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Top 10 eLearning Resources You May Not Have Thought Of

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Scate Ignite 4. The professional edition of Scate Ignite 4 can assist in creating interactive courses and quizzes. Guest post by Robert Morris. The upswing of the eLearning industry is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are trying to design an eLearning course, you need to keep the entire process as organized as possible. Xerte. Audacity. Ninja Essays. VIDIZMO. Thinking Cap.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools 2010 – Innovators, Winners and Updated Trends

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Scate Technologies: Scate Ignite 4 Professional Edition. The end of the year is here, okay in just a few short weeks, but for those on vacation, the festivities have already began. In 2010, the RCAT market continued its upswing and nothing indicates to me it will be changing anytime soon. Some acquisitions, some goodbyes, but overall very strong. Innovation abounded and the push to focus on the “PPT to Flash&# angle continued to shine. Ahh, such it was (okay, still is until Dec. 31st). RCAT Product of the Year. SCORM Cloud – What’s not to love? Game Changer!


Award for all awards

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Innovators of the Year: Rapid Intake, Scate Technologies, Inquisiq. Everyone likes to win awards. They are great to announce to your fellow competitors, general public and potential customers. The problem I have is when there are so many awards it becomes hard to distinguish, which solution is truly award worthy. For some organizations that hand out awards the plethora of categories is at the heart of the matter, especially when each category offers a #1, #2 and #3 or gold, silver and bronze. Organizations that hand out awards. I have no problem with that. I like Brandon Hall. For RCAT.

Bridge over troubled authoring tool waters

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Scate Ignite 4 – Professional and Standard = Nope. Scate Ignite 4 – Professional and Standard – great product but this is just mystifying. Let’s start of with a scenario. You go into an ice cream store. You look about and see a variety of flavors but can’t decide. You say to yourself, “I wonder if the Raisin Banana is any good?” ” You are intrigued, but you do not want to waste your money only to find out it is putrid. You ask the sales clerk if you can try to flavor. They hand you a plastic spoon with the ice cream on it. Strange?