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TOPYX LMS is a Member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium


Did you know that being a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium distinguishes a learning management system (LMS)? If an LMS is affiliated with the IMS Global Learning Consortium, it is a quality eLearning system that was designed with the highest standards of performance in mind. What is the IMS Global Learning Consortium?

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Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch are now IMS certified

Rustici Software

Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch have officially passed the IMS Global certification testing for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Throughout the certification process, the support team at IMS was very responsive to questions and issues discovered along the way. What does LTI certification mean for Rustici Engine?

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Content Controller: The latest IMS certified LTI Tool

Rustici Software

Content Controller is the latest Rustici Software product to pass the IMS Global certification testing as a certified LTI v1.3 Helping deliver training to the classroom. Learning Tool.

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An Introduction to LTI


Published by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, LTI eliminates the need for custom integration between LTI-compliant tool consumers and tool providers allowing organizations to choose from a variety of best-of-breed tools that can be deployed quickly and easily. The benefits of using LTI are: Content.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Describing What You Do: Instructional Design

Learning Visions

Me: Im an instructional designer. Im sort of distracted by the naked boy who just ran by (not mine). billbrandon had this comment on Twitter: I usually just tell em Im a writer. Im comforted to know that Im not the only one who receives blank stares or gets tongue-twisted in trying to describe what I do.

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IMS Global Learning Consortium: Interoperability Standards for Education by Bill Brandon


The IMS Global Learning Consortium provides guidance and support for. Interoperability is a major concern as platforms and technologies for learning proliferate. SCORM and the. xAPI, LMSs, and LRSs came about because of attention from government and corporate organizations. what about the education field?

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Reaction to IMS Learning Impact 2012 Conference


We may have all been drinking the same cool-aid, but at the IMS Global Learning Consortium Learning Impact Conference in Toronto, there was a meeting of the minds. The IMS is at the cutting edge of web 2.0 open and flexible architectures. LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) in particular has cracked the LMS open.

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