Publishing Adobe Captivate Projects: SWF, HTML5, or Both?

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by Kevin Siegel      If you attend our  Adobe Captivate Beginner class , you will learn how to publish projects as SWF (for desktop users) and HTML5 (for mobile users).  While HTML5 may one day completely replace SWF, today is not that day.

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Conversion from Flash Based Technologies with the DOD

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate Discussion Project Upgrade differences html swf discussion HTML5 project upgrade SWF

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Old project(published as SWF in CP6), not working when republished for HTML5 in CP2017

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At that time), I preferred all my O/P publication in SWF. Also checked for any transient effect and similar SWF component…. The post Old project(published as SWF in CP6), not working when republished for HTML5 in CP2017 appeared first on eLearning. I used captivate CS 5.5 and then CS6 a lot in 2014. (At Then, was engaged in a projects that uses another software/tools Visual studio ….

Rotate Effect Not Working After Publishing

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Hi everyone, I have a rotation effect on an image in Captivate. But, unfortunately, I’m required to deliver the project in SWF. And when I “publish to computer” in SWF it runs, but the image is static instead of rotating.

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New course — Adobe Captivate 2017: Animations and Effects

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I’m excited to announce that my new course on Adobe Captivate 2017: Animations and Effects is now available on and LinkedIn Learning. Course Description: Adding animations and effects to your eLearning materials can help make your courses more engaging and interactive.

Typing Text – HTML output

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You are probably aware of the fact that Text animations are SWF-based and cannot be used for HTML5 output. Adobe Captivate Q&As Showcase Animation audio effects motion effect q&as showcaseIntro.


Gif resize on import

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With the end of life of swf and more browsers locking out swf files, I have been forced to find a solution a little quicker than anticipated after our IT department made a change earlier than expected. I recently ran into an issue in captivate for a project we published in.swf.

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Adobe Captivate 9 Hot Fix: Update Fixes Several Known Issues

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Effects are not played fully in SWF, when the effect duration is less than the default effect duration. Adobe recently posted a fix for Captivate 9 that, according to Adobe, addresses the following issues in Adobe Captivate 9. Conditional actions get converted to standard actions in upgraded project. Operands in advanced actions appear blank in upgraded project. Autoshape buttons fill and stroke is not retained during upgrade.

Adobe Captivate: Live, Online Training Now Available in Central European Time Zone Hours

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  You will learn how to make your lessons engaging and interactive by creating quizzes, adding text captions, animations, videos, rollovers, clickable areas (buttons and click boxes), typing areas, voiceover audio, and sound effects. And you will learn how to publish your lessons for the widest possible audience including how to output both Flash (SWF) and HTML5 (so that your lessons will play on such mobile devices as the Apple iPad).

Adobe Captivate & RoboHelp: Incorporate eLearning within a Help System

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These days, more and more technical communicators are being tasked with creating effective Help Systems for an audience that is more distracted and stressed out than ever before. If the learner is going to use a standard Windows PC or Macintosh computer, SWF output is fine.

How to Reduce Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Costs

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That might prove to be penny wise and pound foolish, if the learning requirement demands a more efficient and effective solution. Note that the SWF published files won’t be of much reuse when repurposing.

10 Random ELearning Facts You Should Know


One thing that I have come to realize in my years as a learning & collaboration consultant is that elearning is fun, effective, and a great industry to take part in. jpg, gif,swf) take more time to recreate than editable source files (.psd,eps,fla).

Adobe Captivate 6: High Fidelity PowerPoint Imports

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During a standard PowerPoint import process, PowerPoint pptx presentations are first converted to the ppt format, and then converted to SWF. However, if you have ever used the PowerPoint to Captivate workflow, you are likely aware that some PowerPoint features, such as certain animations, Smart Art, text effects (glow, shadow, 3D, reflection, etc.), by Kevin Siegel    Have you, or a Subject Matter Expert, created a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint?

Synchronizing Audio and Animation Timings with Adobe Presenter 7

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You can add animation effects and SWF files along with narration, quizzes, and simulations to transform the drab presentations into interactive multimedia experiences. Adobe Presenter is a great tool for creating Flash-based eLearning courses from within Microsoft PowerPoint. If you already have PowerPoint animations, such as flying or dissolving text and images, Presenter converts them [.]. Adobe Presenter How do I.

How will Flash’s demise affect your SCORM courses?


And as Flash has been integral to eLearning for over 20 years, it’s retirement will have a significant effect. Flash is the most popular output type, so it’s likely that your courses are SWF Flash-based. SWF courses do not work on certain devices; Apple devices.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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Swiffy converts SWF files to HTML5. Apart from supporting many common SWF features such as vector graphics, embedded fonts, images and timeline animation, it also converts basic ActionScript 2.0

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Captivate Tips for Beginners Part III: Adding Text Animation

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How to Move Text with Captivate Effects. swf or.gif). In the Properties Tab in the Effect drop down menu you will find lots of effects. One effect I like is the “Fall_In” effect. Test out which effect fits your needs. swf or.gif).

9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning

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There are also times I like to layer my narration with ambient sound or different effects. For rapid elearning converting to the SWF and FLV Flash formats are important and Format Factory supports this. SWF Player. SWF Player lets you view Flash SWF files.

Featured Online Classes

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Recording voice-overs and adding sound effects. Publishing as SWF and other formats  Instructor: Kevin Siegel. Adobe Captivate 5: Essential Skills. During this live, interactive two-day and instructor-led class, you will get an introduction to Adobe Captivate 5 and learn the core, essential skills that will help you create killer eLearning lessons.   Some of the lessons covered in this course: Best practices for eLearning. Recording Demos and Sims.

Webinar: Using Custom HTML5 and Adobe Edge with Lectora

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Edge Animate is much like Flash and After Effects, so if you have ever used those tools you should feel right at home. Instead of producing SWF files or video files it produces native HTML5 content that can be seen on any HTML5 browser or mobile device.

Flash To HTML5 – Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration

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To be able to provide the flexibility to learners to learn “on-the-go” on the device of their choice, it is imperative that you migrate the legacy/Flash/SWF courses to a platform that supports multiple devices. How to draw up an effective action plan for successful migration.


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I tried LectureScribe - a free tool to create a "whiteboard" effect Flash animation with sound. LectureScribe outputs to Flash ( SWF ) so that means you can easily add it to a web site or insert it into your own e-Learning course. It works great with my new tablet laptop - I drew a concept while describing it. LectureScribe was developed by Brian C. Dean at Clemson University. Just download the file and double-click the file to get started. Check it out: [link

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Raptivity Essential : Now Build HTML5 and Flash Interactions Simultaneously

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As Harbinger Knowledge Products unveils a brand new version of Raptivity Essential that lets you publish interactions in the HTML5 format in addition to Flash SWF format, I thought it would be interesting to talk to Shweta Kulkarni, who was involved deeply in the engineering of this product upgrade. For example, take special effects like dissolve, explode, fly, blinds, magnify and so forth.

Australia’s Nobel Laureates

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However I think the layering effect adds an aesthetic richness. Note: I tried incorporating rollovers, but residual effects were screwing it up. The Nobel Prizes will be announced next week in Norway and Sweden.

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A simple interactive learning object

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However I think the layering effect adds an aesthetic richness. Note: I tried incorporating rollovers, but residual effects were screwing it up. However, there are some good reasons to shell out the extra cash and go with Captivate: • You can publish in swf format, which is really small to download; • You can add SCORM, if you are that way inclined; and. The Nobel Prizes will be announced next week in Norway and Sweden.

Why Flip Book Maker Is the Best Tool to Develop E-books

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Often, designers of e-learning content focus on tasks such as setting effective learning objectives, using the right interactivities, and developing assessments.

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Free: PowerPoint to Flash in One Click

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SWF) movies from your PowerPoint content (.PPT,PPS,PPTX,PPSX) PPT,PPS,PPTX,PPSX) keeping its visual parameters, animation effects and slide transitions, audio narrations, video and Flash objects after conversion. Free PowerPoint to Flash converter promptly creates web-friendly Flash (.SWF) iSpring Free works within PowerPoint, transforming it into a fast and easy Flash authoring tool. It is compatible with any PowerPoint version 2000/XP/2003/2007 installed on a Windows machine.

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Articulate ’09: Tips for Resolving Common Issues

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We have used them for several projects, and have found them very effective for development and simple to use. If your project uses relatively less graphs, then converting the graphs to images and importing them into Articulate can be an effective solution.

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Development Tools - Should I Cut Out the Middle Guy?

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I will note that I will keep Captivate in my toolbox , as it is more effective for developing software/application simulations than building them from scratch in Flash. Of course any sims developed in Captivate (also SWF files) can easily be included, or launched from, a course developed with Flash. Back when I first started developing e-learning courses, I used Macromedia's Authorware. For more interactive elements, I used Flash and imported the SWFs into Authorware.

User Variables – Dynamic buttons

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I first thought this to be a limitation of HTML5 (first article was for SWF output) and tested it out. For the action triggered by the Dynamic shape button, I didn’t use an advanced action to avoid that complexity but timed the appearance and effects on the timeline. Intro.

eLearning Development: What’s new in Flash CS4?

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Flash CS4 allows us to finally publish SWF files for Flash Player 10 - the latest version of Flash Player. Deco and Spray Tools - The Deco tool could be used to quickly create kaleidoscope-like effects and to apply fills. Inverse Kinematics with the Bones Tool - The new Bones tool can be used to create chain-like animation effects with a series of linked objects. Adobe’s CS4 suite is the second major release since Adobe acquired Macromedia.

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My Top 10 e-Learning Tools

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They are not stand alone e-learning tools, but together allow me the ability to create effective e-learning courses. Being able to create SCORM/AICC compliant courses that imports Flash SWF files and plays well with the LMS makes my ability to implement e-learning much easier. Jane Hart is gathering top ten lists for e-learning tools. Thus far, 203 people in the e-learning field have submitted their list.

Camtasia Training in Philadelphia

TechSmith Camtasia

Participants in the course will learn how to setup your screen recording for best results, edit your video and apply special effects, and produce to a shareable file format. Cursor Effects. MP4, SWF, FLV, WMV - which one?

Adobe Captivate – The Ideal Systems Training Development Tool

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Now that you know what a software training simulation is, you must be wondering how to develop them, to train your employees effectively on your new software. You can publish the simulation to the SWF and HTML formats, together or individually. Each subject is learned in a unique way.

How to Record Software Simulation in Adobe Captivate 9

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How do you overcome these problems and train your staff effectively so that they become ready to use the tool? You can either publish to the SWF and HTML formats together, or publish them individually.

TCC09: Podcasting with Section 508

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free special effects can be downloaded. Save to CD, swf, avi, mp3, Quicktime. Podcast logo. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My comments in italics. Presenters: Dr. John R. Kallis, California University of Pennsylvania.

3 Best Tools to Develop Web-based Training (WBT) Courses

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The software can be used to retain most effects of Flash. You use the e-learning development software to publish courses to HTML5, MP4, EXE, SWF, and PDF formats. How can you develop a good web-based training (WBT) material?