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Google Wave in 10 Minutes

Experiencing eLearning

Lots of people have written about Google Wave, but I haven’t really had time to watch the full 80-minute demo. I’ve been using Google Docs to collaborate with SMEs for over two years now, and it’s great for a lot of things. The history is there in Google Docs, but it’s a little clunky.

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Google Wave today, Moodle Wave Tomorrow?

Moodle Journal

I am just about to dive into Google Wave (just could not resist the association here). If you are yet to get your head around Google Wave, and I anticipate that being a learning curve in itself, there are some really good video’s out there that I have been taking the time to look at.


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Quick Explanation of Google Wave - Video

eLearning Cyclops

Here is a video from Epipheo that sums up Google Wave in just 2 minutes. If you want to learn more, go to [link].

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For Those of Us Who Didn't Get a Google Wave Invite

eLearning Cyclops

If you did not get a Wave invite, but would like to get a peek at it, here are few videos from those that did get invites. And here is the Google Wave team on launch day. FYI: If anyone out there still has a Wave invite, I am still interested in receiving one.

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Updates On HTML5 From Google I/O

Upside Learning

This year at the Google I/O some important announcements have been made which will make HTML 5 development easier across different browsers. . The two announcements which would make the HTML5 development easier and less time consuming are –.

Google 206
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Google Wave – Social Learning – Business – eLearning Hot List

Tony Karrer

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Google Wave - Social Media Resources - Best of eLearning Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

3 more Google Wave resources , October 31, 2009. Embedding Google Wave into Blackboard , November 6, 2009. Google Wave - Twitter - eLearning Learning Best of October 2009 , November 3, 2009. The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave , November 1, 2009. Hot Topics.