Learning Design isn’t for the wimpy

Clark Quinn

I’ve had my head down on a major project, a bunch of upcoming speaking engagements, some writing I’ve agreed to do, and…(hence the relative paucity of blog posts). That project, however, has been interesting for a variety of reasons, and one really is worth sharing: ID isn’t easy. We’ve been given some content, and it’s not just about being good little IDs and taking what they give us and designing instruction from it.

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How to get everyone to write like Ernest Hemingway

Making Change

Use strong verbs instead of wimpy “is.” Probably everyone on your team agrees that elearning should be concise and lively. But does everyone agree on what “concise and lively” looks like? Here’s one way to get everyone on the same stylistic page.

The Case for Self-Paced Learning in the Workplace


Compared to a traditional learning situation in which students may read huge amounts of textbook pages in one sitting, microlearning may seem a little wimpy.

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Why you want to focus on actions, not learning objectives » Making Change

Making Change

Learning objectives are wimpy. Pop quiz! What do these people need to do? Put out the fire. Describe the techniques used to extinguish a fire. What does this woman need to do to stay in business? Sell flowers. Explain the principles of the flower-selling process.

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