Sat.Jul 23, 2011

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The future of L&D department debate continues

Jane Hart

Tweet. The EPIC Social Learning debate (which I spoke about yesterday ) continues. Today I am posting another contribution in favour of the motion. This one comes from Nic Laycock: “First, social learning is not a fad, it is not something new and it is not something that since the evolution of humankind has ever had a date on it. It is a fundamental part of our humanity. What is that called?


Wonderful Brain

I’m writing this preamble dockside on a lake in Maine, early morning sunshine firing diamonds of light off the water. The temperature is mild and the bugs have yet to arrive for their fleshy feast. I’m in a good frame of mind–no curmugeonly thoughts or clever bon mots at the ready. All is tranquil. point this out as so you’ll know there is no overarching agenda, no negativity anywhere in the vicinity of the words that follow. suppose this taxonomy is true of many people and I’ll bet—in an unscientific survey—more typical among consultants than many other groups.