How to Build a Successful eLearning Company

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eLearning companies are businesses that offer training, development, management and learning assistance and services to various organizations in order to help them accomplish their goals and business objectives. … Continue reading "How to Build a Successful eLearning Company".

From Drudge to Dream: How to Change Your Job Into a Passion

There are few activities more rewarding than coaching or mentoring others, and the mentors learn at least as much as the mentees. You can coach less experienced colleagues, people who want to develop skills you have, or interns. Do you want to run your own company eventually?

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Performance Management Tools and Techniques to Motivate Employees


So it’s vital to use the best performances management tools and techniques to motivate and coach your employees. Taking the time to grow and recognize your staff will go a long way to achieving their goals and those of the company. What is the best direction for your company? Hire a coach. One of the best performance management tools for doing this is hiring a coach. Executive coaches can add value both for the employee and for the organization.

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 2

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In Part 1 of our Learning Campaigns Blog series, we highlighted data from a number of clients using Fort Hill’s 70-20 learning activation platform to support their learning initiatives. The table below shows the results from the five learning campaigns that were discussed in Part 1 of this Blog series: Importance of Validation. None of their challenges required validation upon completion, so there was little direct manager involvement or coaching.

Digital Learning Library Exceeds Expectations

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The primary challenge that our company faces is that, like many organizations, we need to react to our environment quickly. It doesn’t provide real-time feedback and coaching, so it’s not great for soft skills. So, in a nutshell, our learning challenge was this: How do you harness all the strengths of YouTube and implement it with context and coaching? Additionally, every video provides a link to a coach, and a forum to ask questions of the coaches or community.

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 1

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This will be a three-part blog series that will examine learning campaigns from three perspectives: 1) participant engagement; 2) performance improvement; and 3) social learning. Charles Jennings, co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute in Europe, recently discussed this shift in his excellent blog: From Courses to Campaigns: using the 70:20:10 approach. Conversations & coaching with colleagues, managers and mentors.

High Performance Learning with 70-20®

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The first two challenges focused on Client Mastery/Business Development and the final two challenges related to Leadership, Coaching and Time Management. The post High Performance Learning with 70-20® appeared first on Fort Hill Company. Blog 70-20-10 70:20:10 Experiential Learning Informal Learning Learning Transfer Performance Improvement Social Learning70-20 Conversation with Sarah Yamagata, Head of Learning & Development. RGF Group. Tokyo, Japan.

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 3

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Our first two blog posts in this 3-part series focused on the benefits of moving away from the “course mindset” and moving toward a “learning campaign mindset” that drives stronger participant engagement and performance improvement. It appears that social learning in campaigns is more substantive – involving more specific comments and peer coaching interactions – than it is in standalone challenges (which have more likes and fewer comments).

The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide


The eLearning Coach. eLearning Professionals’ Blogs. Cathy Moore’s blog aims to do just that. From overviews of industry events to the future of eLearning, David Kelly’s blog has lots to delve into. The Rapid E-learning Blog. The Craig Weiss Blog.