Should Instructional Designers “Teach to the Test”?

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There is a lot of angst these days in the education field about “teaching to the test.” This reviewer said, “We need to go beyond teaching to the test.” We act as if it is shameful if we “only” teach to a test, but why?

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Games Teach!

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It was sparked by Ruth Clark’s article “ Why Games Don’t Teach. ” So, So looking at the argument, Why Games Don’t Teach, we have several interesting positions: Games Don’t Teach. So, the conclusion from the literature with a preponderance of evidence is that yes, games can teach! So let’s focus on getting instructional designers involved in designing games rather dismissing games saying they don’t teach.

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Testing Games vs. Teaching Games

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There is an important difference between games that teach a learner how to do something and games that test what a learner already knows. A testing game, when it teaches, is teaching “accidently.”

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Reasons to be teaching

Learning with e's

How you learn often reflects how you teach. How you behave while in view of the children teaches them something else. I wish you a very successful new year of learning and teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education 23, 586-601. education pedagogy role model schools teachin

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The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

great classroom programs that teach core. experiences that teach concepts and skills; we deliver blended programs that deliver. The Secret to Getting eLearning Results Isn't What You Think 1 Navigating a. rapidly changing.

Everybody’s Got Something To Teach…!!!


Look at it objectively and it becomes “ everybody has something they can teach me ”. There are close to 7 billion people on Earth living their own lives and experiences with lessons to teach. The post Everybody’s Got Something To Teach…!!! “ Veritas Vos Liberabit! – The truth shall set you free!”. I clearly remember the first time I heard these words. My brother had just joined University and was saying the words written on the University emblem.

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Teach Them to Fish

Dashe & Thomson

Most corporate training programs just arent cutting it these days. They are often boring, ineffective, and treat training as an event instead of a process.

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We learn by teaching

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Although I am employed to teach, I consider it something of a disappointment if I don't learn something myself during my teaching sessions. There is an old Latin aphorism - Doscendo discimus - which means, we learn by teaching. If you want them to learn, get them to teach.

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How Do You Teach Innovation?

CLO Magazine

It’s not just about teaching people to create great products, said David Robertson, senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management on innovation and product design. “It’s

TechSmith Acquires Knowmia Teach

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Knowmia, Knowmia Teach and Knowmia Teach Pro represent a completely new way to create and assemble interactive video content on both mobile and web-based platforms. Knowmia Teach makes it easy to import your own visual aids, organize them in easy steps and record your voice, or your face, to bring them to life. Want to try Knowmia Teach Yourself? Visit the App Store today to download: Knowmia Teach and Knowmia Teach Pro.

Teaching artistry

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Passing colleagues were a little surprised to see me teaching in the art room, completely out of context. Normally I'm found teaching a session on educational theory or psychology, or information and communication technologies. I taught my first art lesson today.

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Keynote Resources: Distance Teaching and Learning Conference

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Great time at the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison Wisconsin. Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed. Met a number of new friends and caught up with some long time friends!

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Teaching for Trying Times

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Let me tell you the true story of three companies… The first company is one of a large group of companies. This company competes in a segment that has remarkable potential, making this company significant for the entire group’s profitability. To capitalise on the opportunity, the group has defined a strategic shift for this company, […]. Mobile Learning Long Term Learning Mobility organisational culture Scaffolding

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Top Tools for Online Teaching


Recently Top5 Online published a list of the 99 Top Tools For Online Teaching , including eFront. Teaching Tools & Technologies. Resources for Teaching Online. Teaching With Technology eLearning Wikispaces. eLearning Tools education teaching

5 Teaching Techniques That Increase The Worth Of Virtual Classrooms


The exposure to newer learning technologies has led to a gaping gap between the levels of teaching or instruction that a learner expects and what the instructor is able to impart. Traditional course of teaching in a classroom requires a board, for the teacher to demonstrate.

Is teaching as we know it… over?


But what is it to teaching today if information is everywhere? The post Is teaching as we know it… over? English Get inspired Teach competency learn teach teaching TwitterNot so long ago, teachers, professors, and lecturers had the monopoly of the knowledge in their fields. We certainly have no problem with the. appeared first on Teachlr Blog.

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Entrepreneur Camp for Instructional Designers: Teaching Disruption

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Within the last few weeks, my colleague Mark Burke conducted an exciting and fun two day camp for our Instructional Technology students focused on helping instructional designers become entrepreneurs. It was called Entrepreneurial Workshop for Instructional Designers.

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Hijack Learning Retention Rates by Teaching Learners to Fish

Dashe & Thomson

by Shane Lueck. It’s time to face the facts; traditional training is broken. Traditional training methods might provide very short-term performance gains, but knowledge retention is minimal, leading to a skills gap. It’s no secret that many corporate training programs aren’t cutting it these days.

Ruth Clark Claims “Games Don’t Teach”

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Ruth Clark posted at ASTD an article titled “ Why Games Don’t Teach.” Gee, that “under two hours” point seems like an important limitation of the research, maybe one that should have been mentioned by Clark when claiming that games have no value and “don’t teach.” If Clark is going to make the claim that “games don’t teach,” she needs to address all the research that contradicts her point.

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What does travel teach us about learning?

Spark Your Interest

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Greece and thought it would be fun to reflect on what I’ve learned from travel that I could apply to training or learning. Don’t rely solely on technology. We had the worst GPS experiences on this trip.

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Teaching and learning through dialogue

Learning with e's

Learning with ''e''s: Educational Theory and Practice in the Digital Age is published by Crown House Publishing, ISBN 13 978-1845909390 Photo by Steve Wheeler Teaching and learning through dialogue by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

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Can You Teach Diversity and Inclusion?

CLO Magazine

René Kizilcec, co-founder of the Lytics Lab at Stanford University, offered an analogy around how to teach students to be more effective learners to illustrate the point. Kaplan teaches inclusive and collaborative decision-making techniques using a variety of strategies.

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How to Get Started With Teaching Online? – Interview with Liz Hardy


Have you ever thought about starting teaching online? Don’t know a thing about teaching online? According to statistics one in four students takes at least one online course.

What Flappy Bird Can Teach Us About Creating Engaging eLearning

Dashe & Thomson

For those not familiar with Flappy Bird, the game is a simple app that challenges users to navigate a bird… Continue Reading The post What Flappy Bird Can Teach Us About Creating Engaging eLearning appeared first on Social Learning Blog.

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Teach on the Beach

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Here the slides from my presentation: Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning: Teach on the Beach. You want to teach leaders about Strategy: Have them Play Civilization V. Here are my slides and relevant resources from my Boca Raton FL for the wonderful people at Grace Hill.

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Learning and teaching with Twitter

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I have presented a few workshops now on how to use Twitter as a learning and teaching tool. One of my most viewed blog posts was entitled Teaching with Twitter so there is a lot of interest in the topic - how can we harness the potential of this tool in a teaching and learning context?

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Teaching on WordPress


With your audience and objectives defined, hosting in place, theme selected, and possible plugins list – you are ready to begin your WordPress teaching journey.

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Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. If you are going to teach a course online or run an online learning event or an online conference, then there’s even more to being successful at that. So, what I thought I would do is go back and see what resources I could find some good resources that would help me and could be used by instructors be better prepared to teach online.

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My ethos for teaching

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Photo by Laffy4k My ethos for teaching by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 creativity dance education learning music painting teaching

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Teaching Organizational Learning, Part 1

The E-Learning Curve

Continue Reading → The post Teaching Organizational Learning, Part 1 appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog. Chris Argyris, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, has made significant contributions to the development of organizational learning theory and experiential learning.

Can we teach digital literacies?

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There is a disconnect between teaching and learning. We are at the mercy of the curriculum of our time, and also the whims of the teaching staff who were in charge of our education. Photo by Gennadiy Ratushenko Can we teach digital literacies?

Cave of Volume: Video Game Level Teaching Students Math

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I am involved with a National Science Foundation project designed to teach middle school students various Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts.

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How to Flip Class When you Teach Business Concepts Online. The BITSPEC Case


To adjust to the rapidly changing learning environment and engage a modern learner who is independent, mobile, impatient and easily distracted, teachers have to abandon habitual instructional methods in favor of new and experimental methods of teaching.

What Agile/Scrum Can Teach Learning

CLO Magazine

The deployment of the knowhow is an interesting case study in learning vs teaching. Tags: agile/scrum , development , planning , process The post What Agile/Scrum Can Teach Learning appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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What Games Can Teach Us about “Communicating” with Learners

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Recently I came across the paper “ Learning from Games: HCI Design Innovation in Entertainment Software &# from the folks at The Interaction Lab at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Game interfaces with maps, transparent windows and draggable configuration.

How to Teach Conflict Resolution Skills with Customizable Courseware

eLearning Brothers

The post How to Teach Conflict Resolution Skills with Customizable Courseware appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Conflict is a natural part of life. We’re all human, and we all have our own style of doing things, so there’s bound to be some friction when we interact.

Teach Your Team Negotiation Skills with an eLearning Course

eLearning Brothers

If you want to instill a culture of skilled negotiation in your workplace, consider using a negotiation skills eLearning course to teach your employees the ropes. The post Teach Your Team Negotiation Skills with an eLearning Course appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

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Platform Bounce: Video Game as a Teaching Tool

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I am involved with a National Science Foundation project designed to teach middle school students various Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts.

Lecture capture — as ubiquitous as online teaching


Server-side Recording Teaching Online Training and Education Technology Virtual Classroom leacture capture Online Teaching teach online virtual classroomDigital technology has been a massive boon for students and educators. By incorporating online learning components, teachers can make the material more compelling and engaging, allowing students. This is a short summary of this post. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links.