Is One Note and What Can It Do?


If you’re like most people, you weren’t aware that Microsoft OneNote even existed, much less what it could do. However, it is definitely worthy of your attention and more than that – take the right MS OneNote tutorial and you will have mastered an awesome tool.

Note taking any where

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The other day I discovered OneNote , which comes with Microsoft Office 2007. If you look at the Microsoft site for this then OneNote is described as an ‘ easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program where you can capture ideas and information in electronic form.

The Forge - Live Today at 2pm EST

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Here's the run down of the show: Microsoft OneNote and PowerPoint MVP, Kathy Jacobs , will share how she uses Snagit and Camtasia for my social media trainings, for PowerPoint and Onenote work, for OneNote work, and more. Here's the run down of the show: Microsoft OneNote and PowerPoint MVP, Kathy Jacobs, will share how she. Today is the day! Tune in on this blog post today at 2pm EST to see the live stream of The Forge!

Notetaking Tools Help Needed

Tony Karrer

I've looked at EverNote and OneNote quite a bit, but I'm not convinced yet that they fit well enough for me to adopt. Right now, I'm leaning towards trying OneNote, but I'm concerned about Lock In and that I don't believe there's any iPhone support? I recently engaged in a conversation with someone who suggested I was way behind the curve in adopting a better notetaking tool. They picked up on my comments in Better Memory about still using notepad for taking notes in lots of cases.

Friday Finds: 5 Free Apps to Help e-Learning Developers Stay Organized


OneNote Microsoft OneNote acts as your digital notebook to organize everything e-Learning and more. OneNote Mobile is included with Windows Phones. Being organized while you’re developing an e-Learning course makes the whole process much smoother and more successful.

Time Saver Tuesday - Share and Share Alike

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And, I'm often adding screenshots all over - I'm using them in my email, on Twitter, in a project plan in OneNote, as a title screen in a Camtasia Studio screencast and more. Throughout the day I'm working in a variety of programs. I'm guessing you do the same.

Webcast: Sneak Peek at the Next Snagit Update

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OneNote 2013 Output (Win). Hard on the heels of Snagit 12 and Snagit 3, the team is set to release another round of updates. Get a sneak peek at what’s coming to Snagit in early July! RSVP now to join us live, online Thursday, June 19, at 2:00pm ET ( convert to your local time ).

Tablets will replace PCs but not in the way you Think

mLearning Revolution

printing problems, no optical drives (for backups I suppose), and that they won’t run power software, including Adobe Photoshop, Avid Studio, and Microsoft OneNote. (image credit: [link].

What’s in My Conference Bag? ATD ICE 2018

Learning Rebels

Why this matters to you – keeping your notes on Evernote, OneNote or Google docs allows you to share your notes in the moment. It’s 2018, What’s in my Conference Bag? Just want the good stuff? Scroll down for my top 10 tips for what to bring and what to do.

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

Clark Quinn

Maybe OneNote? I woke up this morning thinking about the tools we use at various levels. Yeah, my life is exciting ;). Seriously, this is important, as the tools we use and provide through the organization impact the effectiveness with which people can work.

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Set Yourself up for Productivity


You may already be familiar with live collaboration in Excel Online, plus desktop and online versions of Word, PowerPoint and OneNote—the capability has been available for nearly two years.

The Best of e-Learning in July


Snagit Update: Dropbox, OneNote sharing, Object Rotation and More. Get out your sunglasses—we’ve found some dazzling e-Learning articles for July! You’re about to learn about action mapping, reflective practice, 3D virtual learning worlds, the new CourseMill® LMS V7 and more.

NexGen Tier2 Learning Systems

eLearning 24-7

And wait for it, with NexGen T2 plus (let’s call it that), tools such as OneNote can be used fully integrated or tied to the learning system. A year ago I wrote about NexGen functionality in any learning system.

Snagit is my.

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Kathy Jacobs , a social media specialist and OneNote MVP, shared her entry for "Snagit is my." Snagit is. my life, my secret weapon, my digital memory. and so much more. What's Snagit to you? With the new Snagit on Mac release this week, we wanted to celebrate.

Make 2018 YOUR year


Use a free tool like Trello, Asana, or OneNote. You made it to the end of 2017. Go you! How do you feel? Joyous, celebratory, reinvigorated? How about tired, frustrated, exasperated? If you're like most people, it's a bit "all of the above.".

Apps and Digital Tools to Improve College Life


It can be synched with OneNote and OneDrive, which allows the scanned file to be saved and reused when needed. It is fair to say that student life is pretty digitalized these days.

See the USA in Your Chevrolet - SXSW Road Trip

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Tiffany Wood, the Snagit Product Manager, Kathy Jacobs , Social Media Credit Analyst and OneNote MVP, and Kyle Mulka from Twilk and I will be heading out March 09 on our drive to Austin. I'm a Navy brat.

Gamification In Application Software Training


It is a free plug-in game from Microsoft Office Labs aimed at helping learners develop their skills in using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) in a game environment.

Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

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push out) to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, OneNote, YouTube and send to folks via e-mail or FTP. After a whirlwind week that for many of us has left an indelible mark of uneasiness and concern, we all need a little good cheer.

Interview with a Veteran LMS Administrator

Web Courseworks

Additionally, we use OneNote as a resource to answer most questions we receive from learners, managers and administrators at our credit unions. Connie Welch, Director of Student Services at CUNA. The following is an interview with Connie Welch.

Happy New Year from TechSmith!

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Exciting news for Snagit continued in July with the addition of DropBox and OneNote support plus object rotation in the 12.1 & 3.1 Happy New Year 2015 from your friends at TechSmith!

1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

Jane Hart

12- Evernote 71- OneNote. It has been good to see the varied interest in the 10 Tools Challenge both on my blog and Twitter as well as on other social channels – so here are a few updates.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

Jane Hart

There is therefore a clear trend this year in using tools to “organize” digital resources, as well as a continued interest in notetaking tools; Evernote continues its rise up the list, and MS OneNote makes its way back up the list again too (probably due to its new mobile apps).

Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Tony Karrer

OneNote and Gobby require installation. A while ago I asked in several places if people knew of a text or document editor that would allow real-time collaborative editing during a conference session (or workshop, seminar, course, etc.).