E-learning Translation – Should You Localize or Internationalize?

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So, instead of trying to localize the e-learning courses, internationalize them. What is Localization? Localization, which is sometimes written as l10n , refers to the process of making a product specific to a region. What is Internationalization?

E-Learning Localization – It’s All About the Details


One of the keys to boost your e-learning courses, regardless of whether they are part of a company training or meant for college students, is to localize them. It means to adapt it to the target audience by taking into account the locale specifications.

6 Best Practices of E-learning Content Localization

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As the Internet becomes increasingly multilingual, companies are compelled to translate and localize their online content, and web-based learning materials are no exception. Have a clear idea of the target audiences of your localized e-learning courses.

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Best Practices For A Scalable Localization Strategy

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Learn the best practices to get your localization projects delivered accurately, on-time, and created in way that provides the highest level of engagement for your target audience.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

also be able to easily ‘localize’ each language. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool gomolearning.com @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. from a modern authoring tool? saturated market, we’ve designed.

Centralized Vs De-Centralized Localization… What Is The Best Strategy?

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Should you manage the process at the hub of your corporate Learning and Development operations or push this task to the local office? In this article, we'll compare centralized vs. de-centralized localization strategies.

What's The Difference Between Localization, Translation And Globalization?

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We'll discuss the complexities involved with globalization and localization and the elements that you must consider with eLearning initiatives, in particular. Localization eLearning Localization Benefits eLearning Translation eLearning Translation Best Practices Free eLearning eBooks

Essential Tips To Deliver Localized Training Over Personal Mobile Devices


Localization of courses is important when it comes to training diversified audiences. With technological innovations and mobile learning development, localization has developed significantly over the past few years. How to Localize E-Learning Content Effectively?

Localizing Video For eLearning: Best Practices For Multilingual Voiceovers

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When localizing video for eLearning, you have a choice between subtitles or voiceovers. Avoid problems during eLearning localization by following these best practices. Subtitles are more cost-effective, but voiceovers are better for demonstrations.

eLearning Localization: What, Why and How? [Infographic]

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Familiar with eLearning translation, but need insights about eLearning localization? An infographic on what eLearning localization is, why it’s important, and how it impacts learning. Training Translations eLearning localization

ELearning Association Local Chapters


In either case, below are some elearning organizations that are likely to have local chapters near you. I should also note that joining the parent organization does not enroll you into the local chapters. You will need to pay separate dues to the local group should you decide to join.

Factors That Drive Cost And Schedule In Localization Of eLearning Content

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When it becomes necessary to translate and localize training or eLearning content for a global audience, the process can be quite complex. Learn about the factors that drive cost and schedule so that your localization efforts will stay on time and on budget.

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The Importance Of eLearning Localization For The Success Of Your Global Training Program

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This article evaluates the impact and ROI of localization. Localization eLearning Localization Benefits eLearning ROI eLearning Translation Best Practices Free eLearning eBooks

The Best Approaches to E-Learning Localization  


Successful localization of e-learning courses is critical for their realization on the market regardless of the purpose of their creation. The best way to achieve proper translation and localization is by selecting the right Language Service Provider (LSP) to do the job.

Implement a Localized and Multilingual LMS


Many Training companies or educational institutions have employees or students all over the world, that’s why a localized multilingual LMS becomes a very useful and necessary tool to achieve their eLearning goals. Main benefits of a Localized and Multilingual LMS.

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Questions to Consider while Localizing Your E-learning Courses

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What is eLearning localization? Why should organizations localize an eLearning course? Find answers to all the probable questions you have in mind for eLearning localization in this post. Training Translations translation and localization

Localization: Writing for Translation

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This includes ambiguous ethnicity for people and locales that can relate to many countries or areas. Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite eLearning ePub Help Authoring Localization mLearning Technical Communications Technology training by Jen Weaver. Have you ever borrowed someone else's notes to try to study for an exam or understand a topic? You probably found that it was more difficult to fully grasp a concept when using someone else's thoughts.

Localization: Training & Development in Chile

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It's highly recommended to translate and localize your training materials to make the greatest impact on Chilean learners. Localization TechComm Technical Communications Technology training

Localization: Training & Development in Colombia

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Localization training by Jen Weaver    Continuing on our journey around the world, today we arrive in the Republic of Colombia. Let's explore some common cultural facts about Colombians and their expectations when it comes to training and development.

Localization & eLearning: The Translation Process

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Localization Engineering/Desktop publishing. Localization engineers/desktop publishers will ensure all components of the project have been fully localized. Localization engineers will sync audio files to the animations, ensuring all files are running properly. Delivery of final file (Java, XML, HTML, other formats), tested to ensure all localized components are in working order (audio is synced with animation, etc). by Jen Weaver.

Localization In eLearning: Tips And Best Practices

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Organizations opt for localization in eLearning to meet specific expectations of their employees (learning in a language they prefer), or to address new markets. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Design Tips eLearning Development Best Practices eLearning Localization eLearning Localization BenefitsIn this article, I share tips and best practices to manage this successfully. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How to Create Localized Training for Mobile Devices


In the case of the latter, they need localized e-learning courses , so that the training can be provided to all of the company employees regardless of their location. Even when you include a video, it is a better idea to have subtitles (that is also easier for translation and localization).

Localization: Training & Development in Norway

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And if you love Jen's articles, check out her new  Localization mini courses. Documentation e-learning eLearning Localization Technical Communications Technical Writing by Jen Weaver      As we make our way towards Scandinavia, let's explore some common cultural facts about Norwegians and their expectations when it comes to Training & Development.    Test your knowledge of Norwegian Culture. True or False?

Localization: Training & Development in Australia

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When looking for every-day examples and scenarios, use sports and local sights rather than political or religious examples. While translation is not necessarily needed for training materials going to Australia, localization of key phrases and images may be beneficial. Localization training by Jen Weaver.

Top 4 Differences Between Translation and Localization You Must Know [Infographic]

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In this context, translation and localization help you add local color and flavor. To know the differences between translation and localization, check out our infographic below. Training Translations translation and localization

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5 Best Practices for Localization of Training


Quality localization of training often proves difficult for global companies. To retain consistency of the brand image, the quality of products and services, and employee engagement and productivity , the localization of training is a necessity. Start with localization in mind. If beginning in English, be sure that your content is originally designed to facilitate localization and translation. Coordinate with local stakeholders.

Seven Tips to Ensure Localization-friendly E-learning Content

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E-learning localization is a step ahead of translation. Localization is not just about the language, but customizing the learning content to suit the geographic, ethnic, and cultural sensibilities of learners. Define the Scope of Localization. Hire Professionals for Localization.

Screening of an Innovative Film Locally

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If you are in or around the Bloomsburg area… You might be interested in what is below: I’m happy to announce our screening of a new documentary that takes audiences into three innovative public schools where students are taught HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

Localization: Training & Development in Argentina

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Localization Technical Communications training by Jen Weaver. In a previous article I discussed the importance of knowing your target market--their culture, customs, and expectations. This week I'll explore the cultural nuances of the Latin American culture, specifically in Argentina. Test your general knowledge of Argentinean culture with the Fun-Fact questions below. The _ is the national dance obsession in Argentina.

3 Differences between Translation and Localization You Must Know

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The terms Translation and Localization are used interchangeably in the Training industry. If you want to expand your business and make it global, you have to add local color and flavor. Translation and localization do that effectively. Definitions of Translation and Localization.

Localization: Training & Development in Belgium

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Localization Technical Communications training by Jen Weaver    Did you know that Belgium is the European country with the most complex language legislation? But what does complex language legislation mean, and how does it impact training and development?    Belgium is comprised of four linguistic regions but only has three national languages (the Brussels-Capital region is bilingual).

Localization: Training & Development in Brazil

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Localization TechComm Technical Communications training by Jen Weaver    In honor of the recent holidays, in this week's article we visit with Papai Noel who leaves his home in Greenland and brings us to the warm climate of Brazil. Brazil's Santa Claus sometimes dons a red silk suit to survive the heat of a summer Christmas and came through the front door on Christmas Eve since fireplaces are rare in this country.

7 Secrets of Successful E-learning Localization

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Check this post to get 7 proven tips to localize the content of your online courses in an effective manner. Training Translations Translations & Localization

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Lectora Inspire – How to Use Translation Tool For Localization?

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… Authoring Tools eLearning HTML5 Online Training Translation and Localization Branch Track Camtasia Camtasia 9 eLearning Authoring tool Elearning courses engaging scenario based learning HTML5 output Lectora Inspire Lectora projects responsive Screen recordings Snagit 13 Translation and localization Translation tool

Free eBook: Creating An Impactful eLearning Localization Strategy - A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals

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This eBook examines the importance of a proper eLearning localization strategy. Localization eLearning Localization eLearning Localization Benefits eLearning Translation Best Practices Free eLearning eBook90% of people want to learn in their native language. You learn faster and easier when the content being taught is in your mother tongue.

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