A comparison between LMS and CMS


First, some examples so you know what we’re talking about: “ TalentLMS “, the product whose blog you’re reading, is a good, nay great, example of an LMS. As for CMS products, those are divided into Enterprise and Web oriented offerings.

Resistance is futile

Learning with e's

Our work, business, and entertainment has been disrupted by digital technology, most would argue for the better. The same can be said for the participative Web. The read/write Web has changed our lives by disrupting our perceptions of what we can do with technology.

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Evolution of L&D - Some more thoughts

ID Reflections

I love the serendipity of the web. I have seen this happen again and again when interacting on the web—learning, lurking, contributing and participating. I loved this line in her blog: “ I want learning in our organisation to be personally owned but organizationally supported.” And if we miss the bus at this point, we stand to lose the collective trust of business that L&D can make a difference and is the much needed partner to business.

Social Learning Ought to be Story-Sharing: "Friends You Haven't Met Yet"

Vignettes Learning

We spoke about ICT's Story Web Blog Project. Army, they compiled 33 million web blogs that use personal stories. The documentary interviews some of the bloggers who were discovered in their research on the Story Blogs.

Convergence Learning

The Learning Circuits

Some business processes are just too important to be left to chance.