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30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

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Whether you’re working freelance or looking for a full-time job, you need a portfolio. For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. For portfolio samples, you don’t generally need to create a full-blown, 60 minute course. Target your desired audience.

ELH Challenge #138 Audio Interviews: Share Your Tips for Creating Effective E-Learning Portfolios


Whether you’re an e-learning consultant, freelancer, full-time employee, or student, a portfolio is essential to landing future clients and work. But e-learning portfolios are much more than tools for finding work. Portfolios are a must-have for building your personal brand, extending your professional network, and connecting with other course designers in the industry.

Instructional Design Portfolio Resources

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I love how some of my posts from 2007 still generate regular comments, such as this question today about software for creating a portfolio. First, if you’re wondering why you need a portfolio , read Tom Kuhlmann’s explanation. Portfolio by cirox. Market your portfolio. Helen Barrett has created her portfolio in many tools so you can compare the options.

Include These in Your ELearning Portfolio


have seen many in the profession add their experience to their resumes, but not nearly as many create a portfolio oft he work they have done. Creating a portfolio doesn’t just mean uploading your projects to a website. In my opinion it is the main reason people in our field don’t bother with creating a portfolio. There is never a dull moment. instructional design

Creating an eLearning Portfolio Using Your Community Content

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If you are creating content that you’d love to get out into the world, there’s no better way than to place all your shared titles in one place on the Community, then link them to your portfolio. Here are 4 ways of placing your Trivantis Community content onto your portfolio or online profiles. Community Portfolio. Presto! LinkedIn. Be sure to select save to keep your changes.

Call to Action: 3 Big Reasons You Need a Portfolio

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Where's your portfolio? Back in 2009, Tom Kuhlman wrote an excellent blog post  on why you need an elearning portfolio. But consider this: your portfolio will be an evolving collection of your work - i.e. never finished. and let people know that you're looking for small projects you can use in your portfolio. Why aren't you sharing your work with the world yet? Think.

How Freelance Clients Find Me

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Portfolio. An online portfolio is a requirement if you’re freelancing. Your portfolio is a way to tell your story about the work you do and the work you want to do in the future. My portfolio is on my business website. You don’t need to have lots of full courses on your portfolio. You can watch the recording of the presentation. It just does.

How to Create an Online Portfolio

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You may not be currently looking for a job, but it never hurts to have an up-to-date online portfolio of your work. All three have user-friendly interfaces, and if you’re stuck, offers a course, “ Create an Online Portfolio with WordPress.” And if you signed non-disclosure agreement, can’t include those samples on your portfolio unless you’ve gained permission from the client. Simple themes work best for presenting your portfolio. Don’t forget to add an About Me section to your portfolio listing a summary of your skills and your contact information.

Update: my CMALT portfolio #CMALT

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So, what am I doing? I’ve created a Google ‘site’ for my portfolio and, when I can spare more than a few minutes, I add and update the materials I have already collated together. When I’ve finished my portfolio, and received notification I have had success with my CMALT application I will release the portfolio for everyone to view, and on my main CMALT page.

Work at Learning, Learning at Work: Create a Learning Portfolio

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The more types of learning you can include in your "Learning Portfolio" the better off you will be in the long run and the more you will learn at work. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content GuideOnce again I am participating in the The Working/Learning blog carnival. This carnival has one broad theme: work at learning; learning at work. The idea is for many blogs to createin posts that relate to how individuals can go about their own learning, and how learning happens in the workplace.

Showcasing different approaches to building a #CMALT portfolio #ALTC

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As part of the 2015 Winter ALTC Conference I am chairing a session on CMALT portfolios, and the creative ways to design and publish them. This session will showcase three portfolios from recently accredited Certified Members, Elizabeth Charles (Birkbeck), David Watson (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Daniel Villalba Algas (Sheffield University). Facilitated by David Hopkins (Warwick Business School) we will focus on exploring different approaches to building CMALT portfolios and discuss how different job roles can be reflected. Image source: ALT (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 ).

How Your Skills Can Change the World & Help Build a Professional Portfolio

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great way to grow your skills and add to your portfolio is by volunteering to build courses. You’ll also be able to add a new project to your portfolio and you’ll get to network with others in our industry. Other relevant posts : Why you need a portfolio. What skills do you need to develop for your portfolio? You get to work on new content and meet some great people.

Rebalancing Your Training Portfolio

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All this make my training portfolio. training portfolio that focuses your core market, contains defined and updated training objectives and uses diversified training tools both online and off line, assures your success. Your training portfolio is like a vast garden with a lot of new and upcoming flowers, each with different shape and objective. Achieving a balance.

Here’s Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio

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A few weeks ago I announced a job opening. I got about 1000 inquiries and ended up looking at over 200 portfolios. could have looked at more but I got a lot of emails from people who didn’t have portfolios. They either didn’t have a portfolio or the projects they worked on were proprietary so they couldn’t share them. For these reasons, it’s important to maintain a portfolio.

How to Create an E-Learning Portfolio on the Cheap

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The question comes up from time to time: “I can’t afford Articulate/Captivate/whatever – how do I create an e-learning portfolio?” ” Fortunately, there are still tools you can use to create a captivating e-learning portfolio for cheap, or even free. The post How to Create an E-Learning Portfolio on the Cheap appeared first on Oh That Rachel.

7 ways to assess without testing

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It indicates how well students are progressing in a range of subjects, but ultimately is about their readiness to take up responsible positions in society. 4) e-Portfolios. Most e-portfolios have a setting that allows students to share their learning and qualifications with others such as potential employers, when required. 5) Games. Your comments are very welcome! Unported License.

Portfolio: BootCamp Challenge

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I’ve been certified! #CMALT

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Despite thinking and planning my CMALT portfolio it wasn’t until July 2011 that I actually filled the form, paid my fees, and starting developing my portfolio, collating the evidence, and filled in the application form. CMALT – The Portfolio. Part off the process is getting the result/feedback of your portfolio. CMALT – The beginning. ’ post.

It's complicated

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During the discussion we touched on several key issues that influence this, including digital pedagogy, personal devices, games based learning , interaction and immediacy in online environments, augmented reality, and the use of e-portfolios. portfolios FaceBook Games based learning higher education learning LMS Pokemon Go social media Technology Twitter university VLE Yikyak

The future belongs to those who take charge of their own learning

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So just like artists have a design portfolio of work to demonstrate their abilities, what you need is a “learning portfolio” to evidence your professional learning and capabilities. This learning portfolio is something that you can build on through your career, because it doesn’t belong to any  organization. So how do you set up a Learning Portfolio?  leaning portfolio

3 Lessons I Learned from a (Lousy) 4th Grade Teacher

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Blog Featured Portfolio design L&D training Overly Punitive:  Drew a few army men on the back of your math homework? Big mistake. Now you’ve been assigned additional homework as punishment. It’s probably easy to see why my husband and I were left feeling annoyed, aggravated, and alienated. The result is the learning geek equivalent of a “ Burn Book.” Word Pusher. 

Chatting about CMALT #altc

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However, I needed to refresh myself on a few aspects of CMALT, and the changes to the portfolio and guidance before hand. What better way that to re-read my own portfolio (as I’d probably be using it as an example, or rather my example) and the ALT guidelines. For those writing, or considering writing, their portfolio just remember: describe, evidence and reflect. Have a copy of the guide to hand all the time, read and re-read the section headline and what the portfolio should demonstrate in each area. use video in your portfolio? Why not. CMALT.

Visual Design Makeover Manual

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How To Do Laundry

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Acrobat 9: Scanning into a PDF Portfolio

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You have created a PDF Portfolio for "Client Z." " This portfolio contains dozens of individual documents. This paper document needs to be added to the PDF Portfolio, and quickly! In the Output section, select Append to existing file or portfolio and browse for your target PDF Portfolio (or PDF file if you simply wish to add pages to an existing PDF file).

Portfolio: Concrete Website

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Multimedia Portfolio This client wanted a simple website refresh and help with their search engine optimization. This WordPress site allows them to easily manage future content changes and text edits. Visit the Site.

Portfolio: Remodeling Website

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Multimedia Portfolio This is another example of a client that saw our eLearning design and asked it we could make their site look awesome as well. This is a WordPress site and allows the client to manage their own site changes. Visit Heflin Remodeling.

Portfolio: Flash Architect Website

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Multimedia Portfolio This “edgy&# site is custom Flash design and uses many different effects. This client wanted a fresh, abstract design. They are working on a project to build an amazing house in Park City UT that will showcase many market leading products. View the Site.

My Portfolio

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Tom Kuhlmann’s post from last week about why everyone should have an e-learning portfolio motivated me to put mine together. In the past, I’ve always emailed a few samples to prospective employers rather than having a comprehensive portfolio. Since this is the first time I’ve done an online portfolio , feedback is welcome and encouraged! That did allow me to be less worried about privacy, but it didn’t give me a good way to explain what I was doing with each of the samples. Posted in Careers & Work, e-Learning, Instructional Design.

Portfolio: Intranet Walkthrough Course

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Portfolio: Flash Cabinet Website

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Multimedia Portfolio course Flash We recently had the privilege of partnering with M2Results , a brand-based marketing design group, to develop this stellar website. They came to us to assist them with brainstorming the sites functionality as well as developing the Flash content. It was an exciting opportunity and the site has been a great success. View the site.

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

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Portfolio The post Is it a Cold or the Flu? appeared first on Rimmer Creative Group.

Cisco Expands Certification Portfolio: Collaboration, IP Voice, Digital Video by News Editor

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New Collaboration Certifications help transform the way work is done, addresses IP voice and digital video workplace. transformation and evolving job roles. Emerging Topics Learning Media Mobile Learning Professional Development Social Media

Portfolio: Spy Challenge

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