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Project Management on a Shoestring Budget

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What do you need to know in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your course, and perhaps even more importantly, which tools can help you get the job done – on time and in budget? Budget. The project budget defines the project scope and is one of the three elements that constrain an eLearning project, along with time and quality. Organization and Workflow. Tweet This!

eLearning too Expensive? A Solution for Every Budget

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interviewed VP of Client Relations Leanne Batchelder to learn more about how eLearning projects can be carefully planned to work with a variety of budgets. We frequently use this course as a sample of great graphic design, multimedia on a budget, and innovative course design. Low Budget Means Less Reviewers and Smes. Low Budget Means Straightforward Content. The truth?

Online Course Creation on a Budget


Needless to say, not all elearning projects have this kind of budget. When first starting out with creating an online course, you will quickly find out that there are a great many tools available. Without having to look very hard, you will quickly be introduced to some of the big players in the industry. Due to these higher price tags people generally start to look at the alternatives.

e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Therefore, despite fluctuations of the economy and limited training budgets, companies are always on the lookout for sustainable learning solutions that can be created and delivered within limited means – of time as well as money. Contrary to popular belief, audio and video can be introduced in an e-course without creating a hole in training budgets. Use free resources. Learning

Creating Engaging Courses on a Low Budget Using PowerPoint


Engagement can increase retention in courses With the explosion of online learning comes the issue of student attrition. It is well known that there is about a 10 -20% higher attrition rate for online students. One factor found in many

High Impact Blended Learning on a Tight Budget: How We Did It

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Our goal was to design a solution that the firm could reasonably implement given its size – and to do the analysis and design for a price that fit a small budget. Getting new employees ramped up quickly is the challenge and goal of every company. The hiring and on-boarding process is a particular strain on smaller companies. Aligning the Internal Team. Good design starts with good analysis.

Think of a Cost-Effective ERP end-user training method Before Cutting off the Training Budget

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So before cutting off your training budget, you might like to think of a few cost-effective ERP end-user training methods. In case you have a low training budget and the training material is not so confidential, you can opt for Skype or Google Hangouts which are free. What would be the first thing to get axed in the cost cutting initiatives of an ERP project? Wondering what they are?

A 5-Step Plan to Creating eLearning Courses on ShoeString Budgets

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A sudden cut on eLearning budget can generate a panic storm for the project lead. If you are in such a pinch, then know this: IT IS POSSIBLE to create quality eLearning courses on a shoe-string budget. Here is a five-step process for delivering quality eLearning courses on a shoe-string budget. eLearning budgetAnd hence, the actual time available for completing it.

Oil and Gas downsizing: Training on a budget

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New post Oil and Gas downsizing: Training on a budget on Obsidian Learning. Training on a budget: ILT vs. WBT. The ROI for eLearning always adds up, and since budgets are low, many turn to self-paced learning as a lower cost solution. And we can develop engaging learning for almost any budget — from rapid development tools and methods to the latest, most complex technologies.

How to Convince Your Boss to Give You a Bigger L&D Budget


Asking your boss for a bigger L&D budget is probably about as enjoyable as a root canal, especially if they don’t really see the value in improving learning and education. But if you’re passionate about L&D and know that your organization could do way better, asking for a bump in the budget might be necessary. After all, they have a stake in getting more budget allocated, too. By explaining exactly how your organization can benefit from a bigger L&D budget, you remind your boss that better-trained employees are safer, more effective, and more productive.

How to Add Video to eLearning on a Budget


Either way, your training budget might not accommodate these costs. There’s no doubt video is an essential component in your eLearning tool box. Video can enhance learning retention by accommodating multiple learning styles, including aural, visual, verbal, and even kinesthetic learning styles. So, more people can be positively impacted by your online training programs. Just Start Creating.

Video-Based Learning Within Available Budget: 5 Tips For Creating Effective Videos


Good actors are expensive and employing such expensive strategies is often out of budget. For effective video-based learning, developers should continually strive to understand what learners most prefer and find employ budget-friendly ways of developing them. Source:  5 Tips To Create Effective Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training Within Available Budgets.

Learning on a tighter budget – The mindset for the future ? Theme for June

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Learning on a tighter budget – The mindset for the future ?  - Topical theme as we discuss how learning can deliver more in less (budget) including cutting costs, being smarter or changing priorities. Title:     Learning on a tighter budget – The mindset for the future ? Learning Cafe Webinar Budget costs learning strategy webinar discussionThe need for learning and training (quantity and quality) is being impacted by such factors as casualisation of workforce, outsourcing and economic woes for the foreseeable future. Does learning need a new mindset ?

5 Creative Ways to Market Your eLearning on a Budget

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Here are 5 creative ways to market your eLearning on a budget: 1. Tips for using gamification to market your eLearning – Create a contest of sorts; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate and if you don’t have the budget, actual “prizes” are not even necessary. Social media is your best bud when you have a limited marketing budget. If you have a few dollars in your marketing budget, you should also consider promoting your post using Facebook Ads. Creative Ways to Market Your eLearning on a Budget - June 20, 2013. Congratulations!  Make a game of it!

How to Determine Your Online Training Budget


Obviously, there is no one answer to the question about how much to invest, but with the benchmark of $1,000 per employee per year, you can at least build a model for budgeting what you could spend and know whether it might be enough or too much. As companies build a training department, there are many questions that come up. What training role should we hire first? Start with a Benchmark.

Four Steps to Successful Global eLearning: On Time, Under Budget, Above Expectations by Wendy Farrell

Learning Solutions Magazine

world, roll out multiple programs quickly—and stay on track with your budget. Global expansion presents an exciting new challenge for professionals with a role in developing training. and eLearning materials for an increasingly multicultural workforce. But just how do you plan for. globalization? Here’s a four-step process to help you make a great first impression with users around the.

7 Things About eLearning Your CEO/Executive Director Wants to Know

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You’ve decided that it’s time to move your courses online. Membership numbers seem stagnant and renewals are decreasing. As an Education Director, you see the writing on the wall, and have decided that eLearning is the answer your association’s needs. But wait…How will you explain eLearning to your Executive Director? Don’t show up unprepared. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Action Mapping With a Twist: A Tool for Budgeting E-Learning Development

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For our purposes, this goal is to complete an e-learning project (on budget). In our modified budget mapping process, we’ll use this last step to identify the factors that can influence the amount of time necessary to complete each task. If you were hoping for a simple formula that would spit out a number you could use for your e-learning project budgets, I apologize.

How Much Should eLearning Cost?

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Budgeting course development is a tricky tightrope to walk. It takes some precise planning to meet learners’ needs while staying within budget. Chances are your budget for an eLearning course developed by an outside vendor is somewhere  between $12,000 and $55,000. Hopefully Ian and Susan’s scenarios will help you budget wisely. What gives? 2,000. 2,500.

Cost 95

Where is L&D heading?

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What tips does the panel have for coping with reduced training budgets? future learning and development #SEID budget corporate degrees e-learning elearning higher education informal learning instructional design L&D m-learning mlearning mobile learning MOOCs social learning Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design T&D training training and development university workplace

The Top 4 Constraints of Corporate Learning and Ways to overcome them


Budget: Budgetary concerns and constraints also stand in the way of a corporate training program – especially in the times of market upheavals and financial uncertainty. Creating e-content on a budget is not as difficult as it sounds. Using these, it is possible to create training pieces that can be utilized for just-in-time training delivery within a budget.

Four Tips for High-quality, Not High-budget Videos: Make the Most of the Resources at Hand by Shane Lovellette

Learning Solutions Magazine

Many instructional content creators believe that in order to create professional-quality videos, they need a large budget or movie-style production. This is not always the case. It’s easy to create engaging, quality videos quickly and at low cost. By cutting out effects and fancy transitions, you can rely on a few key tricks to produce informational and compelling videos. Here are some basics! Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Learning Media Training Strategies

Big Cuts Proposed for PA Education Budget

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PA Governor (R) Tom Corbett revealed his FY 2012-13 state budget proposal, which cuts funding for Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned universities by 20 percent, or $82.5 While I understand the need to balance a budget, my sadness is that education fuels economic growth and innovation and while short-term cuts will balance today’s budget. And while it is possible to argue that cutting budgets forces innovation, I haven’t seen evidence of this relationship. million. The Governor is risking future innovation within PA. Out and About

Swiping or Matching?

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Association Management Budgets and ROI Featured Post Featured Posts Project Management Strategic Planning Tips and Tricks Uncategorized association association education Continuing Education learning management systems member engagement online training project managementHow do you meet your next employee… swipe or match? You absolutely have to get that new hire onboard, right away. Matching.

How To: Low Budget Scenario Based Learning That Excites Sticks!


It’s hard to teach behavioral topics such as conflict management, negotiation, or leadership. It is also expensive to create (or re-create) a setup to enable people to practice these important managerial skills. Most companies let the natural course of time and experience hone these skills. little intro theory mixed with some time hopefully creates the right outcomes. Voila! Very very easy!

Do you have Champange Taste, but a Beer Budget?

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When it comes to e-learning, sometimes the desire is high to build something really slick or extensive or just darned big, but the budget is tiny.  That’s champagne taste vs. beer budget. Some thoughts… Maybe this is the situation where you really do want to “blow the budget&# , since it is critical to your organization’s strategy execution. You could do a fixed fee project and timebox your development, effectively putting a cap on time/money spent. I’m curious to know: How do you deal with champage tastes vs. beer budgets?

Top Five Budget Breakers in eLearning Course Development

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

I recentntly spoke at a webinar on “ Interactive Courses on a Shoestring Budget ”. One topic discussed during the webinar was the top five e-learning budget breakers. Just like a balanced diet is crucial to our well-being, likewise a good budget plan is pivotal to any eLearning course. One usually selects a combination of free and paid tools to create courses within budgets. But, even after selecting the combination of free and paid tools the course could go over budgets. Sample Creation This is one is another potential budget breaker.

MOOCs for Corporate E-learning

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Reduced executive education budget – Companies spend a LOT on employee training and certifications. Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs are relatively new yet already a rage, so much so that the New York Times named 2012 as the ‘Year of the MOOC’. MOOCs are massive, open and online – i.e. they are freely delivered over the internet to anyone who wants to enroll. Similarly, Yahoo!

Eight Ways to Best Spend Your Online Learning Budget by Lisa Minogue-White

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With all of the choices available today to support learning, collaboration, and sharing and building knowledge, confusion about the best path for the learning journey can ensue. Here is a guide to making the most effective investments in learning by blending free, user-generated, and paid-for content. Blended Learning Design Strategies Emerging Topics Management Training Strategies

Guide 26

The “Game” of Balancing the Budget

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With all the politician in DC trying to balance the budget, I bet I can do a better job, and I get the chance with this neat little game that lets me get a taste of balancing the United States Budget. Play it and you can enjoy creating your own plan for the federal budget. See if you can create a budget based on your values, without busting the federal bank. Games

The Future Role of Learning & Development


believe that the L&D function plays a critical role within an organization, however, it hasn’t been setup for success as most L&D teams and budgets have not kept pace with the increased demand for training within an organization. I’ve just returned from the ASU GSV Summit this week in San Diego, CA. The summit is THE event for Education Technology companies, practitioners, and investors. This year 3500 people from all over the world converged in lovely San Diego to discuss (and envision) the next major transformational innovations in EdTech.

Roles 3011

The Importance of Implementing a Marcom Strategy for Continuing Education

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Step 4: Decide your budget and implementation strategies. No one likes the dreaded “B” word, but we all have to stick within our marketing budgets. Marcom or marketing communications, is the branch of marketing that decides what messaging you’ll use, directed at whom, and on what channels you’ll place those messages. Step 1: Define the message. What are their pain points? Tweet This!

Budget Cuts Impacting Federal Training Organizations

Learning on the Leading Edge

The 2011 federal budget finalized in mid-April calls for over $30 billion in cuts, with expectations for even deeper cuts in 2012. While many private sector companies are recovering from the recession, the public sector is in a downslide. To cope with these spending reductions, training organizations within federal agencies are implementing targeted reforms - reforms designed to achieve cost savings and to better target training investments to make the best use of limited dollars. So how are federal training groups increasing their efficiency?

Is It Time to Assess Your eLearning Course Audience?

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You’re offering courses online. You think the content is relevant. So, where are your learners? Maybe it’s time to assess your eLearning course audience. You might not be familiar with market segmentation or demographic and psychographic research, but without them, chances are your bottom line will suffer. But that’s okay, help has arrived to get you started, marketing style. Market Segmentation.

E-Learning: 7 Simple Tips to Do More with a Limited Budget

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You can do much, even when your e-learning budget is tight. They help develop effective online learning courses within the budget. Covering too much content in an online module will increase your budget. Recording at a studio will increase the e-learning budget. Developing separate e-learning courses for various digital devices will increase your budget.

How would you design learning with an unlimited budget?

From the Coleface

Recently I was given what many instructional designers would consider the best brief ever: there’s unlimited budget, there’s no major urgency, just come up with something innovative and interesting. There had to be a catch, and there was -  it’s one of the dullest compliance topics imaginable for people in the insurance industry. And from this a treatment was born.

What To Do When Your Marketing Fails

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You determined a marketing budget, and you came up with some great marketing ideas. You’ve put together a strong course catalog. So, why aren’t your courses selling? Where are the profits? Where’s the return on investment? What went wrong? Don’t panic. Even fancy marketing firms in big cities can sometimes get it wrong. Let’s talk about what to do when your marketing fails. What happened?