Recap ATD China Summit 2015

Kapp Notes

It was a long flight over 13 hours but I was able to track the progress of the plane both via English and Chinese. Tracking progress of trip. First up Stella Chang of DDI introduced the conference and got everyone excited about the two day event. Tacy Byham, CEO of DDI.

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The Truth About Leadership Skill Gaps

CLO Magazine

Getting Leader Skills on Track. Evan Sinar is chief scientist and vice president for the Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research at DDI. Rich Wellins is senior vice president at DDI. Few things in business ever stay the same for long. That includes leadership skills.

Who’s Leading Innovation?

CLO Magazine

When they don’t, talent management consultant Development Dimensions International’s (DDI) “Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation” survey shows a different picture.

Sink or Swim: Setting First-time Leaders Up for Success

CLO Magazine

In DDI’s “Finding the First Rung” study, we asked 1,130 front-line leaders, “How did you become a leader?” If, instead, they seek to make a difference and think they would enjoy seeing people around them succeed, then they are on the right track.

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The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

Talented Learning

For example: OpenSesame , BizLibrary , Grovo , Coursera , Lynda , EdX and instructor-based training providers such as Wilson Learning , DDI and Achieve Global.

Competency-Based Learning: Why Talent Management Needs to Get on Board

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And we did – with Learning Tracks , our new Thinkzoom feature that focuses on competency-based learning. But before diving into that nitty-gritty, it would be helpful to understand why competencies (and learning tracks based on them) are so important. In one study by Development Dimensions International (DDI) , 89% of best-in-class organizations had core competencies defined for all their roles, compared to a mere 48% of all other companies.

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Free L&D webinars for March 2018

Limestone Learning

Hear from BizLibrary experts on how to effectively align goals, track progress, and measure results. Setting milestones to track progress. DDI’s latest research shows that technology, when integrated with high-touch methods, accelerates learning impact and leadership growth.