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5 AdWords Marketing Tips for Your Online Course


Instead, look a little harder for long-tail key phrases that will have lower search volume, but also higher conversions, all at a lower bid price. Your branded keywords aren’t likely to cost a lot, but people searching for them are ready to buy. Determine your keyword match. They’re low cost and high conversion.

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6 great tools to help determine the title of your next course

Superb Learning

AnswerThePublic taps into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then uses it to build useful phrases that revolve around your chosen keyword. It gives you a deep and detailed understanding of how people search for topics related to your course. Headline Analyser.


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How to Promote Your Online Courses With Google Ads


How to Choose Keywords Let’s say you’re working on a Google Ads search campaign (which contain search ads that will appear to people searching for a specific term). See how you can learn your learners better with qualification questions. online fitness coaching).

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The future of SEO: Hacks to help skyrocket your traffic


50% of all searches are four or more words (long-tail keywords convert better). Using social media to come up with content ideas can get you more traffic search results and drive 300% more people to your website and social media. 93% of online experiences start with the search. Neil Patel, WOL 2022.

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Local SEO Tips: 7 Best Ways to Improve your Rankings in 2023!

Think Orion

The reason for this is because more people are using the voice function for search and questions are becoming a common type of search query. ‍ If you think about people using voice search, you can start piecing together long tail and short tail keywords that make up the phrases your customers would ask.

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Using WordPress and LifterLMS to Deploy the Course Marketplace Business Model with Adrian Nutiu


” Go after the long tail. Try to find the long tails. The experts will probably come up with all kinds of small seven or eight words or longer, things that people might be interested to know about that topic. And literally go after those small, it’s called long tail in SEO.

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