LMS vs. LCMS: What is the difference and why does it matter? LMS vs. LCMS? While sometimes thought to be interchangeable terms, LMS (Learning Management System) and LCMS (Learning Content Management System) platforms share a few functionalities, but couldn’t be more different.


LMS and LCMS: What’s the Difference?


If you’re confused about the differences between a learning management system (LMS) and a learning content management system (LCMS), you’re not alone. In fact, an LMS and an LCMS are complementary but very different systems that serve different masters and address unique business challenges.




Another important learning tool that some may not be familiar with is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). An LCMS is not meant to replace an LMS, as the LCMS enables authoring, presenting, and publishing via the LMS. Features of an LCMS.


LMS & LCMS Directory

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Click to view and download the directory, which is in an Excel file - E-Learning 24/7 LMS & LCMS Directory. Some systems call themselves talent management, performance management etc. – This is a trend, which I will cover on Tuesday, 13th of July. Tags: LCMS LMS Uncategorized e-learning e-learning vendors elearning Contains over 200 systems.


Differences and Distinctions: LMS vs. LCMS

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As we begin our investigation into LMS systems this month, it seems useful to talk about the distinction between an LMS and an LCMS. The primary difference is that the LCMS, or Learning Content Management System, allows for much more dynamic management of the content used in training. LCMS systems allow you to create learning objects - in other words, content - right in the tool. Reporting of training performance results. Tags: Uncategorized LCMS LMS

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Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

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The trends apply to both LMS/LCMS vendors. Asia – misleading by LMS/LCMS vendors. Forecast: Continued development by LMS/LCMS vendors making their front end UI (what the end user – i.e. employee or customer) more intuitive, easier to use and truly user friendly. Talent and Performance Management. Modules that only focus on Talent/Performance Management. How will your LMS/LCMS vendor handle them?


Can you have low performers with high potential?


A Great Leader is someone who is willing to take that risk and humble enough to never say, I told you so……… The post Can you have low performers with high potential? Blog champion corporate learning Development e-learning elearning high potential hipo LCMS learning LMS low performer modern learner school training Video video learning videonitch YouTubeA Great Leader is someone who sees the true potential in people.

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Workplace Are Taking Over: And We Better Take Notice

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The research I recently published shows that the highest performing employees respond to emails the fastest , which of. HR Systems HR Technology LMS, LCMSLet’s face it, the paradigm of email is broken.

how not to adopt an lcms


Home > Executive Perspective > How not to adopt an LCMS How not to adopt an LCMS June 2nd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment As the economy has forced organizations to do more with less, we’re seeing more and more interest in LCMS systems. Some common mistakes organizations make when adopting and LCMS are: Trying to shoe-horn your existing process into your new system. One of the reasons you’re adopting an LCMS is to streamline your process.


Camtasia - LMS - LCMS - Best of eLearning Learning August 2009

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Performance Learning Productivity , August 22, 2009. The Performance Environment , August 17, 2009. LCMS and LMS (17). Best of eLearning Learning. August 2009. Upcoming Free eLearning Webinars. Five New Influences on the Future of Learning Technologies <!–( –( eLearning Events Calendar )–> Tuesday, September 08, 2009. Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning <!–(


eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

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SCORM, LMS, AMS, LCMS, API, JITT, what does it all mean?! A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) enables an organization to share learning objects across the enterprise, which saves money, promotes consistent learning, and helps to amortize the cost of eLearning.

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


They tend to be allocated, often from board level, based on operational performance. In this context, what kind of ’learning’ and ’unlearning’ would you suggest in terms of our beliefs about workplace learning and our approaches about learning and performance support design? This suggests that learning is moving from being mostly formal (e-learning) to informal (performance support). ABOUT BOB LITTLE (Senior Partner, Bob Little Press & PR).

Proof of Direct Link between Learning and Performance

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However, under certain conditions, we can use software to link learning with tangible numbers in performance. Furthermore, the (a) approach identifies gaps in performance that trigger coaching and remedial action. It also only represents the actual performance updates.

Ecolab and Xyleme Awarded Gold for Best Use of Performance Support from Brandon Hall


September 4th, 2018 (St Paul, MN and Denver, CO) – Ecolab and Xyleme are pleased to announce that the new training library for Ecolab’s Institutional business has been awarded Gold by the 2018 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in the Best Use of Performance Support category. This is a great example of how an innovative team can transform the way they offer performance support and make it easier for learners to access information at their point of need.

How to Create a Content Strategy that Resonates with the Modern Learner


Content Strategy LCMS Resources Videos content strategy learning content management system (LCMS In this webinar, Xyleme Sr.

Terms e-Learning Designers Should Know


In additional to administrative tasks that LMSs allow learning professionals to perform, learners are able to use an LMS to search for, register, complete, and follow progress of courses and learning tracks that they must complete. An LCMS has a built-in authoring tool, and LMSs do not.

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How to Craft Engaging Technical Training

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The knowledge transfer can be highly beneficial for learner-practitioners seeking to deepen and improve their job performance. For example, assembling a piece of equipment, performing a certain task, operating a piece machinery, or applying prevention methods can often be more easily instructed with the help of videos—allowing learners to get some experience without potentially dangerous or costly real-life interaction. Planning to author a technical course?

Webinar: What’s New with Easygenerator’s e-Learning software ? #DevLearn follow up.


Kasper Spiro, CEO of easygenerator, has over 25 years of experience in the field of learning and user performance support. His learning experience ranges from teaching, authoring textbooks, designing and creating e-Learning, knowledge management and user performance support. The new Web version of easygenerator’s e-learning software was successfully launched and announced at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas last week.

How to Buy a LMS

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Can include talent management/performance management features or add-on modules (which are often built into the system, but turned off). LCMS – Learning Content Management System – going the way of the dodo bird. TM/PM – Talent Management/Performance Management. The most common features within this area for a LMS, include 360 feedback, skill gap analysis, performance reviews and skill paths.

Easygenerator in Top 10 List eLearning Authoring Software


It uses an interface that is intuitive, and its most important claim is the ability to help you create adaptive learning, meaning that you can tailor your learning to how well the learner is performing along the way. Easygenerator is clearly gaining a lot of traction.

It’s Time to Cross That Bridge: Building Learning in a Highly Regulated or Compliance-Driven Industry


Regulated organizations would love to be able to produce blended learning, performance support, eLearning, web and print content, student and instructor guides easily and be able to update as needed without going to multiple systems or tools.

State of the LMS 2012

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Too many vendors are focusing on talent/performance management as the next feature/component in their systems. Do you have a LMS/LCMS/Learning Platform. One important data point here – the term “LCMS” is on its deathbed. Talent/Performance mgt – 37.1%.

Top 5 Tips to Author Effective E-Courses

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Effective Assessments: Assessing students performance is crucial to the learning process. How To Strategies Tips and Tricks Uncategorized authoring elearning ideas LCMS planning Shazia subject matter experts training Wondering what it takes to develop an outclass online training of your own? Below are some tips that will help you develop a powerful and rewarding elearning course. Planning: Smart planning is a key to success.

10 Tips for Successful Webinars

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Ensure optimal computer performance. Once you feel you are ready, perform a test run with a friend or colleague—preferably the person who will be helping during the presentation to cover chat questions. Tips and Tricks checklists LCMS LMS webinars WesleyInstructors, lecturers, and subject matter experts: Get your next webinar off to a great start by following these quick rules—and by using 360training’s free webinar tools !

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Answering your LMS Questions

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Talent and Performance Mgt. e-learning e-learning vendors human captial management LCMS learning learning management system learning portal LMS Talent and Performance Management virtual learning elearninfo learning management systemsHow many of you have posted questions regarding LMSs on Quora, Linkedin or the various other social media sites available on the net?

Online Training: Videos vs Animations

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By integrating different multimedia elements in the course authoring software , online teachers can enhance the learning process and tremendously improve the performance of the students. Do note that you need to have your video in mp4 format in order to upload it in the 360training.com Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

How to Break into eLearning

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Hold your students and yourself to high performance standards. Write a list of action-oriented, performance-based objectives expertly exhibited by someone who successfully masters the skills you teach. 360training.com LCMS: 360training.com Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is free, easy-to-use instructional design software. Uncategorized authoring business elearning ideas instructional design LCMS sale Shazia teach online tools

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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LMS vendors with TM modules – they are still in the LMS space, but they are splitting into two – with LMS one side, the other side driven by TM or as some like to pitch it “Performance Management or Knowledge Management&#. LMS/LCMS/CMS Vendors. In the movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room , one of the opening shots shows the skyline of Houston from above.

Inspire others - be a Master Storyteller -Study the Profile and Survey

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The Master Storyteller Survey and Profile below is a product of my research on how to help trainers, learning and eLearning specialists to reflect on how well they are applying the ideas of storytelling in improving learning and performance. instructional design" performance measurement web 2.0

What is an LMS?


LMS systems used in corporate training environments often have additional features that satisfy goals relating to knowledge management and performance evaluation, such as: Automatic enrollment and reminders for mandatory courses.

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Product Review: Plateau TMS (Talent Management System)

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Plateau Performance. Quickly Complete Tasks – shortcuts to the most frequently performed tasks. Users can perform these tasks by using the Delegator’s list on the home page. Tags: LCMS LMS Plateau Product Review Talent and Performance Management Uncategorized e-learning e-learning vendors elearning hosted product review I’ll be the first to admit, that I was not a big fan of the previous versions of the Plateau system.

Lean times call for creative solutions

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It would have been nice if she could have performed a two second search to locate the right person or search a discussion board that may have had the answer to her question. Tags: LMS/LCMS LOL emerging trends and technologies learning design informal learning LMS low-cost learning solutions Moodle I read yesterday that during times of economic recession people actually become healthier. The reason is that during fiscally tight times people tend to drink and smoke less to save money.

LMS Modules – The “Add-On” Facts

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LMS/LCMS vendors are notorious for offering the amazing “module&# in their marketing and advertising pitches – whether it is on their web site, at trade shows, white papers, e-mail marketing, whatever. A module – is an add-on to your LMS/LCMS. Module/Add-on is not integrated in your LMS/LCMS. Performance Management or Talent Management. I asked them if this was included in their LMS/LCMS or was it a module that cost extra.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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LMS vendors with TM modules – they are still in the LMS space, but they are splitting into two – with LMS one side, the other side driven by TM or as some like to pitch it “Performance Management or Knowledge Management&#. LMS/LCMS/CMS Vendors. E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning HTML5 LCMS learning portal LMS mobile learning SCORM tablet tablets Talent and Performance Management Trends Uncategorized webinars ASTD clo mlearning talent management

Social Learning and LMSs Marketplace

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As social learning continues to grow, LMS/LCMS vendors are taking various approaches. LMS/LCMS vendors are following one of three approaches when it comes to social learning. While, I can understand vendors who would rather not offer a “talent management or performance management&# option, the decision to ignore social learning, is strange.