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4 Ways to use Curation in Learning

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With the increasing quality of online educational content, it is becoming somewhat redundant to always make new material.  Increasingly we are seeing the rise of this concept in the form of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM; see Harold Jarche’s website for more information).  I’m getting very excited about the possibilities of using more digital curation in learning. 

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Harold Jarche » T&D Learning in 2020

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link] ConstellationW hjarche: Want to change education? Home About Consulting Contact Key Posts Clients Toolbox Français Harold Jarche Entries RSS | Comments RSS Subscribe by e-mail Twitter Faves planetrussell: "Globalization creates interlocking fragility, while giving the appearance of stability." " —Nassim Nicholas Taleb, PhD. Canada

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The Evidence on Online Education - Lars is Learning , July 18, 2009. Facebook Applications for Learning - 2009 - ASTD , July 18, 2009. Creating your PKM processes , July 20, 2009. SchoolRack » Create a FREE Teacher Website or Educational Blog! Best of eLearning Learning. July 2009. Upcoming Free eLearning Events. CoachingOurselves 2hr Workshop for Individual Managers. The Business Case for Measurement of Learning. Your Social Learning System As A Profit Center. Better Than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning With Power Point. Featured Sources. Is it teaching?

Friday’s Finds #27

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As part of my – sense-making, moving from tacit to explicit, sharing with others – PKM system, here’s what caught my attention via Twitter during the past week. Jerry Michalski (@jerrymichalski): “Kids are naturally curious, traditional education suppresses it; ‘unschooling’ of adults brings curiosity back.&# via @SuzNet. Gary Woodill (@gwoodill): “We only started to really use classrooms a lot in corporate training after the founding of ASTD in 1947.&#. learntrends. crazy fun! &# @chambo_online. Past: Subject Matter Experts.

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link] ConstellationW hjarche: Want to change education? Filed under: Performance Improvement « Wake up and smell the coffee Federman – No educator left behind » 6 Responses to “Proficiency-based training&# Hugh Greenway , on November 26th, 2008 at 12:41 Said: Harold This post and your previous one bring to mind a thought I had whilst attending the ASTD Conference in San Diego earlier in the year (where my eyes were opened to P2P and Cloud learning). " —Nassim Nicholas Taleb, PhD. This is to the great benefit of the learner. hours.

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Listen & Create : Being open to self-education is the foundation of individual learning. Part of this is the development of habits of continuous sense-making by recording what we hear, read and observe; e.g. personal learning environments (PLE) & personal knowledge management (PKM). Typing “#PKM&# shows current conversations on personal knowledge management. Tweet Co-author: Thierry deBaillon – @tdebaillon. Simplicity and the Enterprise. Most companies start simple, with a few people gathering together around an idea. With growth, the simplicity ends.