Adobe Captivate: Mac Cures

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First, quit Captivate and then open your Mac's System Preferences ( Apple > System Preferences ). 

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools for Mac and Windows

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Luckily, there are some good free apps for both Windows and Mac that incorporate most of these features. Available for Windows and Mac. Available for Windows and Mac. Windows / Mac. Windows / Mac.

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How to Install Moodle for Mac

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Before getting started with your Moodle learning management system installation for Mac ensure that your computer meets the following system requirements: Moodle

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Camtasia for Mac meet the Mac App Store.

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Mac App Store meet Camtasia for Mac! I'm happy to announce that Camtasia for Mac is now available in Mac App Store ! That way you always have the latest version of Camtasia for Mac! So, it's easy to have Camtasia for Mac on your new computer.

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How Advanced Authors Can Create Serious Elearning Faster

SmartBuilder runs on Windows and Mac and generates. How Advanced Authors Can.

Camtasia Studio 8.4 & Camtasia for Mac 2.8 Now Available: Cross-platform Screen Recording

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That’s right, recordings made with either Camtasia Studio 8 or Camtasia for Mac 2 will be 100% interchangeable between Windows and Mac using our new recording file type: trec! Own Camtasia Studio 8 or Camtasia for Mac 2? Camtasia for Mac Update.

7 Mac Apps to Boost Productivity


We''ve put together a list of Mac apps that assist in keeping you focused and on task such as toosl that block time-wasting websites, modify the color of the screen depending on the time of day, access files in just a couple key presses, and more. It''s Productivity Wednesday!

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New version of Camtasia for Mac bends time and space

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Camtasia for Mac 2.1 delivers clip speed , the #1 feature request from Camtasia for Mac users-- as voted by our user community. Get Camtasia for Mac 2.1: Download a free trial | Upgrade free if you own Camtasia for Mac 2.0. Camtasia for Mac 475 198 157 261

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NEW to Camtasia for Mac: iOS Device Recording, Easy Touch Gestures, and More

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Camtasia for Mac now has the ability to record your mobile screen – plus more! Check out what’s new below, and learn how you can start recording your iOS device today with Camtasia for Mac. with a lightning cable, and record everything on your mobile iOS device with Camtasia for Mac.

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Mac Troubleshooting: Spotty Internet? One Quick Solution

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I tried Safari and Chrome on the Mac side, Internet Explorer on the Windows side. by AJ George. I use Parallels on my iMac with Lion OS X and Windows XP. Generaly speaking, my setup works very well. However, last week my computer was giving me headaches. I could start applications, do my work and send and receive email. However, I could not reliably access the internet. Webpages would only load after being refreshed 3-5 times, or not at all.

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New Version of Snagit for Windows and Mac: Video Trimming and More

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Read on to see what’s new in Snagit (everything listed below applies to both Snagit 12 on Windows and Snagit 3 on Mac). But if you prefer the old way…you can always switch it back ( Win | Mac ). Rework is expensive.

Warning Mac Adobe Captivate 7 Developers. Don't Upgrade to Mavericks Yet

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Apple recently announced the availability of  Mavericks , its latest and greatest operating system for the Mac computers.   As much as I love new toys, I tend to hold off when it comes to installing software updates. In my experience, you never know what the software update will break; waiting a bit tends to work out when the updates prove problematic.      It turns out that the Mavericks software and Adobe Captivate 7 aren't getting along.

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Mac Troubleshooting: It's Time for the Time Machine

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Time Machine is the built-in backup feature that works with the Mac and an external drive.) When my Mac got sick and died earlier this year, I was able to use my Time Machine to totally rebuild my old system onto the new Macintosh. Assuming you're using the Time Machine feature (and I urge you to take advantage of it), here's how to roll back a single application: From your Mac's dock, open the Finder.

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We’ve Been Listening! – Improvements and Enhancements to Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac, and Snagit on Mac

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If you’re a current Camtasia Studio v8, Camtasia for Mac v2, or Snagit on Mac v2 user, we’ve got some great updates for you! Camtasia for Mac 2.2.2 If you currently own Camtasia for Mac 2 , this is a free update for you! Snagit on Mac 2.1.3.

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Progress Reports with Camtasia for Mac

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John put together the following slideshow using Camtasia for Mac. I asked John how he created the screencast with Camtasia for Mac. I brought the audio into Camtasia for Mac, along with all the images (as JPGs). Tags: Camtasia for Mac Screencast of the Week 475 48

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Need Special Effects for Camtasia for Mac Screencasts?

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I've found a great app that compliments Camtasia for Mac nicely. OmniDazzle offers a wide array of options to add some nice visuals to your Mac screencasts - like a flashlight effect that illuminates your cursor and follows it around the screen while also dimming your background.

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You had me at Snagit - Snagit for Mac is Coming!

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Now that we've released Camtasia for Mac , one of the top questions I've been hearing is, 'Will there be Snagit for the Mac?!' I'm happy to announce that TechSmith is in the early stages of actively developing Snagit for the Mac!

Today is the Day! Meet Camtasia for Mac!

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I'm really happy and pleased to finally be able to share Camtasia for Mac v1.0 We built Camtasia for Mac from the ground up. I wanted to show you what is new in Camtasia for Mac as well as answer some question I've been hearing lately. Want to see Camtasia for Mac in action?

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Be the Camtasia for Mac Product Manager for a Day.

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If you could take "Troy Stein":[link] job as the "Camtasia for Mac":[link] Product Manager for one day. Camtasia for Mac was released a little over 2 months ago. So, if you were the Camtasia for Mac Product Manager job for a day, what would you do?

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Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, Adding Polish

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It's time for another sneak peek all about Camtasia for Mac! After you've recorded your screencast, you can use Camtasia for Mac's sophisticated editing options to make your screencasts standout from the rest. Whether you're new to screencasting or are an expert, Camtasia for Mac has great features and options for you. And, in Camtasia for Mac, you can use more advanced editing functions without having to worry about your existing audio, video and images getting out of sync.

Mac memories

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So I lusted after bitmap screens and mice, and the Lisa (the Mac predecessor). I finally justified the purchase of a Mac II to write my PhD thesis on. My family is now also on Macs. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, and my newspaper asked for memories. I’ll point them to this post ;). As context, I was programming for the educational computer game company, DesignWare.

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We Need You! To Beta Test Camtasia for the Mac

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And, we could use 50 - 100 beta testers for Camtasia for the Mac. Thanks for your help in the development of Camtasia for the Mac! Tags: Camtasia Studio Mac 392 198 One of the steps in software development is to beta test the software.

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Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, Text & Shapes

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Thankfully I eventually made it to Seattle, but unfortunately my luggage did not. :-) So, I'll keep the sneak peek for Camtasia for Mac short and sweet tonight. There's a way to easily do this with Camtasia for Mac. Check out this screencast to see Camtasia for Mac's Text and Shape options in action. Tags: Camtasia for Mac 475 I've been bouncing around the country on planes, trains and automobiles today trying to get to Seattle for Gnomedex.

Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, SmartFocus

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I'm going to let you in on a few secrets as we get closer to the launch of Camtasia for Mac on August 25. Up first is a sneak peek of one of the new features in Camtasia for Mac - SmartFocus. Camtasia for Mac will also include TechSmith's patented SmartFocus technology. So, Tags: Camtasia for Mac News TechSmith 475 157 479 38 I've never been good at keeping secrets.

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ANNOUNCE: Captivate 7 Update for Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks Expected Mid November

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Mavericks update to the Mac Operating System. As we shared in late October, Adobe Captivate 7 is not yet compatible with the 10.9 We are actively testing an update for Captivate 7 that will fix compatibility issues with the new Mavericks Operating System.

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PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Inserting YouTube Videos

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This week I'm going to show you how to do the same thing, but in PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac. Mov files will play on Macs but will not play on PCs. Wmv files will play on PCs, but not on Macs.

7-day Camtasia Mac App Store Giveaway!

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To celebrate the continued success of Camtasia in the Mac App Store we're giving away one Mac App Store code each day (at a random time) for seven days: May 21-27. Camtasia for Mac 475

Raptivity for Mac Launched! The Wait Is Over! by News Editor

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Raptivity has unveiled an all-new version for the Macintosh operating system along with some more new offerings, continuing its 10-year legacy of innovation. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Rapid Development

Snagit on Mac Gets Microsoft Office Outputs

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Today we bring you Microsoft Office® outputs for Snagit on Mac! You can now send your images directly from Snagit to Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® on Mac. Be sure to click the Mac Outputs tab (see screenshot below). Snagit for Mac 157 481 313

Fun with Tobias Fünke And Camtasia Mac Green Screen

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Camtasia Mac is BFFs with green screen! Don’t Have Camtasia Mac? The post Fun with Tobias Fünke And Camtasia Mac Green Screen appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Tips & How To''s Camtasia for Mac how to

New from TechSmith Labs: AppShow brings iOS screen recording to Mac

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To run AppShow, you need: a Mac with Yosemite. The post New from TechSmith Labs: AppShow brings iOS screen recording to Mac appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. News & Events Apple AppShow Mac Mobile news and events Release Screencasting Today we officially launched TechSmith AppShow as a technical preview within TechSmith Labs. AppShow makes it easy to record an iOS device and create a compelling video. Why use it?

Get Ready for Lion: Update your Camtasia, Jing, & Snagit

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Download Camtasia for Mac update | details. Download Snagit on Mac update. Because there are serious incompatibilities between Lion and Camtasia, Jing, Camtasia Relay, Camtasia for Mac Jing Mac News Snagit for Mac 475 24 736 198 481 340Photo credit: autan.

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13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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It’s just a matter of plugging your iOS 8 device into a Mac running Yosemite and then firing up a tool like Camtasia for Mac or TechSmith AppShow. When you plug your device into your Mac and launch a mobile recording app (e.g.,

What’s on the TechSmith roadmap? We’ll tell you.

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