It is also largely about the overall composition and layout of an intuitive design, the interactive user experience, and how we can influence a learner to navigate and interact with the content using visual cues. In fact, I’d argue any content can be converted to the comic medium!

How to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM


In this post, we’ll explain why a PowerPoint may not be enough for your eLearning needs, and how you can convert your presentations to a more suitable format. But what do we actually know about their interactions with the content? It tracks the interactions that a learner has with a piece of content and also allows you to incorporate interactivity, exams, quizzes and much more inside the course. Convert your PowerPoints to a video. Select Learning Interactions.


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Ten Interactive Online Platforms to Deliver Holistic Learning to Students


The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the spotlight to online learning, with several schools, colleges and universities showing interest in interactive online platforms to deliver holistic learning to their students. Also Read: 6 Key Benefits of Using Automated PDF to ePUB Converters.

Lectora to Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Engaging E-learning

CommLab India

In my previous blog, we have seen how to convert your PowerPoint presentations into e-learning courses using Adobe Captivate. In this post, we will see how to convert PowerPoint presentations using another widely used rapid authoring tool – Lectora Inspire. Step 01: Choose the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert to an e-learning course and delete unwanted slides , if any. Note that Lectora does not have built-in templates for interactions.

4 Reasons to Convert Your Legacy E-Learning Courses Using Articulate Storyline

CommLab India

Why use Articulate Storyline to convert your flash-based e-learning courses? Here are four reasons you should use Articulate Storyline to convert your legacy courses. Reason #1: Flash-like interactions without a single line of code. One of the secrets to making any online learning effective is to use just the right amount of interactions in order to keep the learner hooked and engaged. And with Storyline, you can create Flash-like interactions with little effort.

SCORM vs. Tin Can (xAPI) vs. AICC: What’s the difference?


Before we get into how SCORM, Tin Can (also called xAPI, or meaning Experience API), and AICC are different, let’s start with what they all have in common: a complicated acronym (AICC is a doozy), and standards and specifications for eLearning content that is compatible across multiple platforms.


5 Killer Examples Of Interactive Videos For Corporate Training

Adobe Captivate

Interactive videos can be used to create high-impact corporate training (for both formal training as well as for performance support). In this article, I showcase 5 killer examples of interactive videos for corporate training. Interactive Videos For Corporate Training: How Is An Interactive Video Different From Traditional Training Videos? This is exactly where interactive videos fit in. What Are The Benefits Of Using Interactive Videos?

Ten tips to build interactivity


Interactivity is a key component in the learning process. While it’s relatively easy for a teacher in a classroom to interact with the learners and, by ‘reading’ the situation, involve them in the learning process in the most effective ways, it’s much harder for those producing online learning materials. Users must interact with online learning materials to navigate through the materials; amass information and make decisions. 2004, AICC, Tin Can (Lectora 11 onwards) and XML.

How to Pick the Best Authoring Tool to Convert Legacy E-Learning Courses

CommLab India

Hence, instead of junking old legacy courses, you should convert them so that they are on par with the recently developed courses. Converting a legacy course to the latest HTML5 can be a tricky process. In order to develop Flash-like interactivities, ensure the tool has the capability to develop attractive assessments, scenarios, and games. This will ease up your conversion project and help you create more engaging and interactive courses, in less time.

4 Authoring Tools to Convert Flash-based E-learning Courses to HTML5

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Different rapid authoring tools available today will help you convert your existing Flash-based e-learning courses to HTML5 in no time. Articulate Storyline is one of the best rapid authoring tools that helps you convert Flash-based e-learning courses to HTML5 very easily. Articulate Storyline provides various built-in templates and interactivities which can be used directly or customized according to your instructional or visual strategy.

7 Tips to Choose the Best Rapid Authoring Tool to Convert Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5

CommLab India

Today’s market is filled with many rapid authoring tools offering tons of customization options, in-built images (photographs and illustrated characters), in-built interactivities, assessments, PowerPoint plug-ins, standalone software, cloud based applications, etc. In this blog, I’ll share 7 tips that will help you select the best e-learning authoring tool for your e-learning project to convert your legacy courses to HTML5.

Adobe Presenter 9: Beginning Training

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Have you created a PowerPoint presentation and need to convert it into an eLearning course? Adobe Presenter 9 allows you to transform your existing PowerPoint deck into eLearning complete with voiceover recordings, interactive objects, screen characters and videos. As you move through this totally interactive class, you will learn how to add a quiz to the presentation and how to set up the lesson so that it will work with SCORM and AICC-compliant LMSs.

10 Content Authoring Tools

Ed App

In this list, you will find different tools to help you create interactive learning content in many forms like courses, PDFs, videos, and even games. EdApp is a free all-in-one content authoring tool and corporate LMS that allows you to create interactive, microlearning courses in minutes.

Top 10 authoring tool in 2020 delivering engaging digital learning content


2004), AICC, HTML5, xAPI/TinCan , cmi5, and LTI. . Known for its learning solutions, Paradiso is the best elearning software that offers video-based content by allowing users to convert the data from PPTs, PDFs or web pages into videos to improve knowledge retention.

What are the latest eLearning content creation tools for 2022?


While there are many tools available, it is advisable to choose one that supports eLearning content standards such as SCORM, AICC, and CBT. . Besides, it also offers a choice of drag-and-drop widgets to add interactivity, through videos, audio, or quizzes.

10 Best eLearning Authoring Tools


Text to Speech Converter. Add interactivity to eLearning. In fact, these tools find maximum usage in companies for developing engaging, interactive, and relevant online training resources. Publish content in all versions of SCORM and AICC in just one click. ?

eLearning Development 101: The Guide to eLearning Authoring Tools


This product is great for elearning developers who have existing PowerPoint training content that they want to convert, or instructional designers that don’t have much developer experience. Users can quickly create new content in a familiar interface, or convert their existing static courses into engaging elearning. This sleeker, more advanced product allows designers to create virtually any kind of learner interaction.

27 Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2022)


Get your fully social, engaging and interactive online school. Get your fully social, engaging and interactive online school. Cons: Very limited interaction with students (both for students and instructors). Interactive online classes, allowing students to chip in.

Top 5 Content Authoring Tools You Need to Know About


A content authoring tool refers to software that enables you to create interactive digital training content , easily convert it into different formats, and offer it to learners either through the web or a learning management system.

Cheers to our Training Industry authoring tool customers

Rustici Software

Articulate is well known for making it simple to create richly interactive, highly engaging online and mobile courses. They use Rustic Driver to convert eLearning content so that it can meet the different standards in the eLearning environment. They integrate with Rustici Driver to allow clients to output courses to SCORM, AICC, and xAPI formats. The fourth and final list of our blog post series includes our customers featured on Training Industry’s best of list.

SCORM 101: The Definitive Guide to Choose a SCORM Compliant LMS


They can make your content more interactive and engaging for learners. Interactions of the learner (individual answers to exam questions etc.). A SCORM course is like a Powerpoint presentation that has additional elements of interactivity. How do I convert HTML to SCORM?


Top 10 Authoring Tools that Deliver Engaging Learning Content


2004), AICC, HTML5, xAPI/TinCan , cmi5, and LTI. . Known for its learning solutions, Paradiso is the best elearning software that offers video-based content by allowing users to convert the data from PPTs, PDFs or web pages into videos to improve knowledge retention.

Support MP4 videos in your eLearning platform with Rustici Engine

Rustici Software

And because we see similar inquiries every day, we’ve provided recommendations on ways to “wrap” or convert a video into a SCORM package before importing into a learning platform. By the end of this summer, Rustici Engine will be able to handle the import, play and track.mp4 video files and.mp3 audio files using the same APIs that handle SCORM, AICC, xAPI and cmi5 courses. Video is arguably the fastest growing content type in the eLearning ecosystem.

PowerPoint Add-ins – Develop E-learning Courses Rapidly

CommLab India

Here are 3 PowerPoint add-ins that help organizations develop interactive e-learning. This PowerPoint add-in is one of the most used add-ins to rapidly convert PowerPoint presentations to interactive e-learning courses. Interactivities. This add-in also provides inbuilt interactivities and assessments. SCORM 2004, AICC, and Tin Can. This PowerPoint add-in too allows you to turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive online courses.

Stakeholders in An eLearning Course Development Process


In the capacity of a subject matter expert, direct interaction with every member of the team is inevitable, hence effective communication and collaborative skills are important. Existing content can be repurposed and legacy resources converted using the tool as well.

Meet The Demand for SCORM Compliant Mobile Learning With Lectora 17

CommLab India

You will need to select the “AICC/SCORM/xAPI for LMS/LRS” option before you start developing the course. Lectora Inspire allows you to create visual, interactive, and engaging content. Also using the simple actions in this tool, you can create a variety of interactivities. Using the tool, you can quickly convert your legacy courses to responsive. Related Posts How to Create Section 508 E-learning Course Using Flash What are SCORM and AICC, By the Way?

E-learning Authoring Tools’ Face Off – Storyline 2 vs. Captivate 9

CommLab India

With their amazing inbuilt features and cool ready-to-use templates, these authoring tools allow you to develop e-learning courses with any interactivity you can imagine, in a matter of days; this previously took weeks or sometimes, even months to complete. Built-in triggers, variables, and slide layers let you create any kind of interactivity easily and quickly, eliminating the need to write code. The States of Objects lets you convert any object to a creative button.

How Lectora Inspire Can Overcome Your Training Challenges

CommLab India

Provides options to convert text-heavy content into engaging interactions: When you need to convert classroom content into e-learning, for example regulatory compliance courses, Lectora Inspire makes it easy to handle high volumes of text. Lectora Inspire has built-in components that allow developers to convert text-heavy training content into engaging online courses. Developers love it because it helps them convert dry and boring content into fun interactions.

Building and Maintaining Scalable Learning Content Using Instancy LCMS/Authoring


Use the eLearning Course Module editor to create multimedia and rich interactive content without writing a single line of code. 3.Auto-convert existing documents into eLearning content.


The 8 best SCORM authoring tools to watch for 2021


Assess which option is best for you in these SCORM vs xAPI and SCORM vs AICC articles. If you need customized interactions or complicated branding, you may need intensive training or to hire an expert. A standard set of tools helps you build learning packed with interaction.

Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorials

Adobe Captivate

Smart learning interactions. Learn how to insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to eLearning content with just a click. Simply select from a wide range of stunning out-of-the-box interactions like Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion, Pyramid, Animated Rollover, and more, customize the content and appearance, and you’re done. Record voice, convert text to speech, or import external sounds, and play them back when learners click on an object.

Evaluating 3 Useful Tools that Support E-learning Development

CommLab India

It helps you transform PowerPoint presentations into interactive e-learning materials by adding quizzes, scenarios, interactivities, and publishing to the HTML5 format for seamless access on desktops and mobile devices. You can capture your static screen content and convert it into an HD video, right from your desktop, edit it within the project timeline, and publish it to popular video sharing sites. Addition of Interactivities. All Flash interactivities are possible.

Best Content Awards 2020

eLearning 24-7

A couple only provided them in AICC, which was converted, and some provided only MP4s or similar video formats. Interactivity (Quality and Usability)- This should be a mainstay in every piece of content anyone wants to buy. Welcome!

10 Litmos Alternatives

Ed App

If you have existing PowerPoint presentations, you can even convert them into beautiful microlessons in just a few clicks. You can even communicate with learners and resolve course problems via interactive messaging which can be useful for blended learning. Interactive messaging. If you need inspiration, you can browse the public library which contains interactions created by other users. Public interaction library.

LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

WBT Systems

Once you have created a lesson by combining the proper amounts of media, interactivity , and other elements, you publish the lesson into a set of files that allow a learner to see and interact with the lesson. Multimedia content, especially interactive content created using content authoring tools, must conform to eLearning Content Standards, and you will need to check that your LMS supports the relevant standards for your content. and the AICC standard is ARG 010.

RIP Old LMS… Say Hello to the Next-Gen LMS


The additional features that LMSs support include presence of interactive videos, ability to set up a professional storefront for selling courses online , ability to support offline learning while having a course authoring tool that helps convert all the course material into SCORM compliant content that the LMS can understand. SCORM / AICC / Tin Can Compatible LMS. All the courses are SCORM and AICC compliant, and cover almost every business’s training needs.

Top 10 learning content management systems

Ed App

EdApp also has a powerful authoring tool that is so easy to use, meaning anyone can create interactive and effective courses without any coding/design knowledge. SCORM 2004, AICC PowerPoint, HTML, audio, video, and PDF.

Direct vs Consultative Digital Content Development

B Online Learning

the developer makes the call about interactivity or screen layout as they develop. They may already have a storyboard or the content is already in an easy to convert format. Also, the look and feel and the degree to which the information is to be redesigned to be interactive can be discussed and agreed prior to the commencement of work. Typically these stages are: Visual template and interactive concepts. Interactivity. Standards eg xAPI, Scorm or AICC.

Four Industry Announcements

Kapp Notes

All of the e-Learning specifications are captured- from SCORM and AICC to IMS, PENS and LETSI RTWS. Companies around the world from LMS providers to content publishers use Rustici’s products to solve the challenge of conforming to SCORM and AICC specifications. This new and improved Lectora will provide the complete e-Learning package for the development of sophisticated and interactive content.

What is an eLearning Authoring Tool? What is the Best eLearning Authoring Software?


An eLearning authoring tool provides you an easy, speedier, and interactive way to achieve your goals without needing to re-invent the wheel each time. Interactive Whiteboard software: OPENBOARD, SCHOOLCARE, INTUIFACE, VIZETTO, etc. Do you want to create interactive courses? Learner Interactions: Inbuilt learner interactions to make eLearning lessons more engaging. Highlights : PowerPoint Conversion: Instantly convert your courses into PowerPoint presentations.