Fri.May 04, 2012

This house believes the only way is e-learning

Clive on Learning

This was the motion I had to argue for in a debate last week at a conference of NHS pharmacists. I definitely got the short straw because it's impossible to defend an absolute. And of course e-learning is not the only way. I decided to argue instead for the idea that e-learning (defined very broadly) is where attention should be focused given the problems we're currently facing in workplace learning.

What Does An Instructional Designer Actually DO?


Many people trying to get into the field of instructional design ultimately have the same question: what does an instructional designer do?

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How to Sell a LMS

eLearning 24-7

One of my favorite movies of all time is Glengarry Glen Ross. The film should be required viewing to anyone who is in sales. Sales at its most basic form is about enticing people to purchase your product. Yet, it continues to amaze me at the number of people in this industry who fail such a basic concept. Listening. We do this every day. We talk to people – friends, colleagues, the person at the store, etc., and listen. But are we really listening?

Are Your Training Methods Outdated? Survey Says: Yes


Like a carton of milk that’s past its sell date, the concept of something being “out-dated” means it’s been superseded by something better, and can safely be discarded. But according to a new survey, many training managers in the U.K. may have missed this very basic point.

2018 Customer Training Goals

Are your customer training goals actually achievable? Or will they be cast aside as your team gets caught up in their daily tasks? If you’re not sure, this guide can help.

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Stealth Messaging for Chief Learning Officers (and other learning executives)

Will at Work Learning

After years of being embedded as a consultant in organizations who have struggled to move their stakeholders beyond a training-centric model to a performance-improvement approach, I finally realized that our painstakingly slow progress might be due to our own failures in getting our messages heard. We in the workplace learning field are over-reliant on conveying our messages in a way that attempts to connect to our stakeholders' logical, analytical, conscious cognitive processing.

Educational Game Design Q&A

Clark Quinn

I was contacted for a research project, and asked a series of questions. Thought I’d document the answers here, too. How many years have you been designing educational games? Over 30, actually, off and on.

DabbledooMusic creative music-making in the classroom

The E-Learning Curve

DabbledooMusic is a free online resource for classroom-based creative music-making DabbledooMusic creative music-making in the classroom is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. e-learning creative mindtool

#TrainChat Wrap-Up: Separating ‘Social Learning’ from ‘Social Media’


On Friday, we hosted our weekly Twitter #TrainChat with Mindflash blogger and training expert David Kelly , to discuss his recent article on how “social learning” and “social media” differ, and how they can work together. We’ve condensed the responses into a sort of linear narrative. Please excuse any Twitter-ese grammar. E-learning e-learning employee training L&D learning and development training

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

DevLearn 2012 - The Makings of an Epic Learning Adventure for All Training Professionals

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Every DevLearn is an epic adventure for me. And every year I work hard to make sure it is for you too. This year, however, is beginning to feel extra special. Maybe because it's 2012 and with the Mayan calendar ending, perhaps this will be the last DevLearn.