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From Why to Wow: Develop E-learning Modules for Engaging Compliance Training

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Compliance training, though mandatory, is greeted with grim faces and grumbling from employees; the usual response is, why this training? Though organizations do their best to convince employees that compliance training is important, employees are not enthusiastic.

10 Awesome Ways To Use Mobile Learning For Employee Training

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Mobile learning for employee training is fast becoming an essential part of training delivery. In this article, I share 10 ways to showcase how you can use mobile learning for employee training for formal training and Performance Support (job aids).

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5 Ways To Implement Microlearning Into Your Staff Training


Technology has changed our culture, and its impact on our ability to learn and apply new concepts has been perhaps the biggest benefit. Corporate training has adapted to technology, becoming more efficient and effective. One of the most impressive innovations of today is microlearning. It has become a standard industry term in the elearning world. Here are five different ways you can integrate microlearning into your team’s learning.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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But sunny weather isn’t the only thing that can give us energy. New learning helps too, and September is full of free webinars that can add to your knowledge stores! How to eliminate maintenance costs of the solutions you’re using. How to add Fluid Boxes to the slides.