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Open Source eLearning Tools

Tony Karrer

I was just asked about trends in open source for eLearning and particularly open source eLearning tools. Probably one of the better sources on this is Jane Hart’s Instructional Tools Directory. In addition, she indicates if they are free or cost money – which is not quite the same thing as open source.

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Test LMS

Clark Quinn

Probably the most interesting is: Open Source CMS - a site that has a whole bunch of open source tools installed so that you can play around with them. One is a Moodle installation that allows teachers to get up and going cheaply. You can use a free-trial and then test.

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What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

The open source WordPress software is also available to download and install on company servers. For example, Intelpedia was set up using the open source MediaWiki software that is used to power Wikipedia itself. 5 - WordPress. This is the most popular blogging platform.

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The Smart Worker : shares what s/he learns

Jane Hart

Intelpedia is hosted on the open source MediaWiki software. Intelpedia is a project set up by an Intel engineer Josh Bancroft in November 2005, when he decided that his co-workers should have quick and easy access to a raft of company information, from internal projects to historical background.

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Free and easy in Luxembourg

Clive on Learning

I was asked to speak to an audience of air traffic control trainers from around Europe about the advantages and disadvantages of open source and free software, a space usually occupied by my colleague Jane Hart. I probably screwed them up psychologically with this exercise but the results were interesting.

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APIs and Mashups r ur new ABCs for E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Open Architecture. APIs are open source code, so that developers (inc. Google code is open source code, so you can manipulate. MediaWiki API. Open source and end users becoming content producers is the next evolution of the net and thus learning. Uh, forget that. Want to accept PayPal?

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10 Social Media Tools For Learning

The eLearning Coach

Dimdim has an open source version so developers can integrate it with other software. It also integrates with a few open source eLearning tools. It’s a free and open source application with templates and plugins for enhancements. Category: Social Networking Platform.