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Benefits of e Learning


Alternatively, eLearning provides a variety of training modalities that are both cost effective and mobile. Let’s start with the definition before jumping into the data. What is eLearning? Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

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The Ultimate eLearning Definitions Dictionary: All The Terms You Need To Know


There are a lot of industry terms in the eLearning sphere, which can make choosing the right training system confusing for those who have not navigated the space before. That’s why Knowledge Anywhere has created this no-nonsense eLearning definitions dictionary, for you to reference when you need it.


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How Can You Use Personalized eLearning to Drive Employee Performance and Achieve Higher ROI

EI Design

Here is the overview of the eBook: Section 1: Personalized eLearningDefinition and Benefits. This section provides the definition of Personalized eLearning and lists the benefits it offers to the learners and the organizations (focusing on its ability to drive employee performance).

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A Voice for Learning? Exploring the Pros and Cons of Having Audio Narration in eLearning

IT Training Department Blog

The Science for Narration If you want to learn more about the science of instruction which can be applied directly to eLearning, definitely take a read through e-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard E. Before jumping into the pros and cons, let’s take a look at some important studies.

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How to do Online Training for Government the Right Way


While it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, excellent eLearning definitely has its place in a robust workforce development program. Looking for ways to strengthen your workforce development program with eLearning that drives results? Use a competency management system to measure and track results. Let us know.

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What is eLearning?


Let’s take a closer look at what eLearning is, different eLearning types and tools, and the benefits it offers your organization. What is eLearning? To get started, let’s establish an eLearning definition. So, what is eLearning?

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Corporate Training

Tony Karrer

I would also caution that Jay appears to use the term eLearning to mean courseware. To me eLearning definitely includes all of these other electronic means of providing support. Can you make it 5 minutes long and just teach them how to use the rest of the resources?