Sat.Apr 13, 2024

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15 Important Onboarding Documents For New Hires In 2024

eLearning Industry

From legal documents to work experience documents, here are 15 important onboarding documents to ask from new hires in 2024 for a hassle-free process. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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eLearning: 4 Intuitive Design Aspects to Create Impactful Courses

CommLab India

T he world's a busy place, and learning new skills is more important than ever. But how can organizations ensure effective, engaging, and accessible learning for employees? Well, this is where eLearning comes in. It is flexible, convenient, and allows the learners to learn at their own pace. But have you ever finished an eLearning course feeling more confused than informed?

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10 Employee Engagement Programs For Boosting Employee Happiness

eLearning Industry

Engagement programs are a great initiative to boost morale and turn your employees into top-performing professionals. Learn how to make your employees happy and productive in this article. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Fortifying Ethical Frameworks: Navigating Emerging Risks in the Middle East

Interactive Services

In this episode of the Principled Podcast, host Eric Morehead, is joined by Elvis Angyiembe, co-founder of MEACA to discuss key findings from the global edition of the 2024 E&C Program Effectiveness Report.

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Take Onboarding to New Heights

To respond to rapid changes in demand, Delta Air Lines needed an employee onboarding program designed and implemented in 4 weeks. AllenComm not only delivered on time, but their collaboration with Delta also revolutionized how the org supports learning and demonstrated that experiential learning within a hybrid learning ecosystem can significantly increase speed to proficiency.

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Customized Learning Journeys To Meet Diverse Learner Needs

eLearning Industry

Explore strategies for tailoring eLearning to individual needs, enhancing engagement and effectiveness through adaptive learning techniques and personalized content. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.