This Week on #TalkTech: The Educational Console, Open Badges, and Playing in Pairs

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With more and more positive research, how far are we from a true educational console—one that could be adopted in schools and workplaces? This is a cool new concept from Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox browser. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.

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LearnBrite and Microsoft: A Match Made in Virtual Reality Training Heaven


More and more companies are turning to collaborative Virtual Reality (VR) training and education environments, while early adopters are already seeing impressive results. Some systems run smoothly on Chrome; others do better with Firefox.

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July Informal Learning Hotlist

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

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Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


It's my experience that what's standing in our way as trainers, coaches, and consultants using these tools isn't the tool skills. Trying again to respond via firefox browser - seem to have difficulties with internet explorer.

eLearning Year in Review: 6 Trends That Dominated 2013 [Infographic]

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Everyone, from web designers to marketers, began to see the value of adopting the design principle. Rather, it’s about adopting a more flexible, device-agnostic approach to designing for the web.”. Content Curation Becomes a Necessary Skill. Curation,” said IDEO founder David Kelley, “is an important skill to develop, especially in an environment in which more and more organizations shift towards self-directed learning for their workers. The Year of Responsive Design.

eLearning Learning - Best of June 2009

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The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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Accessibility is a topic you can handle—after all, your organization already builds online training, which requires the mastery of several skills. Taking training will reduce the time needed for developers to master the skills on their own.

Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

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Especially since a greater porportion of employees and customers have very limited tech skills. Equally growing is the admin side becoming more user friendly, intiutitve and requiring less and less tech skills. Wizards is the new trend, enabling admins regardless of tech skill to create and make changes quickly. If I have those skill sets, why would I want to be an administrator of a LMS, when I could work free-lance or in some other programming capacity?


Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

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Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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In Defense of Powerpoint - Free as in Freedom , September 5, 2010 In the past couple of years that I’ve had a Mac, a lot of people I’ve spoken to about presentation skills have remarked to me, “Oh, but you have Apple Keynote for presentations. Learning, Literacy and Learner Skill - Blogger in Middle-earth , September 14, 2010 This year, the New Zealand Ministry of Education displayed a list of terms in a draft instruction sheet for learners of Chemistry.