Trivantis’ CenarioVR: 360 Degree Virtual Walkthrough eLearning Courses

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Virtual Reality will be the next biggest thing in the arena of eLearning. Organizations are gearing up to catch the current trend to create innovative and immersive eLearning courses. Well, there are many eLearning authoring tools and software applications to develop 360 degree virtual tours.

A Conversation with John Blackmon of Trivantis

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John is the Chief Technology Officer for Trivantis as well as being one of the Co-Founders of the company. John is responsible for all aspects of development and strategy for Trivantis’s eLearning products. The other day I had a chance to catch up with John Blackmon.

A Sneak Peek into Trivantis’ CenarioVR

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Trivantis recently announced the release of CenarioVR. This powerful online authoring tool helps in the creation of virtual reality for immersive learning platforms designed to enhance learner engagement and unlock performance. Learning Technology CenarioVR Virtual Reality

Q&A With Trivantis CEO on the Recently Announced Trivantis Acquisition


Exciting news: Trivantis® has announced that it was acquired by StoneCalibre , a private investment company. For the answer to that, we interviewed Trivantis CEO, Lori Lynne Todd. Q: “ What can customers expect from Trivantis now that it has been acquired? ”.

Trivantis Talks Learning Solutions 2015 – A Recap


The Trivantis team had a great time exhibiting and presenting at this year’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo. The Trivantis team rocking out with the eLearning Brothers team at Learning Solutions 2015. The post Trivantis Talks Learning Solutions 2015 – A Recap appeared first on.

Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt.1


Our developers and designers here at Trivantis are pros at getting stuff done (just take a look at our service pack and updates page), so I asked them to share their secrets. The post Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt.1

Top 10 Features Of Trivantis Lectora Inspire 17 For Responsive eLearning Development

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Today, Trivantis Lectora Inspire 17 is one of the leading authoring tools used for responsive eLearning development. In this article, I pick its top 10 features and show you how you can further enhance its capability with customization. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.



The post JOHN BLACKMON – CRYTSAL BALLING WITH LEARNNOVATORS appeared first on Learnnovators.

Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt. 3


Next, I shared a slew of Lectora® development tips from our Trivantis® pros. Well now you know all—or at least most—of the secrets to how we are so productive here at Trivantis! The post Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt. We’re in the home stretch now.

Breaking Down My Entry for Trivantis Community Contest 15


With the Trivantis® Community Contests, it’s easy. The first step in creating a Trivantis Community Contest submission for me is figuring out where I want to take the topic. If you’re not a Trivantis Community member yet, register today so that you can enter the contest too.

Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt 2


I bet you do—if you read the first installment of Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros. The post Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt 2 appeared first on. Do you have a spare minute to check out some tips for being more productive?

The New Trivantis Community: Everything You Need for eLearning—All in One Place


The new Trivantis Community is open for business! The Trivantis Community is a place you can learn and grow with other users so that you can build inspiring, amazing eLearning. The post The New Trivantis Community: Everything You Need for eLearning—All in One Place appeared first on.

Rockin’ Responsive Design Strategies

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John Blackmon, Trivantis CTO joined us at our DevLearn 2017 eLearning Rockstars Stage this October and shared his responsive design knowledge. Conferences eLearning Featured Free eLearning Resources Resources DevLearn devlearn 2017 john blackmont responsive design trivantis

John Blackmon – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT JOHN BLACKMON (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Trivantis Corporation). As Chief Technology Officer for Trivantis Corporation, John Blackmon is responsible for all aspects of development and strategy for the company’s eLearning products. Prior to joining Trivantis, John worked in a variety of industries, including Electronic Data Systems, IBM, and General Motors. Learnnovators: Trivantis’ Lectora made rapid e Learning simple and cost-effective.

Trivantis Introduces Lectora Inspire™ by Bill Brandon

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Trivantis Corporation has released Lectora Inspire, which adds screen capture, screen recording, and. Flash animation technologies to the company’s flagship tool.

Trivantis to Showcase Lectora Authoring Tool at DevLearn by News Editor

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DevLearn attendees can stop by the Trivantis booth next week to learn what’s new in the upcoming release of Lectora 17. New features include BranchTrack, a tool for easily building branching scenarios to include in eLearning courses, and. Seamless Play, which will allow for seamless transitions within a published course. Design & Development Tools Design Strategies Development Strategies Instructional Design

Trivantis and eLearning Brothers Team Up to Rock the eLearning Industry by News Editor

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eLearning Brothers and Trivantis, the maker of Lectora, announced on April 22, 2015 that for the first time in eLearning. history, an eLearning template provider and an authoring tool have combined forces to create an unprecedented eLearning. solution. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Training Strategies

Trivantis Will Showcase eLearning Solutions at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo by News Editor

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Trivantis will be a premium sponsor at DevLearn 2014. Visitors to the Trivantis booth (#517) at the DevLearn Expo can enter for the chance to win one year of the new Lectora Online V2.0, as well as get a sneak peek of the upcoming release of Lectora V12 eLearning software. Design & Development Tools Design Strategies Getting Started Instructional Design

Trivantis to Showcase Lectora Online 3.3 at Learning Solutions 2017 Conference & Expo by News Editor

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Trivantis will showcase Lectora Online 3.3 at Learning Solutions 2017 Conference & Expo. This recently released cloud version of the Lectora authoring tool includes Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA support. Design & Development Tools Design Strategies Development Strategies Emerging Topics

Trivantis Announces Lectora 12 Release by News Editor

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New usability enhancements make eLearning authoring even easier with Lectora 12. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies

Trivantis Releases CourseMill 7.5 Featuring New Mobile App and Student Interface by News Editor

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The CourseMill 7.5 learning management system improves the learner experience. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Learning Systems Mobile Learning

eLearning: Cloud Review and Collaboration with ReviewLink

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Lectora ReviewLink Trivantisby Stephanie Ivec    One of the biggest hidden challenges when it comes to developing eLearning is getting feedback from your client, collaborating on course content with internal team members, or getting final project approval.

Eric Schuermann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT ERIC SCHUERMANN (Director of Global Sales, Trivantis Corporation Inc): Eric Schuermann is Director of Global Sales at Trivantis Corporation Inc. Trivantis is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with offices in Paris, London, and Beijing. Trivantis’ products are used by companies in over 125 countries, and are offered in 6 languages. What are Trivantis’ plans for Lectora to support the development of interactive-video based courses?

Remembering L&D Entrepreneur Leader Don Pierson

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yesphx Don Pierson elearning entrepreneur flypaper iLinc TrivantisThe L&D industry lost another member of the community last week. Don Pierson died in a car accident last Friday. Read In Memory of Don Pierson here. This month last year we lost Jay Cross who was such a visible and outspoken advocate for learning and development. But Don was not part of that side of our industry. He was a strong member of the Phoenix entrepreneur community and a builder.

Why Is Lectora 17 the Best Authoring Tool to Develop Responsive Courses?

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Use the authoring tool from Trivantis, Lectora 17 to achieve this. Want to develop responsive courses quickly and efficiently? Learning Technology Lectora 17

Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions


Trivantis and IBM social learning solutions include: Lectora Online enables developers to collaboratively create and edit e-Learning content anytime, anywhere. Trivantis and IBM continue to collaborate and develop new ideas to enhance social learning within business settings. Forum.

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Free Download: Lectora Interaction


The Trivantis Team is here to help! Download this character dialogue interaction in the Trivantis Community now. The post Free Download: Lectora Interaction appeared first on Trivantis e-Learning. Need to create a scenario in your Lectora® eLearning course?

eLearning Blogs (Other Than Us) You Should Read

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The Trivantis eLearning Blog. If you want to keep apprised of big announcements from Trivantis, like their recent CenarioVR release, follow the Trivantis blog. We try not to be greedy here at eLearning Brothers.

Submit Your Proposal for 2012 Lectora User Conference


Trivantis is now accepting presentation proposals for the upcoming 2012 Lectora User Conference , May 22 – 24 in Chicago, IL. Copyright© 1999-2013 Trivantis Corporation Inc. Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools. Lectora Inspire. The Full-Featured Authoring Tool. Lectora Publisher. e-Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. Lectora Online. Web-based Collaborative e-Learning Authoring.

Webinar: Never Start From Scratch in Lectora

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We were privileged to host a webinar last week featuring Laura Silver of Trivantis as our guest. And of course, you’ll want to check out new products by Trivantis.

The Best of eLearning in December 2016


If you’ve been reading the blog the last few weeks, you know Trivantis® has had an exciting December. Here are a few eLearning highlights from December: Trivantis Released Lectora 17: The Best Way to Create Responsive Courses. Trivantis Experts Polled for eLearning Tips.

2018’s Hottest eLearning Styles Hit the Catwalk

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Plus, we just launched Shamrock and Flat Blue for Trivantis Lectora , with more coming soon. Spring styles have hit the eLearning Brothers Template Library and they are looking FRESH. Shake off those winter blues and slide into Shamrock, Flat Blue, or New Stone 2.0—now

Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction


Instead of presenting introductory information (text, a graph, or photo) on a plain course slide, try this idea in the Trivantis Community. Need an engaging way to introduce new content to your learners? One that will get their brains thinking… and not snoozing?

The Best of eLearning in May 2015


Trivantis is full of excitement this month with our new community , the 2015 Lectora® User Conference, and eLearning Brothers integration with Lectora Inspire. and updates on the latest news at Trivantis. The New Trivantis Community: Everything You Need for eLearning—All in One Place.

eLearning Lesson: Custom Reports Made Easy


Last month, we decided to switch up our Inspiration Wednesday webinars a bit and show you how to make the most of CourseMill® , the learning management system from Trivantis. Watch it on the Trivantis Community now!

Sharing Bright Ideas at the 2016 Lectora User Conference


In addition to our Lectora Intermediate and Lectora Extreme Games classes, we’re offering a new class taught by Trivantis® CTO John Blackmon— Extending Lectora With Scripting —where attendees are learning about integrating Lectora with custom JavaScript, server side scripting, and databases.

The Best of eLearning in December 2015


This month at Trivantis®, we released Lectora® 16 with Responsive Course Design™. We also launched the new Trivantis Community Contests —and of course, we picked our favorite December articles for you to read.

Authoring Tools of the Future

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At DevLearn 2017, Andrew Scivally hosted John Blackmon of Trivantis, Akshay Bharadwaj of Adobe, Michael Alcock of gomo, and Tonya Smolentseva of iSpring Solutions to discuss what the future of eLearning authoring will look like in the next decade.

Beyond Instructional Design: How Performance Support is Revolutionizing eLearning

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Trivantis have asked me to host this free webinar, in which I will consider how you can move beyond instructional design to designing for performance support. Ready to get results with performance support? In the session I will cover the following aspects. Trends in modern authoring. Insights on providing resources and bite-sized content, such as video, screencasts, or text instead of courses. How to support content personalization.

Get a Head Start: 2017’s Most Downloaded Course Starters

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Articulate Storyline and Lectora by Trivantis. Why create a course from scratch when you can get a head start with a course starter pack? Course starter templates are made of multiple templates from our library, designed to create an engaging and interactive course.

Course 143