How to Become Congruent With Your Ideal Business and Lifestyle With Success Coach and Equine Alchemist Nafissa Shireen


Learn about how to become congruent with your ideal business and lifestyle with success coach and equine alchemist Nafissa Shireen. Nafissa is a success coach, and in this episode of LMScast she breaks down her success stories and the fundamental aspects that lead to success in business.

A New Year & A New Look to

Tim Slade

Well, it’s finally 2019! I first built my website back in 2012, and since then I’ve made gradual updates and overhauls to keep it fresh and current. So, to kickoff 2019, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the evolution of, and see how it led to its new design.

The One Sound Bad Leaders Don’t Mind Hearing (But Great Leaders Hate)


Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Basketball’s Hall of Fame coach knows silence is scary because the key to teamwork is communication. In our Building the Best Leadership Workshops , I coach leaders to identify a team mission statement that answers the questions, “We do X in order to Achieve Y for Z.” My company LearnLoft expanded our offerings to provide one-on-one coaching to better live out our mission to turn managers into leaders and create healthier places to work.

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Career Advice from the Pros: Starting a Sales Career in 2020? Do This

Sales Hacker Training

since 2012, according to LinkedIn’s State of Sales report. You want someone who cares about ensuring your success, and who will provide you with coaching to help you grow. Sales development representative roles have grown 5.7X That’s a lot of new people entering sales!

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Hospitality LMS: What to Know


Continu, launched in 2012, offers a simple cloud-based interface. Peer to peer learning through video coaching. The hospitality industry is constantly evolving.

How to Become a Learning Organization (An Interview with Michelle Ockers)

Convergence Training

I think they started the work in 2012 and it took three years for them to do this piece of work. Coaching and individual leadership when necessary and appropriate.

Uncertainty: Learning’s Final Frontier

CLO Magazine

s National Health Service after it reorganized in 2012 under the Health and Social Care Act. The opening of the sci-fi television series “Star Trek” told us space is the final frontier to which only a few elite travelers would “boldly go.”

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Trish Holliday Teaches Tennessee a Lesson

CLO Magazine

In 2012, Tennessee became the first state in the country to establish an official chief learning officer role, appointing Trish Holliday to the position. She got early support in achieving this goal when Bill Haslam was appointed governor in 2012.

A Quest for Success

CLO Magazine

Rusckowski, who joined the company in 2012, said he noticed Quest was not growing and “didn’t have the structure and culture to be successful.” Kiboro found the coaching session extremely helpful. Enhancing a company’s growth begins with its leaders.

Recommended Reading Summary: A Chapter of “From Practice Fields to Communities of Practice”

Adobe Captivate

Chapter 2: From Practice Fields to Communities of Practice by Sasha Barab and Thomas Duffy (2012). For a problem solving exercise to be fully useful, the learner must be actively engaged, feel the problem is worth solving, and the associated thinking skills must be coached and modeled. Last October, I posted some recommended reading that complemented one of my classes on gamification.

How to Validate Your Online Course and Master The Marketing Fundamentals with Justin Wise of Think Digital


I just want to paint a picture here that especially now, this wasn’t so hard back in 2012 or 2013 when I launched my first course, which was just five years ago. Especially if they include course plus coaching. Your time is not cheap, even if you do group coaching or whatever.