Truly White-Label Online Academy for Your Business


We use our expertise in edtech to provide course creators with a prominent white-label eLearning platform that allows them to build successful white-label online courses for their learners. What does white label mean? What are the benefits of white labeling?

White-Label LMS: What, Why, And How

Dan Keckan

A white-label LMS lets you create training that looks and feels unique to your company. Learn how and why to customize your training through white labeling. It boosts your brand and makes for a better learner experience.


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What Defines an Ideal Learning Management System?

Origin Learning

A simple tool designed to run learning modules and tests in an academic institution has evolved into an all-purpose application/software, which is now used in both academia and enterprise learning across the world. From running tests, to performance evaluation at work, to social learning features built into the LMS to integrated ERP and CMS facilities to power full-feature websites; the LMS is no longer a simple learning system!

A Better Alternative to EduBrite Learning Management System

Academy of Mine

Luckily, there are a lot better Learning Management Systems (LMSs) out there. Atlassian Confluence / Jira Service Management. APIs for custom integrations such as HRIS/ERP systems. Difficult to Manage . White-label platform and LMS portals .

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


Today’s enterprise learning strategies require smart solutions that go beyond the capabilities of traditional tools. A Learning Platform empowers L&D departments to drive business growth through their efforts, and a key pillar of this solution is the Learning Management System (LMS). Our complete guide to a Learning Management System is here to help. Our complete guide to a Learning Management System (LMS).

Features of a Learning Management System for Customer Training

Academy of Mine

As promising as those numbers sound, how many of these companies investing in a Learning Management System for customer training are making good investments? Portals, or what we refer to as groups, allow you to onboard and train different organizations using one system.

5 Benefits of White-Labeling your LMS and Training Portals

Academy of Mine

There are plenty of companies that offer good training systems, but not all of them have an established brand! So, what does white-labeling have to do with this, why is it important for training your audience, and how can it be done using an LMS like Academy Of Mine ?

What Is a Learning Management System?


Learning management systems (LMSs) have been powering the world of corporate training for years. 64% of learning & development professionals agree that learning has shifted from a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. What is a Learning Management System?

What Is Learning Management System, Its Features, And Advantages Of Using LMS


Learning management systems are an important part of the eLearning platform and the development process, especially if you have a large audience base and plenty of courses to deliver. . The HR department can also use LMS to offer training to their employees and managers. .

LMS 89

Top 10 enterprise Learning Management Systems

Ed App

Are you seeking to maximize the learning within your enterprise? Finding the right learning system will allow your employees to receive the benefits of a modern training program and result in better training results. These include tailored learning recommendations.

5 White Label Learning Platforms to Consider for Employee Training


This blog lists top 5 white label training platforms. Whether you are a small business, large enterprise or a mid-sized organization, it will be hard for you to ignore the benefits of white labeling. Why you should use a white label training platform?

When And Why You Need A White Label LMS

Dan Keckan

Today, advanced customization features make white labeling a simple solution with many advantages. Let’s talk about some of the ways you could benefit from a white label LMS. Learning Management Systems Corporate Learning Management Systems Learning Management System Benefits LMS FeaturesYou need your online courses to look and sound like you. But that doesn’t mean you have to develop your own custom LMS.

Top 10 online learning management systems

Ed App

Learning and improvement is a key element in every business and industry alike. In today’s world online learning management systems have taken over and proposed new and innovative solutions for corporate learning environments. Learning Bank.

Top Learning Management Systems that integrate with your TMS

Arlo Training & Events Software

We’ve canvassed the market for the top learning management systems for training providers, based on functionality and price. Without an integration your two systems won’t talk to each other, and you’ll end up with a long list of manual tasks and a disjointed customer experience.

The 19 Best Learning Management System (for 2021)


Having said that, learning management systems (LMSs) are dominating the online learning industry. 1 What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? 4 Best Examples of Learning Management Software6. Best Learning Management Systems List.

LMS Overview: Key Learning Management System Features


Using a learning management system (LMS) streamlines training delivery. In a nutshell, it enables you to easily create, manage, and track training, all in one place. . “A learning management system (LMS for short) is a software application that is used to administer, track, report, and deliver training.” While some need white-labelling , others are happy to stick with more basic branding features. . Course Management.

LMS 52

Create your own eLearning Platform and use your brand’s print with a White Label Learning Management System


If not, you should rush to implement a White Label Learning Management System in your training programs and align your LMS with your brand and corporate values. Your branding is what defines you, and we ensure that this is reflected in the Learning Management System. For this reason, we have worked to ensure that Paradiso LMS serves as a fully customizable white label LMS , which can be tailor-made to fit your exact business needs.

Brand and White-Label Your LMS Portal: A Complete Guide


And your learning management system (LMS) should be no different. A white-label portal in your learning management system that you can also brand might seem like a mere cosmetic thing, but it does so much more for your learners. Before you put your own stamp on your LMS, let’s go over exactly what it means to have a branded and white-labeled portal, the reasons to do it, and the ways you can brand your LMS.

Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014

eLearning 24-7

I especially love it when I get the opportunity to present all over the world on a variety of e-learning topics. I love meeting new folks who have either been big fans and supporters of e-learning or are totally new to e-learning and seeking out information and knowledge. They forget to realize that a learning system, learning platform are just semantics – as noted before. In January of this year, I presented the top systems for 2013-14.

LMS 70

19 Essential Features of a Learning Management System

Academy of Mine

If you are looking for an efficient system to create, deliver, automate, and track user’s progress within a training course, look no further. A great LMS should have little to no learning curve. Blended Learning . Course Management. Learning Paths.

19 Essential Features of a Learning Management System

Academy of Mine

If you are looking for an efficient system to create, deliver, automate, and track user’s progress within a training course, look no further. A great LMS should have little to no learning curve. Blended Learning . Course Management. Learning Paths.

Top 29 Learning Management System Features You Should Consider


You’ll want to find a platform that will sit at the heart of your entire learning ecosystem, engaging your learners and accelerating business growth. To put it simply, you need a learning management system (LMS). And that’s where learning paths can help.

Top 29 Learning Management System Features You Should Consider


You’ll want to find a platform that will sit at the heart of your entire learning ecosystem, engaging your learners and accelerating business growth. To put it simply, you need a learning management system (LMS). And that’s where learning paths can help.

The Perfect White Label LMS: A 10-point Checklist

Growth Engineering

A fully customisable white label LMS is every training managers dream. Instead, find yourself the best white label LMS on the market and use every option available to make it reflect your brand. Here are just a few ways the Academy LMS can help you create your ideal online learning environment. It’s a poor user experience if learners explore your learning platform and uncover whole areas of unused functionality. 7: Flexible Learning Pathways.

Rapid Learning Management Systems

Tony Karrer

While there are a lot of different Learning Management Systems with very different features, the requirements in this situation are a bit different. To me this is a new kind of system. I'm temporarily calling this a Rapid Learning Management System. It's a bit like rapid eLearning authoring tools, but aimed at the learning management side of this equation. The system should look and act like an individual LMS for that administrator.

Q&A: What happens if my learning technology doesn’t scale?

Plume - e-learning & learning management systems

When we talk about scalability, we are typically referring to how well a learning application can handle an increase in users. . Some technology does not scale as well as others, such as WordPress or many white-labelled options. To learn more about scalability and what you can do to avoid your growth becoming your biggest enemy, read our free e-book: “5 critical LMS scalability mistakes and how to avoid them “ Q&AReader’s letter.

White Label e-Learning Platform

KMI Learning

What is a White Label e-Learning Platform? These are White Label products. A White Label product is a product that is made by one company and sold with another company’s brand, logo and identity. Likewise, a White Label e-Learning Platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) created and maintained by a LMS provider that is branded for another company. Why Use a White Label e-Learning Platform?

Creating Engaging Courses for Professional Training

Academy of Mine

We recently sat down with Camron Brewer, the co-founder of Key Learning LLC , an instructional design company that works with other companies to design learning materials used for training employees and educating customers. Designers will also take learning modality into consideration.

Should you brand or white label your LMS?


Strong branding helps users to feel familiar with a learning management system, easing adoption obstacles by building trust. You should also consider if you need to white label your LMS. Portal: As a space where users will spend most of their time, the look and feel of the learning portal itself will have a big impact on user experience. When to white label an LMS. Beyond branding and white labelling.

9 best enterprise-level learning management systems (LMS) for 2019


Enterprise learning management systems (LMS) help corporations and big online learning platforms provide and manage their curriculum in an efficient and convenient way. We have gathered the top 9 enterprise learning management systems on the market in 2019. This powerful LMS includes classroom, virtual, and mobile learning as well as e-commerce and social features.

LMS 40

Benefits of a cloud-based Learning Management System


When choosing an learning management system (LMS) you may be faced with the choice of using a cloud-based LMS or an installed solution. Here I explain what a cloud-based software system is, what a SaaS payment model looks like, and the benefits of choosing an LMS that is cloud-based. What is a cloud-based system? A cloud-based system is one that does not require you to install specific hardware or software in order to access and use it.

What every software company needs in a learning management system


We understand what cloud-based software companies need from a learning management system – because we are a cloud-based software company! Because KeyedIn are experts in cloud-based software, they set the bar for a learning management system very high. That search for a flexible, scalable and affordable LMS brought them to LearnUpon, where they’ve since learned to love our customer support.

Platinum Picks for 2021

eLearning 24-7

Platinum is an award that says “okay, you have a good system, but you know what, there are some things there, that take you to a whole new level, an upper tier than the rest of the industry.” Nor does it mean that you are the best in selling your system or marketing it.

How To Choose An LMS In 3 Steps!

Academy of Mine

In a competitive environment with hundreds of Learning Management Systems to choose from , how can you avoid wasting time looking at LMSs that won’t work for you? The main goal of an LMS is to simplify eLearning delivery and management in your business. White-label.

LMS Implementation Checklist

Academy of Mine

Investing in a learning management system is the first step in improving your training programs. Upload learning materials and finalize course contents. White-Labeling & Branding. Upload learning materials and finalize course contents.

Essential Features Of An LMS For Safety Training

Academy of Mine

Learning Management Systems. Blended collaborative learning. Not only does including collaboration in your safety training courses make training more interesting, but it can also help knowledge retention by introducing different perspectives to the learning process.

What Is An LMS?

Academy of Mine

A Learning Management system is a powerful tool used to create, deliver, manage, and track the results of eLearning. Live learning on the other hand happens in real-time and involves instructors being present during the training. Combine Fragmented Systems.